Who Should Die Permanently Among The Fantastic Four Members?

We've just received  news that one of the Fantastic Four members will die. Who could it be?

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Human Torch?
Invisible Woman? 
Mr. Fantastic?

So what if one of them will die permanently? Who would you want to be killed and not return? Would you pick the weakest among them to die? Or the one who has the most common powers? Why do you choose him/her to die and not the others?
I find the question hard to answer.
Perhaps somebody already made up his/her mind as to who should die and never come back? 
You go ahead and start posting it here.

Mutants From All Over The World (Marvel Comics)

It's about time for us to know where they came from. I was thinking that it would be easier for us to know if there are mutants coming from different countries. So let us help each other to complete the list.  We start with the most difficult to find. I'll post the ones you've find from time to time.
For citizens, please include  which state cos I'll be adding the states list in my next post.

Afghanistan - Dust
Albania -
Algeria -
American Samoa -
Andorra -
Angola -
Anguilla -
Antarctica -
Antigua -
Argentina -
Armenia -
Aruba -
Australia - Pyro
Austria - Mystique
Azerbaijan  -

Bahamas -
Bahrain -
Bangladesh -
Barbados -
Belarus -
Belgium - Mister M
Belize -
Benin -
Bermuda -
Bhutan -
Bolivia -
Bosnia and Herzegovina -
Botswana -
Brazil - Sunspot
British Virgin Islands -
Brunei -
Bulgaria - Sage
Burkina Faso -
Burma -
Burundi -

Cambodia -
Cameroon -
Canada - Wolverine
Cape Verde -
Central African Republic -
Chad -
Chile -
China - Collective Man
Colombia -
Comoros -
Congo (Zaire) -
Congo -
Cook Islands -
Costa Rica -
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) -
Croatia -
Cuba -
Cyprus -
Czech Republic  -

Denmark -
Djibouti -
Dominica -
Dominican Republic  -

Ecuador -
Egypt - Apocalypse
El Salvador -
Equatorial Guinea -
Eritrea -
Estonia -
Ethiopia -

Falkland Islands -
Fiji -
Finland -
France - Exodus
French Guiana -
French Polynesia -

Gabon -
The Gambia -
Gaza Strip an d West Bank -
Georgia -
Germany - Nightcrawler
Ghana -
Gibraltar -
Greece - Avalanche
Greenland -
Grenada -
Guadeloupe -
Guam -
Guatemala -
Guinea -
Guinea-Bissau -
Guyana -

Haiti -
The Holy See -
Honduras -
Hong Kong -
Hungary  -

Iceland -
 - Omega Sentinel
Indonesia -
Iran -
Iraq -
Ireland - Banshee
Israel - Sabra
Italy -
Ivory Coast (see Cote d'Ivoire)  -

Jamaica -
Japan -
Jordan  -

Kazakhstan -
Kenya - Storm
Kiribati -
Kuwait -
Kyrgyzstan  -

Laos -
Latvia -
Lebanon -
Lesotho -
Liberia -
Libya -
Liechtestein -
Lithuania -
Luxembourg  -

M  -
Macau -
Macedonia -
Madagascar -
Malawi -
Malaysia -
Maldives -
Mali -
Malta -
Marshall Islands -
Martinique -
Mauritania -
Mayotte -
Mexico - Rictor
Federated States of Micronesia -
Moldova -
Monaco - M
Mongolia -
Montserrat -
Morocco -
Mozambique  -

Namibia -
Nauru -
Nepal -
Netherlands - Blackwing/Beak
Netherlands Antilles -
New Caledonia -
New Zealand -
Nicaragua -
Niger -
Nigeria -
North Korea -
Northern Mariana Islands -
Norway  -

Oman  -

Pakistan -
Palau -
Panama -
Papua New Guinea -
Paraguay -
Peru -
Philippines -
Pitcairn Islands -
Poland -
Portugal -
Puerto Rico  -

Qatar  -

Reunion -
Romania -
Russia - Colossus
Rwanda  -

Saint Kitts and Nevis -
Saint Lucia -
Saint Pierre and Miquelon -
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines -
Samoa - Mondo
San Marino -
Sao Tome and Principe -
Saudi Arabia -
Senegal -
Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia) -
Seychelles -
Sierra Leone -
Singapore -
Slovakia -
Slovenia -
Solomon Islands -
Somalia -
South Africa -
South Korea -
Spain - Empath, Fabian Cortez
Sri Lanka -
Sudan -
Suriname -
Swaziland -
Sweden -
Switzerland -
Syria  -

Taiwan -
Tajikistan -
Tanzania -
Thailand -
Togo -
Tonga -
Trinidad and Tobago -
Tunisia -
Turkey -
Turkmenistan -
Turks and Caicos Islands -
Tuvalu  -

Uganda -
Ukraine -
United Arab Emirates -
United Kingdom - Psylocke
United States -
United States Virgin Islands -
Uruguay -
Uzbekistan  -

Vanuatu -
Venezuela -
Vietnam  - Karma

West Bank and Gaza Strip  -
Western Sahara


Yemen -
(see Serbia and Montenegro)  -

(see Congo)  -
Zambia -
Zimbabwe -


What Are You Going To Do on X-Men Day? That's July 8!

I just wanna know if everybody's excited about the X-Men day. Are you going to do something different or something special to celebrate the day? Or perhaps, get a copy of this:





You can also post your favorite X-men Pictures (as a group/team)

 So what are you going to do on X-Men Day?

Who likes X-Men Worlds Apart?

I want to know if everybody else have positive opinions about this  cos somehow, well at first. I thought it wasn't gonna be a good one especially upon knowing that the enemy will Shadow King. I believe the story was cool, same with the art. I bought a graphic novel so i have the 4 issues. How about you? Do you own one? What do you think about the story?


Which Is More Popular/Successful? Naruto or Dragon Ball Z?

 I have always encountered a lot of cartoon anime series in my life and I believe that the most popular or the most successful could either be of the two: Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. I believe that nobody can outshine these two powerful anime. Perhaps in the future, but not today.

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1.Which is more popular?
2. Which is more successful?

Which is better? Titanic or Avatar?

My friend and I have been discussing about these two movies and we have different views. I was telling him that Titanic was a better movie because it had a better story and is more breathtaking. My friend thinks otherwise. He told me how could Titanic have a better story and more breathtaking when Avatar has huge sales? I said, well there were only a few moviehouses before , you paid less when you buy a movie ticket and less people. Then he said, piracy is more rampant today than before.  So i wanna know your opinion.
Which do you think is the better movie?


Why Do Guys Like To Play Basketball?

 Please answer questions 1 and 2
1.Care to explain why you like playing basketball?
2. And how do you react when you find out that your male friend doesn't  know how to play basketball? And just prefers to watch or do something else?


1. I like playing basketball because it really tests and develops your physical, mental and psychological strength. It also feels great especially after playing because you feel like your whole body was being stretched and you're gonna sleep soundly too.  
2. Well, I believe that it's normal to be surprised when your male friend doesn't know. I would say something like "WHat!?? Really? you don't play basketball?". Sometimes i tease but just a lil friendly tease.",)


Who Did You See Today?

Who did you see today is just telling everybody who you see/saw, meet/met, encounter/encountered today. It can be your mom, your dad, your bestfriend, your boyfriend girlfriend (or girlfriends",)), your crush!",), your classmates, your neighbor, your enemy, a famous person perhaps, just anybody.",) 
I'll start. 
I saw my teammate Almafe earlier today.

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