I haven't been reading as many comics recently and for that reason not finding as much to talk about when it comes to blogging, but today I decided to check out a few past appearances of Carol Ferris to check out the character's earlier appearances.  Carol is a bit of an anomaly for me, I generally associate more with female heroes because of my gender, but Carol has not always been a hero, and really that has only really been a recent development.  Strangely enough though, her showing up as a hero in recent years has also been accompanied by her costume being reduced to a lot less than it was in the silver age (and it wasn't all that much back then either.)  So I thought I would check out some older appearances and using the database here I checked out a few series where I figured she would have shown up as the villain.  One of these was the original series of Justice League of America, and with the topic of the male members of the team being turned against the female members (plus Supergirl) I figured that the Star Sapphire, so concentrated as she is on the effects of love, would be in the mix somehow.  What I discovered was a story about the marriage of the Atom and Jean Loring where Carol was only an invitee to the wedding.  Instead there was an ancient goddess of love named Mauri that was trying to destroy the League.  The issue was actually pretty good by silver age standards, but the one thing which stood out was the wedding scene which took up a two full pages of the issue.  While some of the fashion is quite outdated and tacky looking (by today's standards) the one thing which stood out for me is that the bridesmaids dresses were just about as hideous on the heroines as any bridesmaid dress is ever expected to be on any woman (of course there are exceptions to this, but it works as a rule.)  This little slice from the past pointed out to me that some things don't change much when it comes to culture and the artist captured at least one aspect of fashion which will likely endure, if not maybe not for the best of reasons.   

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