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Chuck Dixon saves a disorganized mess of volume 3 0

I enjoyed volume 1. Volume 2 was alright even though continuity was already ruined.Volume 3 just ripped apart the continuity altogether. All I'm going to say is, by this point I wouldn't even recommend anybody to ever buy the no mans land arc, because it starts to become poorly written in places.Sure, some of the goofs and errors can be explained by a long shot but I'm not holding faith by this point.We're treated to a story involving a couple breaking into Joker's lair: someone who has been (or...

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Good start to volume 2, but some writers butcher the continuity. 0

After enjoying the first volume I found myself fully immersed in the story arc of No Mans Land. Could not wait to read volume 2. Now that I have read volume 2 I am more than a little disappointed in some of the writers.A lack of continuity really takes the sting out of a story. You stop losing yourself in it and start analysing it doubtfully.The next writer to take the mantle is some dude I've never heard of called Ian Edginton. His chapter here is pretty damn good actually. He gets to focus on ...

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Great start, but a few weak spots. 0

So, I'm reading the No Mans Land story arc after thoroughly enjoying Cataclysm and Road to No Mans Land. Never realised that this was the plan: a lawless destitue Gotham, made alien to the rest of the world. Police have to resort to turf war tactics like all the other gangs, while Batman tries to restore justice and peace in a Gotham he's not used to.Most vehicles, machinery and electricity in Gotham is down and the first writer starts of the arc brilliantly. I don't know much about Bob Gale but...

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Didn't like this story. 0

When it comes to Batman stories I've always been a bit dubious with crossovers from other comics. That said, I've enjoyed crossovers with Judge Dredd and Green Arrow but none of the others.It's because they all seem the same. you can just tell that the image of both main characters need to be protected and both need to look strong. I wasn't impressed by the chemistry between them either. Batman and Judge Dredd make for great chemistry.I've never seen this darkness guy before but his little demon...

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Almost perfectly executed 0

Whenever anyone thinks of Batman, they think of his colourful array of psychotic or evil enemies.Most true Batman fans will consider the top villains of The Dark Knight to be Joker, Ra's Al Ghul and Bane. If ever a story was done where two of them team up, a true Batman will hope to high heaven that a competent writer takes the mantle.Thankfully, this story pairs the Joker and Ra's Al Ghul splendidly.The storyline is fitting. Ra's wants to annihilate the world and finds Batman always gets in the...

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The reason why this re-boot is so good 0

For all those diehard TMNT fans out there, if there is one good reason to give this re-booted series a go, it's because of issue 5.The original problem that I, as well as many others had with the mirage series was that all 4 turtles has red bandanas. You could barely tell them apart, save for their differentiating dialogue (which wasn't actually exaggerated enough in the mirage series).This issue gives a good reason for colour co-ordinated bandanas. For a comic about ninjas to be taken seriously...

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