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Wiki Editors.... Vote - Share Your Wiki Pages: +1

Hey guys alot of you who have Facebook have already been clicking the "Like" button on your favorite wiki pages. Google +1 button is the same thing but for Google users. So if you use Gmail or the new Google + social network then please vote for your wiki pages. Click the +1 button at the top of the page for any wiki page that you work on. You put the time into making these wiki pages awesome, make sure other people get to learn about your favorite characters.

Deadpool has no Google love. Awe.
Deadpool has no Google love. Awe.

Data Dump: Comic Vine May - Popular People Edition

You guys add alot of new comics to the wiki in one month
You guys add alot of new comics to the wiki in one month

It was way back in January that I last made a post about data and what the community is editing or reading or commenting on. First let me say, you guys have done a stellar job on the wiki this year. At the start of the year we created a new style guide and pretty quickly all the major character pages were cleaned up and converted to our new article style. Our pages are way easier to read now, plus it's much easier to start new pages now that we have a guideline for what kind of information we want in an article. So thanks everyone for helping make this the largest and best comic wiki on the planet.

Anyway, let's get back in the swing of things and talk about the month of May. If you look at the graphs below you'll see that THOR, Green Lantern and X-Men get quite a bit of attention around these parts. And you'll see that RazzaTazz wrote over 200 reviews in one month? Can that be right? Let me just say, you guys are all crazy, and I mean that in a good way. Check out these charts:

And I'll leave you with the popularity contest winners. Here's the top 25 most viewed user blog posts. Now in general people read a blog post in our forums, you guys know what I mean right? But I suspect you're pretty popular if people are taking the time to go to your profile to read your blog. So congrats to all the popular people who are better than the rest of us, I guess you think you're something special :)

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Wiki Task Queue Theme Suggestions

I need help thinking of wiki task THEMES!!!!!!!
I need help thinking of wiki task THEMES!!!!!!!

Do you have a good idea for a Wiki Task Queue Theme? Each week when I fill up the task queue I try to stick to a theme; like adding tons of X-Men or Green Lantern characters -- in preparation for the upcoming movies. Or I'll focus the tasks on adding image captions or writing plot summaries on story arcs. If you have ideas on sections of the site you'd like to get community help with, shout out the details here. Just tell us what the theme name is and link out to example pages. If other members show interest, I'll pick your idea for a weekly task theme.

Previous weekly task queue themes:

Making a theme week out of our wiki task queue is way more fun than a boring random list of wiki pages that need help. So, got some ideas for me?


Why Don't YOU Like Our Comic Vine Facebook Group? [UPDATE]

Be our friend.
Be our friend.

Viners, only 1600+ of you are currently "likers" of our Comic Vine Group page. "No way, LAMP, I liked that page years ago", you say? Well here's the problem, when we first made our web site Facebook page we created it as an actual person because group pages were not available yet. But now we have an actual group, and we post exclusive stuff to it daily. So if you haven't already, just click here and see if your not already a LIKER!

Facebook Page for Comic Vine
[UPDATE] Ignore this thread if you DO NOT use FaceBook. Clearly I'm not talking to you... yah you living in the cave... under the rock... with your hermit staff and your flock of sheep.... and your bees...

Wiki Task Theme: THOR Movie Appearances

Are you looking at this pic or reading the damn blog post?
Are you looking at this pic or reading the damn blog post?
THOR is upon you mere mortals.  His mighty hammer mjolnir will smite all villains.  If thou eyes have been cast upon glorious film, these tasks are for thee!  Quick, rise up and take task in hand.  Earn your bounty.  Golden krona for all who work hard.  For every hero, villain and puny mortal that shows face in THOR movie, edit their article in the wiki and regale us with tales of awe and whoa.  No character is too small, give them ever lasting life in Asgard by chronicling their adventures or failures in this movie:  THOR.


Wiki Task Theme: Vertigo [UPDATED]

      This is NOT a super hero
      This is NOT a super hero
This week the theme of our Wiki Task Queue is VERTIGO.  Super awesome Comic Vine member Caligula sent me a PM asking for some vertigo love, so let's make the love. No?  Jump into the wiki task queue and assign yourself some tasks. Let's let the world know Comic Vine is NOT just about superheroes and villains in spandex.  We're not just about all things bulging, no sir.   We're also about demons and fairy tales and swampy smelly things.  

Ok, so Vertigo tasks did alright but not the greatest theme we've done.  Before that we did a villains theme that you guys really did a great job on.  This week, since THOR is playing in theaters, we're going back to all the major/minor Thor character pages and writing about their appearance/role in the movies.  You can see a blog post about that here.

I'll do a larger update on stats for April, but for now, here's a graph of top wiki task closers.

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Mantle Page Names: Huge Captain America Problem

We started Comic Vine with the rule that there is only one Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man, etc page.  Even if the mantle has been portrayed by other characters.   It's a super important rule because it simplifies our pages and encourages us to keep our articles concise.   So G-Man and I had a mini freak out when we saw that someone renamed the Bucky Barnes page to Captain America (Barnes) and renamed our Captain America page to Captain America (Rogers).   

 No, no, no.  Someone renamed the Bucky Barnes page to
 No, no, no.  Someone renamed the Bucky Barnes page to "Captain America (Barnes)"

 We never do this on Comic Vine.  Mantle pages are not specific to one character.
 We never do this on Comic Vine.  Mantle pages are not specific to one character.

There's been many more characters taking up the mantle of Captain America in place of Steve Rogers in the past and if we continued down the road of having multiple Captain America pages we'd end up with 6!  And then we'd have multiple Spider-Man pages and Batman pages and on an on.  I'll change the Buck Barnes page back to the correct name.  I'm not unhappy with who ever changed the page names.  But this is an important concept -- one mantle page -- here at Comic Vine that I want everyone to know about.

Our Wiki Getting Cited

 "Thanks for the wiki page" - love Tomar
You know what get's me stoked?  When the Comic Vine wiki get's linked to as a reference by journalists at other web sites.  The crowning achievement of any wiki: being cited as a resource by bloggers and journalists.  Here's a Green Lantern article I just found over on, where the author quoted from and linked to the Tomar Re page, written by one or more of our wiki editors.  That particular page was recently assigned to our wiki task queue and quickly converted to our new wiki style guide's specifications.   
I know, that we'll see even more journalists and bloggers linking to our Comic Vine wiki pages this year as we continue to organize, copy-edit and hone our articles.   In the last 4 weeks we've focused each week's wiki tasks on articles related to Green Lantern then THOR then X-Men and now Captain America.  You guys know what the common denominator is here right?  Each one of those titles is an upcoming movie.  When the movies come out, people who don't know comics will google for wiki information on them.  Guess which site will be ready for the hordes of new comic book readers?    
Assign yourself to a Captain America Wiki Task.  Read our Wiki Style Guide.

Wiki Private Message: dot dot dot

Well I just shot off a quick PM to two excellent wiki editors who are helping big-time on our wiki task queue with some notes about small things regarding following our style guide.  After I sent it, I realized all of you wiki editors could benefit from reading it.  I realize I have tons of tiny PM conversations with people where we talk about details about wiki formatting (see below) that really should be available to everyone.  

Hey dudes: 
I was just going through the Avenger's page and I saw something grammatically incorrect that I wanted to point out. 
If you see a sentence like this under the Major Story Arcs: 

In Onslaught...  Many heroes including [etc]

We don't want the dot dot dot.  Should just be a comma and the word many should not be capitalized. Like so: 

In Onslaught, many heroes including [etc]

I just want to point this out because I fixed it in about 10 places on that page and I don't what that dot dot dot style to accidentally proliferate in more of our articles.   
Also I've noticed a bunch of sentenced toward the middle of the article highlighted in bold for no apparent reason.  We want to make sure we don't inject our own personal styles into our articles, it's actually what we're fighting to correct this year.  Our wiki became huge over the years, but it was also a mess because we didn't have a singular wiki style. 

Good work on that page!  I love you guys.  In yah know, a wiki brotherly way.

 I'm super duper excited about our wiki this year.  Look at the any top character page and you'll see that in the last 3 months it's been converted to our new wiki style guide.  On top of that, we're actively editing and polishing the grammar and wordsmithery in our articles.  I specially love landing on an obscure character and seeing the new style guide (Origin, Creation, Character Evolution, Major Story Arcs) providing structure to our articles.  Good work everyone!

Data Porn: Comic Vine January 2011 - Henry Cavill Edition

Top 25 Viewed User Blogs 

 Check out the community blog posts.  Behold the most popular, most viewed Comic Vine member blogs:
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  2. /myvine/xerox_kitty/blog/ 418
  3. /myvine/desilation/blog/ 314
  4. /myvine/robin_47/blog/ 284
  5. /myvine/the_spartan/blog/ 226
  6. /myvine/amazon/blog/ 202
  7. /myvine/jane_audron/blog/ 196
  8. /myvine/_the_wanderer_/blog/ 167
  9. /myvine/jaadu/blog/ 167
  10. /three-little-pigs/65-55958/blog/ 163
  11. /myvine/red_l_a_m_p_/blog/ 161
  12. /myvine/jayskee/blog/ 147
  13. /myvine/decept_o/blog/ 145
  14. /myvine/sora_thekey/blog/ 141
  15. /myvine/haydenclaireheroes/blog/ 136
  16. /myvine/silkcuts/blog/ 134
  17. /myvine/jordama/blog/ 130
  18. /myvine/blood_x/blog/ 129
  19. /myvine/the_fl__h/blog/ 122
  20. /myvine/elian_allen/blog/ 119
  21. /myvine/queenfrost_/blog/ 116
  22. /myvine/_mistress_redhead_/blog/ 112
  23. /myvine/frischdvh/blog/ 106
  24. /myvine/time/blog/ 103
  25. /myvine/comicdude23/blog/   96    

What the community is blogging about:

No surprise here.  Batman, Superman and Spider-Man are the usual suspects.  We love superheroes.
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News stories that are stoking the fires of conversation:

Henry Cavill Cast as Superman was reported on a Sunday -- on the last day of January -- and it got the highest comments for the entire month!   Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy cast as Catwoman and Bane took the second most talked about article spot.
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Videos that have captured your attention:

We got super high views of G-Man's "Between The Legs Shot" video.
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Looking to help out the community?  Help us with our wiki tasks.