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Is Wonder Woman a virgin?

People here are always asking me this, as if it is really that important to her character.  The answer - she is usually portrayed as one, but she has in fact been with a couple of men.  There have been a few others in Elseworlds or dream sequences, but lets not get into that. 

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  • Very traditional golden age/silver age stories would not allow any sex before marriage, and the plotlines were such that Wonder Woman had to remain single. Eventually though at the very end of the silver age (as in the last quarter of the last issue of the first volume) Diana and Steve get married and then spend the night together. Earth 2 Diana and Trevor have a child as well, which isn't really possible without some sort of something happening.

  • This was under the Gail Simone run. Some say it was heavily implied that they did. I never picked up on that myself.

  • In Flashpoint (which is regular DC continuity) she and Arthur were to marry, but it never came to be. It is implied that it was only out of political gain and that no love may have existed between them. Still, it is possible.

  • Though nothing was said to occur throughout their relationship between the two of them, there was some ambiguity in the story arc Game of the Gods as he is referred to a couple of times as her lover.