My Favorite Marvel Comics Villains

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  • He is my number 1 favorite Marvel Comics villain because he's strong, the name's cool and he's full of evil. And he's famous quote is very true. Sometimes, to gain power and survive, we have to do bad things. Sadly, I just couldn't do it.

  • My 2nd favorite because he somehow had a painful past that led him to become an opponent. I also like the idea of a young guy whose powerful and doesn't fear anybody. He reminds me of Superboy Prime.

  • I always wanted to have a favorite villain that has great skills, without powers. I picked him because he does have a unique gift that's quite amazing and enjoying to see, such as using any object to harm somebody and how it would crazily go.

  • If I wanted an intelligent villain, I'd pick Arcade. He has Murderworld that has already challenged a lot of characters, including my favorite, Storm. I also believe that a writer writing about traps and tests for Arcade's Murderworld is a challenge.

  • I always wanted a reality manipulator and some may have thought I would have chosen Mad Jim Jaspers, there's just so much more about Jamie, aside from being a brother of Captain Britain and Psylocke. He's not really a real villain in my own point of view.

  • The most popular villain of my all-time favorite team, The X-Men, and perhaps the most recognizable Marvel Comics villain. Cool power and cool costume, The Master of Magnetism is a villain that I would want to see have a one on one fight against Storm.

  • Perhaps because not only that he's powerful but mainly because of his name that reminds me of Storm.",)

  • Professor X's son, he seems to be normal but I like his hair. Pretty much an interesting villain for me with amazing powers.

  • I like the way he has been written, emotions affected because of his father, a reality manipulator that has a weakness, he has amazed me because he was the first reality manipulator that made me go "wow! that power is awesome." Imagine bending buildings? He did that in the popular x-men animated series and I do sometimes think about bending buildings that I see, but no matter what, it just wouldn't happen.

  • The son of Mephisto. Cool physical features and I have even memorized his famous statement: "Humans are so optimistic. It makes them blind to the obvious."

  • I came to like him when he showed as a playable character in Marvel Super Heroes (arcade) game. I like him looking like a giant octopus and he's a powerful magic wielder.