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Lets try this again 1

Okay so there was one like this earlier but it got deleted so now I'm restarting :P Okay first thing you should know about this is it is the last one in the series. I know I cried a little bit too but that doesn't mean that it doesn't go out in a bang. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. We see the two former lovers living their now seperate lives, Hawkeye is having nightmares about the events. As for Mockingbird she and Dominic (I hate him) are in the savage land hunting a ...

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Why does my mail service suck? 0

Seriously I waited freakin' forever for this comic. Enough about that on to the comic, okay first off I have a huge problem in my opinion it seems like they are trying to make a cheap Heath Ledger Joker knock off to me. Once again I think it's a cheap knock off and I usually hate it when things like this happen. The cheap knock off Anarky now I don't know too much about the character but he doesn't seem to much of an anarchist he's more like a Joker knock off.  Okay bashing on cheap knock offs a...

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AHHHH so shiny! 0

Okay I tried to not get addicted to this series like I did with Blackest Night. I obviously failed curse you Blackest Night!!!! Anyway to start I dig how this comic starts, what I mean is that I like the tone it sets. Blackest Night had the tone of dark and well frankly a great sense of mystery and enchantment, this really isn't you know "bright" and cheery in fact a shop full of people are brutally slaughtered. Still to me it doesn't start with the same amount of bang as Blackest Night did (of ...

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Next time use a better password! 1

He's making a list he's chcking it twice....wait I already said this for the last issue. Ok stupid mail moves slow and well it's hard for me to use a computer now a days so yeah took me a while to get it. But itw as worth the wait now I will try to explain it if I can get the spoilers button working for me, I know I'm an idiot when it comes to computers  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Hey look at this it worked....  So we all know that Tim has a hit list on criminals in G...

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Quiet it took me a little while to write this. 0

I've had this comic for about a week or tow maybe three, IDK I lose track of the days during summer. So what are my thoughts on this comic, well Starman finally has himself a sloppy joe and well that fulfilled one of my needs. On the other hand I didn't expect Citizen Steel to start out his superhero career as a whinny pin head, seriously the guy complains about everything intially even his costume which I think looks awesome. But you kind of get a little reasoning why he doesn't like it and wel...

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An instant classic 1

Wow what an excellent comic and on top of that an excellent series. This issue and it's series as a whole is an instant classic and I believe a most have for any comic collector hence the reason why I'm collecting it. Now this story itself is probably the most notable out of the whole series, why well because it has the first apperance of the symbiote ever which also increases the need to collect this issue. Me I found it at a great price ($5 in great condition) the story that this series has is...

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Hey look at that another review 0

He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Prepare yourself for my review of Red Robin #13.  The Good: Ha I don't copy anybody I make up my own style. So as we all know there is a new writer on the series and I must say it isn't letting me down just yet. I am still loving the art and the story is still going good. One thing that I don't really care for is how Red Robin is now working with Batman and Robin, I know it is what it was but I really enjoyed...

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The next review for the Next Age 0

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHh, that sums up this comic really nice. The team has their first large scale superhuman battle and it is really epic! I especially like these covers with the individual members on them, this one is nice it looks like Wildcat is petting the vicious little kitty (no offense to either the are both really awesome). The team is really it's own and doesn't seem like a knock-off of the JLA (unlike Marvel's teams they do seem like they're the exact same team). But yes any fans of t...

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Collected at local comic shop...3 hours driving there. 1

So after sitting in the car for 3 hours it was a nice treat to stop at the comic shop, while I was there the back part was closed which is where all the older comics are. But it was unlocked and after watching Smallville I wanted more JSA, so I got this which I'm really glad that I did. Being a bit new to the DC universe this fills in the blanks and right away tells you the difference from the JSA and the JLA . That in it's self made me feel like I knew the team as the introduced new team member...

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NO TITLE (Don't like the title well live with it) 0

How should I review this I mean I wasn't much for this story arc when it began, I don't know why I just didn't much care for the idea of DP being an X-Man. But the art and writing are still epic Medina and Way do a great job of showing DP's personality both art wise and writing. Now the story it's self was a nice conclusion which I felt had been lacking for awhile, it was nice too see that behind DP's madness there is a plan somewhat at least. Which it is noce too see Osborn back in the picture ...

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A light at the end of the tunnel....maybe not 0

Once again my thrist for Blackest Night was so great that I couldn't help but get it (and at half price too :) so yeah I still am really enjoying this story and the plot thickens once more in this EPIC chapter. So spoiler click below if you want the spoiler yes I figured it out woot SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Okay so this starts with the various lantern corps have come together and are ready to bring the fight to the Black Lanterns, I must admit that seeing all of the...

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Ha bet you didn't see this coming. 0

Yes I'm doing a review for a older comic, but wait this is an EPIC series right here, you know the run with Deodato and Ellis and well I just want to say that this run was awesome. Okay on to the comic I really liked this, I mean really liked this when I first read it my head practically exploded it was that awesome. The characters are so well drawn and equally are written very well and I don't regret buying this run, I haven't read any of the ones after it for fear of dissappointment like the o...

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Mr. Reaper's Neighborhood 0

(Music in the backround and camera zooms into Reaper sitting in a chair reading this comic.) Why hello it was so nice of you to join me today, now how about we do a special review of Blackest Night #4. We have a very wonderful review ahead of us, I must say that this is a very nice comic and is very enjoyable. Now I don't want to ruin it for all you curious little ones out there, but I will say that it was a joy to read and was quite refreshing.  For all you eager beavers out there who waited to...

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Well what can I say? 2

I figured I would do a Deadpool main series review, haven't done one in awhile. Well what can I say I didn't like this comic but I didn't hate it either, I guess that it just felt lacking to me. The last issue got my hopes up for an epic story for this one but it wasn't as epic as I thought it was going to be. I don't know maybe it's just me but I thought that this spent too much time around the X-Men and not on Deadpool, but it also could be for plot development,hmmmm idk. But this was still go...

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Still Rockin' (have I used this title before...hmm IDK) 0

I have enjoyed pretty much all of the comics from this series, so it was no suprise that I picked this comic up. Yes so I really enjoyed this issue it contiued to amaze me and like I said with my last review of Merc With a Mouth that I may be liking this more than his other series (nothing wrong with the other series this just seems to appeal to me more) I mean this really isn't like a "main" type of story. Which is nice I like to get out of the large Marvel crossovers and have a story that has ...

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My Review (yes I have no clever name) 1

 (Hey you guessed it no spoilers!)Okay I really liked this story much like I'm liking the series so far. Now what is good about this series is that it is a good place to start for those who aren't very famaliar with Deadpool. But on to why I rated it the way I did, the story and art are both solid and well dare I say it I may be enjoying this more than his other series. The other series is pretty good I just like the direction that this is going and the humor in it is good and can make a bad day...

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Oh Yeah... 0

 (No spoilers...WOOT)When I first saw Blackest Night #1 I merely brushed it away, but when I got Red Robin I liked it and wanted to get more DC titles. Blackest Night came highly recommended and I figured I would check out both and I don't regret it. Now I have not been keeping up with the latest Green Lantern stories but this gave you a bit of backround on who has died and other important things. What I like about this is that the heroes are now forced to fight their friends and loved ones whic...

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Well first off let me say that I've never been too much of a G.I. Joe fan, I mean I would watch that cartoon ever now and then but I never got the toys. But I did want to see this movie and well I suppose that since I didn't know much about the series it made it good. This movie excells because of it's violence and also Snake-Eyes, he is pretty much the coolest character in that movie. So one thing I had a problem with (it wasn't a huge problem) was with the advance tech. I mean sure it takes pl...

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