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Martial arts and all the combat forms around the world.

I've finally got a reason to write a blog....

After going on the forum yesterday, I found myself wound up (yet again admittedly) by one of those stupid flaming trolls who make remarks that are ignorant and foolish. Although, on the internet, one cannot escape them and I should turn the other cheek to them, I don't want to. I want to spit venom and punish them for their lazy ignorance and their lack of manners communicating to others.

I swear, social etiquette is a lost form on many people these days. I wonder if the reason I enjoy reading aggressive comics is because the justice involved in some of the stories is an outlet for me... otherwise I'd feel inclined to constantly lash out on ignorant jerks I meet in my everyday life.

But I will explain myself, just so it is written (or typed) down and not swirling around in my thoughts.

The subject that wound me up, which I have seen on many different forums and other networking means, is the topic of different fighting styles.

It seems that many young guys consider the fighting styles made popular in brutish sports on TV are the most effective and realistic in the world.

Please! Keep kidding yourself.

Now, I will give every combat style it's due.. and I mean every style. If it has a following, it was because of it's effectiveness at the time of it's creation and it's popularity as time passes on.

But I do not think that Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ and Wrestling are the best types of fighting styles in the world. If anything, I see them as the no frills cheap fighting styles for quick results and not much more.

One would argue that some of the best competitors of the sports nowadays would beat someone like Bruce Lee if he were here today. So, guys like Fedor Emilianenko, Anderson Silva, George St Pierre, Lennox Lewis, Remy Bonjasky and Semmy Schilt are probably the baddest guys on the planet in many young mens eyes.

Now, I'm not dumb. These guys are toughnuts, great competitors, in great shape and they know how to hurt their opponents thus obtaining victory.

But they were grizzled toughnuts anyway! Learning a few shin kicks, punch combos and manuevering steps around a ring/octagon just simply added a bit more finesse to their already tough repertoire (just felt like adding that word, for no real reason).

Now you get legions of these braindead macho fans saying "YEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHH Kick Boxing/UFC/MMA is the est fighting style EVAR!" "They'd knock out those idiots and their silly kung fu."

I have done Tae Kwon Do and a bit of Jeet Kune Do. I have made friends with someone who is an expert on Aikido and others who know Kendo, Kung Fu, Judo and Wing Tsun. These guys are so formidable they're almost deadly. This is why you don't see Kung Fu experts or the like showing off in fighting competitions like UFC and MMA. What they have learnt and practiced is potentially a lethal weapon. Potent ones too.

I knew an experienced black belt in Tae Kwon Do who always did demonstrations of breaking multiple bricks/breeze blocks/boards e.t.c. His hands were so well conditioned for breaking objects and his technique so perfected, he'd kill someone if he hit their skull. It'd cause brain damage.

I have more I'd love to include, but at least I got this down so I can get it off my mind finally.

Peace out y'all.