Shark Fights!

After reading through a few back issues recently I have noticed an interesting plot device/comic book concept, and I was thinking of suggesting it to the powers that be at CV for inclusion as a comic book concept.  The concept is simply called "Shark Fights!" (exclamation point optional).  A shark fight in this sense is a pointless battle between the main hero and a shark or other supposedly malevolent wild animal (polar bear, wolf, feral raccoon) which does nothing at all to advance the plot of a comic book and mostly just wastes a few panels:  

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I guess sharks are scary looking but most 99% of sharks species have absolutely no interest in humans.  Of the sharks that are interested in humans 99% of them will stay away from them because they have no idea what a human is, and its instinctual mind tells it something like "thats a pretty big animal there which I have never seen before, better give it a wide birth in case it tries to kill me."  Don't get me wrong, some sharks are ridiculously efficient killing machines, but more people die from being kicked by horses per year in the US than they do from being eaten by a shark (those horses just don't take prisoners, do they?)   

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For some reason any time a hero is near water the chances of there being a dangerous shark there increases by a factor of about ten thousand.  The worst part about shark fights is the absolute pointlessness of it.  There is no way the hero is going to lose.  If they can beat intergalactic armies, is a single shark really going to be their eventual downfall?  In the famous Death of Superman or Batman R.I.P story lines how happy would you have been if they ended up dying by getting eaten by a shark?  Suffice to say it would never happen.  So who is with me for pitching "Shark Fights!" as a comic book concept?