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Jumping The Shark in a Two Piece Bikini

To be honest it has been a while since I made it all the way through a story arc in Grimm Fairy Tales. I sort of put the entire universe aside before the Unleashed storyline, expecting to read it all at once, but I still haven't gotten back to it. At one point I was a huge fan of this series, but my interest waned a little bit as the stories tended a bit more towards superheroes than fairy tales. My initial reactions to this series were probably the same as most people, in that I judged the book by the cover. As I have mentioned numerous times before, the covers really do not (or at least did not) actually have much to do with the actual content, which mostly featured surprisingly strong female lead characters.

When I was first getting interested in the series it was as a bit of a joke. As a gag kind of review I tried to review a comic featuring the Titanic on the 100th sinking of the ship, and one of the few books I could find on this theme was from GFT. I was surprised at how captivating it was, but if I was going to get really interested I had to face the exploitation of women angle which is a common complaint among comics for me (and many female readers.) With this in mind, the second issue which I read was the first swimsuit issue, and despite not even knowing the characters it had a nice enough story about order over chaos mixed in with the characters in swimsuits. With this being the worst, I decided I might as well try it out, and I really liked it.

The problem with the series though is that it got a bit too far away from its original concept all the while exploiting women a fair bit on the covers. The luster wore off, and the series became kind of average (except for the Wonderland stuff which stays separate.) Some of the main writers tried other projects which kind of exposed some problems with their writing styles, proving that they might be more like one hit wonders than anything else. With all that in mind I came to the most recent Swimsuit issue and thought I might leaf through it just for a look to see what has happened to the series which I kind of gave up on, but always ostensibly planned to go back to (I am only about 16 issues behind of the main series at the moment.)

I was kind of shocked this time, by one picture in particular. I have even mentioned before how it is kind of a cheap trick to suggest that the strong females in these stories have some kind of lesbian inclinations. Not that I have any problem with lesbian characters, only it is appealing to the wrong kind of reader I think to take strong yet attractive characters and only want to have them in pseudo-sexual poses, like the best (read worst) case of a Girls Gone Wild! video.

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I might get back to this series eventually, but pictures like the above really make me hesitant in investing time in this, time which I don't have as much as I used to for comics.

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