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50 Favourite villains in Batman; from least to most

Starting from least favourite is a list of 50 favourite Batman enemies I have come across in the many Batman comics. Some enemies are not included simply because I have not come across them yet (professor pyg is not one I have seen yet.)

List items

  • Least favourite. Don't like her solo series and find her very boring.

  • I wish they invented him. The killer didn't need to be found and I find the probability of Bruce finding his parents killer after many years to be unrealistic and what's more unrealistic is he so happens to be some prominent hitman.

  • Stupid Joker stealing grin and an even stupider looking hand print on his forehead. Ugh, he sucks. His gimmick is wanting to die. Well, kill him of writers if you haven't already

  • Sounds like a 1950's scifi horror movie

  • Too many oversized muscled angry men. Amygdala is just yet another one YAWN

  • His novelty is to be pathetic. He's lucky to be the 6th least popular

  • Arrrr matey. He looks promising but the comics I've read with him in were just lame

  • Riddler/Penguin hybrid. Kills people with guns. don't care

  • Can't find myself to like him. don't like the idea of him changing peoples perceptions of who they see in front of them.

  • Ugh, abraham lincoln looking dork. He only goes higher on the list because sometimes he's funny

  • More funny material. He's dopey bald strong villain and not much more. His loveable loser personality moves him just that bit higher than Zeus.

  • Meh, never really warm to Alan Grants ideas to be honest. Well, maybe except Zsasz.

  • I'd like him more if he wasn't so similar to Scarecrow. He's stealing Johnny Cranes thunder, yo.

  • I don't like the lame "catman" gimmick but his storylines are fun and he usually has a cool panther pet with him. So he's not so bad really.

  • Now, moving into the villains I actually like. Love the trigger twins and the novelty of them being identical twins, plus the southern cowboy motif.

  • Although I prefer less supernatural elements in the batman universe, I do enjoy the solomon grundy stories. Just don't like the idea of a zombie muscle bound freak.

  • I would rate deadshot higher had he not been turned into an antihero so much. However, his gimmick is cool and his look is too. He was the first gun weilding marksman I've seen in the Batman universe so all the others don't interest me in the slightest.

  • Any kind of voodoo witchcraft villain in a comic is gonna be good. Haven't seen much of him yet so he's low on the list .

  • She's one of the older batman villains but she's one of the more interesting. Her crazy fetish for sparkly things makes her an entertaining criminal.

  • Started off so well as a dangerous hitman from Russia but then his continuing stories made him out to be a musclebound doofus saying "I am to be killing you". Sill great though

  • She's more to do with adding another shade to Joker but as a villain she rates high anyway.

  • The idea of a disgruntled cop who wants to cage prisoners his own way is refreshing. Have only seen him in two comics but they were both entertaining

  • A blind martial artist with a nasty tyrannic streak makes him so formidable and so hateable. But his stories better tie in with Robin

  • So far I've only read him when he's younger in mostly Robin comics. Favourite moment was when he attacks a police department and a struggling Batman has to fight him alone.

  • One of the much better Alan Grant creations. He's definitely a more realistic villain in Batman world as he's a nonchalant serial killer who simply no longer cares.

  • This is mainly for all the clayfaces. The concept has always been the more paranormal of the Batman enemies but also the most interesting. Karlo will always be the most relevant of Clayfaces though. He was much better used in the animated series of Batman.

  • Although his gimmick seems Riddler wannabe, his storylines are entertaining because they tie in with Robin and Arthur Browns daughter who calls herself Spoiler. Cluemaster shows a great scheming side to him in multiple stories; especially when he tries to use many other cell mates to escape Blackgate prison.

  • Would really like to see much more of this trio.

  • Understandibly, many would rate Hush much higher on the list of fave Batman villains. I don't see the appeal to that degree but he is awesome.

  • The original calendarman would've been rated near the bottom for goofy looking stale gimmick villains but the newer version of him (like pictured) makes him much better.

  • My only complaint of Scarecrow is that two or three other one time villains have also used fear hallucigens to commit crimes, so Scarecrow seems less unique.

  • Many would rate Bane right near the top but once i heard he's become more antihero, I've lost a bit of interest in future comics with him in them.

  • Had never heard of him until one day seeing him in a series of comics. Love the way he uses the rats to send messages to other inmates in blackgate prison

  • Many would say Joker is the craziest enemy of Gotham but Mad Hatter just seems much more unaware of reality altogether. His delusion of Alice in Wonderland is downright terrifying at times

  • Might be one of the more "out there" villains but at least the idea of freak genetic mutation from a science experiment has a plausable explanation. ManBat rates high for me because the villain is a highly intelligent scientist who isn't a naturally bad person, but does slowly lose his humanity as time passes by

  • Probably Batmans overall biggest challenge. Though Batman sticks to battling villains in Gotham, he regularly winds up fighting Ra's Al Ghul in a struggle to protect the earth from Ra's desire for genocide

  • One of the most intriguing freak enemies of Batman. He starts of as a mob boss but slowly descends into a sewer dwelling outcast who eats people or animals. He's awesome in the arkham asylum game too.

  • Scarface/Ventriloquist is a viscious murderous gangster boss but yet despite his heartless killings he manages to be hilarious "Nyahh, the gatman will ge wearing concrete goots when I catch him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

  • Two Face tends to be more tragic than scary. Especially in the comic "Janus". The story arc "Long Halloween" has made him one of the most complex villains of the lot

  • Batman: The Cult. A must read. Deacon Blackfire is more of a onetime villain but he rates higher for me because he was just so evil

  • Similar to Blackfire but better. You must read Batman: Gothic

  • One of my favourites by far, especially after some of the stories he's been involved in like Batgirl year 1 and when he teams up with Calendar Man/Catman/some other dork. I wish he would permanently team up wih...

  • ....this guy. Adding a pyromaniac to the list of enemies is genius.

  • Poison Ivy's potential is endless. He has a huge arsenal of attacks and strategies in her arsenal. One of the most effective being controlling men.

  • I never thought much of him as a kid because of the 60s show on TV with him going "HWAAAAA HWAAAAAAAAA HWAAAAA!" but in the comics he's considered smarter than Batman and only his ego get's in the way of his success.

  • Some people think Mr Freeze is an example of unrealistic Batman villains. I don't see it as all that unrealistic. It's not as unrealistic as say... the rest of the Justice League. Mr Freeze is just so awesome looking.

  • Most people would choose him as their favourite Batman villain. He's my fourth favourite maybe because too many writers have raped his characters with poor storylines.

  • Batman is a crimefighter and a detective. Riddlers the best for pushing Batman to his limits in the problem solving department. Every story with Riddler is compelling and clever.

  • Black Mask is viscious, eerie, powerful and evasive. The idea of him controlling a small army of faceless goons is brilliant.

  • Easily my favourite Batman villain. I heard he's in arkham city the game so I really want to play it when I can. Every story he's in I think is a masterpiece.