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Favourite Lanterns from Across the Corps

Favourite lantern character per corps, first picks first then second

List items

  • It was hard to decide green from so many choices, actually it wasn't Soranik is my absolute favourite

  • My 2nd/3rd/4th favourite cosmic character

  • Sadly not used very well most of the time.

  • Not much else to choose from from Blue, but he would probably be favourite anyway.

  • Has to be the pick for the corps named after him

  • not much of a choice, she is really the only named member other than Munk

  • I don't really like Larfleeze that much.

  • The other main character from Johns' great run on GLC

  • With all due respect to Fatality (who is more favourite of a character than most on this list) I prefer Miri more. her background story is better

  • A hard character to like maybe, but occasionally his idea of justice is line with mine.

  • Not much of a choice left by this point

  • Unconventional but she was one the spookiest members for me, even if she has quit the Sinestro Corps.

  • Why not right? Who else is there?

  • Sometimes entertaining, sometimes not