Overselling The Fire

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While I was looking for some other information recently on the Fury of Firestorm:The Nuclear Men, I noticed all at once the covers all together from the first four issues.  If there is a theme that could summarize the four covers it is "fire".  Of course with "fire" in the characters name it might be hard to not make this association, except that Firestorm's power really have nothing to do with fire.  Of course as a nuclear being there is some sense in it, but fire is actually not something which is produced from a nuclear reaction (though it will provide enough heat to ignite things there actually has to be something to ignite.)  So when I look at the fire covers all together it elicits a few reactions from me - first that there is a connection there which doesn't really make so much sense, secondly that they are visually impressive, and thirdly that they are visually impressive mostly as a result of the fire theme, which is generally a pretty easy one to pull off.  Just as I recently pointed out that the character's villains need a bit more inventiveness, it would seem too that so does the cover art.