Green Lantern/ Sinestro Corps in DCUO

First off lets admit it while playing the game DCUO (DC universe online) whether we are a hero or a villian and no matter how awesome we think our character is when we first saw the Green Lantern and Sinestro corps duking it out we wanted those powers! Now at least to me it seems like the makers of the game will eventually add new powers and most people seem to be demanding light construct abilities. So this got me thinking how would these powers be managed? I mean if they are released (I hope they do) many people will probably ditch the characters they use now in favor of a light construct ability. Now comes the biggest question how could they be used? Well to me the most obvious way would be to use the exobytes (in one such cutscene we see the data for Hal Jordan being on an exobyte) so why cant the exobyte form sort of a temporary ring much like the deputy lanterns had in Blackest Night.


It could be more of a temporary ring but would still give you the powers of the corps. But in order to keep it a bit simple there should only be two corps Green Lantern (heroes dur) and Sinestro (villian need I explain more). But could this mean that a new mentor would be added? Not really while some would love to have Hal (or maybe a Oa gaurdian) and Sinestro as a mentor are they really needed for just one power, you could still use Batman or Joker (the technology mentors) becasue the ring is essentially a piece of tech that gives you powers.

Now for the important part combat! The weapons present right now (one handed, rifle, hand blasts etc.) can be kept and there would be no need to add the ring as a specific weapon. Think about it why not just change the color to green (or yellow) and hence there is no need to create a new weapon all together and stil maintains similar combat. Now onto what everyone wants to hear the powers, rather then just giving you a couple of iconic powers to mimic the powers of the corps (iconic powers are like batarangs, wonder womans lass, banes venom etc.) it would be better to make a new powerst all together. The powerset would be called like Light Construct or something along that line and would let you use the powers of the corp at cost of course. Naturally the more powerful ones would cost more to use but this way it could keep a balance and prevent them from becoming too powerful and over used.

And finally costume while the standard outfit for the two corps is cool and all it would be better if you could make your own. I mean look at Alan Scott and Sinestro's old costume they hardly have and green (Sinestro's case yellow) on them.This can also help people maintain a more street look like Guy Gardner's costume rather then just a standard uniform.  And the emblem of the corp (if you want it) could be added on from the emblem category. This will give players more freedom to express themselves and could also be more diverse and not just a bunch of people flying around in green or yellow.

Some green but he's not all green
Some green but he's not all green


Sinestro's classic costume note he has no yellwo at all
Sinestro's classic costume note he has no yellwo at all

And there we have it how I think the corps can best be utilized in DCUO.


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