Super Data: Comic Vine community power for September (Pics)

Comic Vine nerds I have a treat for you.  Behold glorious bar charts and graphs depicting an epic struggle of good vs evil.  Do you want to know what superheroes get the most attention around these parts ? Hint, it's Superman.  Do you want to know which Comic Vine videos we're all watching?  Well then, read on...   

 Superheroes Dominate!
 Superheroes Dominate!

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 Bab's news videos got your attention.
 Bab's news videos got your attention.

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Top Mods Since 2006

Last month some of you moderators asked for a chart of 'Top Mods' going back to 2006.  We'll here it is, but I cannot confirm that the data is completely accurate.  It seem's low. 

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 Dr. Doom approves of these stats.
 Dr. Doom approves of these stats.

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Behind the Scenes: Comicvine Spicy Indian Dinner (Pics)

You never asked for it, but you're getting it.  Here's pics of the Comicvine dudes in San Diego back for our last night at Comiccon.  I ate the absolute hot-t-t-test Indian food of my life that night.  I also bought that excellent copy of Omega Men #3 for my collection.

 Must have been formal Friday for G-Man
 Must have been formal Friday for G-Man

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

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Pics of Tony G-Man Guerrero, Mat InferiorEgo Elfring, Tom Pinchuk, Me and Joey Fameli 
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How to Login/Logout as Mulitple Users: RPG People Read This.

Hello Citizens of Comicvine.  Allow me to walk you through the new system for login/logout of --- and all the sites of Whiskey Media.  The new, free "Multi-Pass" system for login allows you to link one account on each of our sites to each other.  This allows users to easily hop around our sites and stay logged in. 
BUT, you RPG people with multiple user accounts may have noticed each time you logout and try to login again your get logged in as you main user account!  How can you login in as all your multiple aliases?!?!?!?!?  Here's how. 


Logout of Comicvine, like normal, by clicking the logout link in the top right corner of the site.  Then go to your Whiskey profile:  (Sorry, we'll make this link easy to find in the top right corner of the site soon).  You should see a screen like the image below.  Click the "Logout" link.

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Login as your other username.
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You should get the screen in the image below.  Click the "No thanks, just log me in to Comic Vine" link.  Don't worry about that "You have six months to convert this account" message, that wont apply to you.
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So remember, anytime you want to logout and log back in as another user you have to logout in 2 places.  Yah, I know that's weird, but so is having multiple accounts on one site :P   Always go here to logout and log back on as another user account:

Data Porn: Comicvine Wiki August

Hello people who love comicvine wiki stats!  Yah I'm talkin' to you.  Come on with your bad self, and check out these numbers: 

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Top Moderators: 

So our chart system is kinda messed up in that the name "Hirshman" should not be there.  My guess is the top mod is "Nobody".
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Top 20 Most Viewed Characters

This is pretty cool, basically tells you what people coming to the site are interested in: 
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Bugs We Know About

Here's a list of bugs that we are working on.   Some of these will take some time before they are fixed.  We have an internal bug tracking system that I use to assign these bugs to myself or other engineers.  Here's what we're currently working on.  I wont list easy bugs that can be fixed quikly.
Bugs we're working on: 

  •   Creators can only be assigned to one role- only one checkbox can be checked when editing issues as mentioned. Bug ticket #55
  •     ñ, é, ö, ç, etc and the + symbol is not possible to add to character names or volumes. Examples:  Cr+eee Blood+ .  This is a search bug.   
  • Cannot embed flash video in Firefox 3.6  due to a new security update.

Bugs we may not get to right away:
  • PM Count often wrong.
  • Text Editor copy/paste madness.    
  • Guides TOC and everything else in guides is broken.
I wont lock this thread.  But dont post bugs below as each bug should have it's own thread.  
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Comicvine Internship Program - open casting call

Hello there and welcome.  I'd like to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you, yes you!  Are you a self-starter?  Do you consume comic books, movies and video games even when you're on the toilet? Are you smart or awkward?  Do you want to intern at a web company with it's own bar?  Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area?   Can you moooove to the San Francisco Bay Area on your own nickel?  Do you like... basements?
Here's the details.  Our internship program gives you an opportunity to see what it's like to run a website behind the scenes with industry professionals such as Tony G-Man Guerrero and Dave Snider and others.  When your internship is over we want you to grab your destiny by the horns and bareback that rodeo bull into the sunset.  That's right bub, this thing ends with you leaving to conquer the world.  
Internship Details:

  • $10/hour paid internship.
  • 3-6 month internships available.
  • Internship will not end in a full time job.
  • Work in a basement, attached to an actual underground speakeasy.  
Who you are: 
  • An over active member of Whiskey media
  • Excited, motivated, stable and fun
  • A US resident
  • 18 years old or more 
  • Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

PM me if you have what it takes.

SDCC 2010: Red L.A.M.P.s video mission....

People, you may or may not remember that I went to SDCC 2009 with the mission of making a booth babes video.   Yes sophomoric and pervy, so shoot me.   This year I plan to do the same, and I have other secret ideas.  Anyhoo, comment with anything you'd like me to do with my trusty hand held video camera this year! 
I leave you with this from 2009: