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Fairy Tales to the Big Two

A couple of years ago when I had first started running the roundtables, the thought occurred to me of doing a roundtable based on fairy tales, especially so that I had just taken an interest in Zenescope, and that fairy tales in comics gained so much in popularity (and remain so.) One of the questions which I asked pertained to the lack of most fairy tale characters in the Big Two. In my eyes, there was not a huge amount of difference between incorporating in characters from myth for Wonder Woman or Thor, and incorporating in similar characters from fables. There are a few challenges to doing so of course, one that fairy tale characters are rarely as powerful as comic characters (another that fans resist new characters in the Big Two.) I was going back over the roundtables recently and I ran across this question and it occurred to me that there might be a path to this.

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It happened a lot in the earlier days of comics, but it was fairly common at one point for comic companies to buy out one another. I am not at all aware of the financial stability of Zenescope for instance, but it could be the point that one day it is in the position of needing a financial save, and as its characters are more superhero like than most fairy tale characters, it might be an easy fit into a superhero world, especially as DC has done this many times in the past with other companies (as recently with Flash Point & the new 52.)

I am not hoping that Zenescope sees the end of its success, only that the thought occurred to me that this might make an interesting match and might be a reasonable way for the big two to incorporate in one last genre that they have mostly left untouched.