Superman and Wonder Woman Together Forever

I suppose with the news that the latest new DC series will be a Superman and Wonder Woman ongoing that I am missing the point of what is happening at DC. Or to put that another way, I think it is time for me stopping to resist what I think is a departure from how I think Wonder Woman should be treated as a character. I have read too much of her stories to suddenly depart from her as a character over this development, so I guess that failing to resist the changes that I should take the "If you can't beat'em, join'em" attitude. I do like the character, but my resistance to the character recently has stopped me from even reading her solo series.

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So I guess, DC broke me. I am still going to look at a critical glance with all things Superman-Wonder Woman related, but as an evolution of the character, and as one that knows quite a bit about her, that it is kind of foolish of me to give up on her because of this. The present developments of her with Superman is relative to the mostly hated John Byrne run from the late 90s, but just like the Byrne run it eventually did go away and get better (actually a lot better), so I guess I will take the good with the bad. So with no more resistance, I guess I will now be reading Justice League, Superman- Wonder Woman (it would be nice for her to get top billing, but that would never happen) and her regular series.