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The Thing (1982) 0

It may have been a failure at the box office going up against ET (I never cared for that film, even when I was a kid) and hated by critics, but John Carpenter's The Thing has become a cult classic that people are still talking about and analyzing to this day. Should Have Been Just A One-Shot Story There was no need for a sequel video game or comics or a prequel with a storyline that was not only a repeat of the film from 1982, but terrible in every way....

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Star Trek TMP 0

Youtube user Rob Ager gave an analysis on the film when Spock mind melds with V'ger. Star Trek The Motion Picture - film analysis "Vger's mistake" On his second channel, Collative Learning, he gives a great review on the film. Criminally underrated movies STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE Like the title says, this is a criminally underrated movie, although Star Trek works better as a TV series than a film and while I don't mind space battles in Star Trek, but it shouldn't take up the whole film (STII...

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Return Of The Jedi 0

When it comes to the Star Wars films, the prequels were unnecessary, the back-story to Anakin wasn't important enough to be told on film. Anything after Episode VI should have adapted the books and comics into films, but only if George Lucas and someone like Irvin Kershner were in charge. But because of what Disney has done to the Star Wars universe, for me, the Star Wars films started with A New Hope and ended with Return of the Jedi. Until I write a full review for the film, this link will hav...

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Vol.1 0

Samurai: Heaven & Earth Vol.1 and 2 is basically a love story where the main character, Shiro, a Samurai, searches across Asia and Europe to find his love, Yoshiko, who's been kidnapped. While the story does make the Samurai almost look unbeatable, despite there weapons, armor and fighting style being outdated after the 1500 hundreds. Now I said "almost unbeatable" because when he runs into the Musketeers, he doesn't beat them, they defeat him. Although not because of a better style, one of ...

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Clash of the Titans (1981) 0

One of the best versions of Perseus, he had a goal, he wanted to know who he was, he knew what he wanted... and he just went out and did it. The film actually had a story and likable characters. Another Crappy Remake In the remake... he's a skinhead pedestal played by an asshole who can't act. I have no idea of what his goals were, there was no point for him to be fighting whatsoever. It was too much man Vs. gods, instead of man Vs. evil. The film had no story, no likable characters and relied t...

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Somewhere Out There 0

Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss, James Horner and Steven Spielberg show Disney how it's done. From the animation, the music, the story, the setting, themes, the characters and so on, this film has stayed with me for all these years (I was 4 years old in 1986), far more than any other animated film ever did, including Disney, since the late 90s, their films are just terrible and I never cared for Pixar or DreamWorks films either. Dark Animated Film For Kids The film has some ...

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Episodes VII-VIII 0

One of my favorite EU/Legends Star Wars comic books is Dark Empire I-II, the artwork by Cam Kennedy was just fantasist, it has a Moebius style to it, it really captures the dark unstable atmosphere, that things are getting worse for the New Republic and the Rebels. The storyline to both is not considered the best among SW fans and I can understand that in some areas, it also makes a lot of contradictions to the prequels since this was written way before those films, but I'll take Dark Empire ove...

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Tron 0

Disney made a beautiful film in 1982 called TRON, a computer genius named Flynn who is zapped into the digital world and battles a tyrannical program called the MCP (Master Control Program). Disney created a imagined world were programs designed by man looked, talked and even thought like man. They also believed they were created by "the Users" and looked to their Users for the direction of their life. In 1982, few people had computers, far fewer had even heard of computer networks, and hardly a...

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The Dark Crystal 0

A fantasy world where no humans exist, just creatures and humanoid animals. Unlike other fantasy stories, the main character doesn't just instantly become a warrior who gets a suit of armor and a sword to fight the villains. The two main leads do fall for each other, but that only happens at the very end and not in the middle of the story. There isn't a big group of characters that's conveniently from every race (human, elf, dwarf), no Wizard casting spells left and right, there's no big army ba...

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Heavy Metal 0

Heavy Metal from 1981 became a classic with its artwork styles (from over 17 different countries), music, adult themes (sex, black comedy and violence), voice acting and so on. It felt like the magazine that it was based off of, short adult stories ranging from Sci-Fi, Film Noir, Fantasy, War, Horror, or a mix between some or all of them and the film managed to have all the stories be connected. I'm not saying that it's a masterpiece on every level, but the people behind HM knew it was a little ...

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Mad Max 4: Fury Road 0

The first Mad Max film I ever saw was Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, then Mad Max and then Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. I need to get this out of the way... there's a really, really dumb theory that Max in Fury Road is really... (groan)... the Feral Kid from Road Warrior... this doesn't make any sense due to the fact that the character himself said that he and the rest of the tribe went North to safety, grew to manhood and become the leader. So are these people trying to make it seem that the Fera...

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The Punisher: Dirty Laundry 0

What goes on in this short 10-minute film reminds me of how Garth Ennis wrote the Punisher. He wanted to make sure that everyone hated the bad guys, to show how evil they truly are, it made you feel good that Frank was there to take them out, to "punish" them. According to Thomas Jane, they didn't have a budget at all, the company 1984 Pictures paid for the location and the food for the crew, but that's it. Director Phil Joanou pulled in a lot of favors on this, everyone who worked on it did it ...

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