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Comic creations I don't like

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  • Nothing wrong with her character. It's her own anti-hero standalone comics that are tiresome to read. She just seems to get bland writers.

  • Generic looking suit and his story just plods along. So fed up of him and glad he got killed off

  • Ugh, grizzly butch lesbian. These women really do exist, sadly.

  • Ugh, to me, just a cheap imitation spiderman with swords.

  • I hope comic book creators wise up more and stop making predictable villains "I'm Sinestro. My name sounds like sinister. I have a pencil moustache and a receding hairline: therefore I am a badguy mwa hahahahahahaha." Jeez, if you're gonna go predictable, just give him a frigging castle and a white furry cat to sit on his lap.

  • Never saw what made him interesting. he's like a bland version of judge dredd far as I can tell

  • Starts off as Batmans bodyguard and becomes a pain in the ass, making the comics with her in them very unpleasant to read. With the inclusion of Spoiler added to the ranks only recent to her inclusion, she just seemed pointless.