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DC introduced the new 52 last year and now Marvel has Marvel now. It 's exciting but also very telling. We the readers are loyal to our comics. Weather it's Justice League , the Avengers, Green Lantern, Daredevil or all of them. We love our characters. What a great time it must have been when so many of the books had their first, first issue! Today we have the second best thing, the characters already known for their traits and abilities, but reset for today. Let's think about this two year period during Marvel now and the new 52. Is this time going to be looked back to as a second glory days for comics? Why not? With hit blockbuster movies, multiple tv shows, and brand new restarts of every main Marvel and DC character! Well I just couldn't not think about it. Are we in start of the second beginning of comics history today?

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Getting ready for the next great Uncanny X Men title?

Having read Uncanny X Men for a long time..... Very long time..... I thought I would always be reading uncanny X Men. So many x men titles was good for while, but then just overwhelming and diluted. So I have still been reading uncanny ... Ugh no more of that.. Thanks marvel now. I have also been bouncing around with all the other x titles. So what's good with the x books? Two words, one person. Brian Wood !! Read the current X Men and you really really should read his Current run in Ultimate X Men!! It takes a few issues for him to build a story up, but those issues are still good issues. Here is the thing, when you get a few issues in.. It's awesome awesome awesome.... So any one out there who is an x fan... Some how some way some where ... We have got to get marvel to put Brian wood on the flagship x men title! Im old school and loved when uncanny was the flag ship book. How about after uncanny avengers fusses out.. We bring back Ucanny X Men as the flagship title with Brian Wood, and a top artist. Please please!!

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