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Weapons, Armor, Gear and Transportation

Weapons that can shoot bullets, plasma, magic or some kind of object or energy. Can cut and stab and are made from some type of material or powered by some type of energy.

Armor and Gear that can protect the user, store whatever the user needs and can provide all kinds of info on anyone or anything. Transportation to drive, swim, fly, or teleport you to your destination. The majority of this will be weapons, so I think this is a good place to bring up The Right To Bear Arms since I'm a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment. Here are several links to give reasons on why that is.












List items

  • A weapon that can fire a 3-round or 7-round burst and a fully auto version mode with a 50-round magazine and has an extended magazine of 21 rounds. With ammunition such as

    •Armor piercing: an advanced armor piercing round which is be able to penetrate kevlar vests and the titanium armor utilized in the RoboCop program.

    •Flechette: a pointed steel projectile, with a vaned tail for stable flight

    •High explosive: high-explosive rounds are capable of making a 1inch hole in cold-rolled steel plate ¼ inch thick.

    •Non-lethal: a round designed to incapacitate a target rather than kill.

    •Seeker: the ammo could lock on to their targets.

    •Standard: standard round

    Robocop's modified Beretta M93R machine pistol is truly a deadly weapon. The fact that the remake didn't even have this weapon and didn't make the same loud sound effect is just one of the many reasons why it sucked.

  • A weapon that can fire

    •Standard Bullets

    •Rubber Ricochet

    •Armor Piercing




    •Tracking Bullets

    •Stun Shots

    With a DNA-coded so that no one else can use it... the Lawgiver is another deadly weapon.

    At least the 2012 film had the Lawgiver looking the way it did in the comics... the film from the 90s couldn't even get that right.

  • The video game Aliens vs. Predator for the Xbox360 that came out in 2010, I was hoping to use the Plasma Caster the way it was used in the films... but that wasn't the case at all.

    The reasons being

    1. You're only able to fire the plasma cannon a few times and it needed to be recharged. However in the first film, the Predator was able to use it as many times as he wanted too no matter how powerful it got.


    2. Using it and your claws to kill will un-cloak you, which makes cloaking yourself pointless, and the film showed the Predator killing Hawkins and Mac with his claws while cloaked and Dillon and Poncho using the plasma cannon while still cloaked. In fact all the Predators that we've seen on film were able to kill while still cloaked.


    3. Using the plasma cannon in the game even once is considered un-warrior/hunter like and points will be taken away... what's the point of even having it??? Every Predator we've seen uses it all the time and that didn't mean that it made them less of a warrior or hunter.

  • Where would the Yautja be without their Bio-Mask... how they can see without it is beyond me since all they can see is the color red.

    From being able to see in all kinds of visions such as



    •EM Vision

    •Vibration vision

    •Pheromone Vision

    •Health condition vision

    There are more but not all of these vision modes are known.

    With it's laser targeting and the look of it, the Predator Bio-Mask has to be one of the best high-tech alien mask in film history.

  • One of the many things the 1984 film did right was the Proton Pack, explaining every single thing about it wasn't important. The characters do say a few things about it, but that's all. It's a tool to be used in service of the story, it's not a story element onto it's itself.

  • The Plasma Rifle from the Doom universe, but I was hoping to find the M95A1 Phased Plasma Rifle from the Terminator universe... oh well. Although, the sound effects of the weapon in the Sega Saturn version of Doom were taken right from the Hunter Killer Tanks in T2.

    RetroSnow: Doom Japanese Version (Sega Saturn) Review (5:27)


  • A weapon that can not only freeze anything, but it seems to have unlimited energy to do so.

  • Doom's Armor is quite impressive... but like Batman's utility belt, Superman's endless abilities, or a Jedi getting a new Force power, the plot always allows Victor's armor to protect himself from anything.

  • From what the 80s animated series:


    2.Boomerang throw

    3.Deflects destructive rays

    4.Merged with Sword of the Ancients

    5.Other magical properties

    The Sword of Grayskull is a combination of He-Man and She-Ra's sword... but I would have been satisfied with just The Power Sword since I didn't care for, She-Ra.

  • The weapon is powerful enough to hurt Darkseid and can make Superman bleed. But the New 52 weapon is not a "Trident", which is a three-pronged spear and that clearly didn't have 3. It has 5 with the two on the end which gives it the ability to slash.

    The Rebirth version looks more like a Trident but with triangle spear points and with two extra half spear points that seem pretty useless.

  • Able to withstand Aquaman's Trident and shoot lightning bolts. Orm's Trident in New 52 looks more like a spear weapon, it doesn't even come close to looking like a Trident. It has a spear point with two curved blades on its sides which makes it more effective at slashing.

  • Although the Sword of Omens can

    1.Go from a short blade to a long sword

    2.Shoot energy

    3.Create a shield

    4.Can see events before they happen

    5.Can even be called from being inside a black hole

    But the blade itself can somehow be broken by someone like Tug-Mug... it was reforged, but still...

  • Donovan's sword is quite deadly, it can cut through almost anything, call upon elementals, spirits to help him fight, use his telekinetic abilities to throw it, use it as a shield that can withstand bullets and he can ride it like a surfboard.

    I'm not a fan over oversize weapons like swords since there only function is to intimidate and look badass... but they can do pretty much anything that a normal size weapon can, so making them really big ends up being pointless.

    Meet the Darkstalkers: Donovan and Anita - The Nostalgic Gamer


  • While it looks like the Star Wars lightsaber, but the sword functions differently. Its "laser" blade is actually a neural disruptor; when Dane Whitman cuts someone with the sword, it delivers a massive jolt to the being's central nervous system. This jolt is usually enough to incapacitate someone within just a few hits.

  • The lightsaber fights in the original films were more believable, they had emotion to them, it was more about the characters than the actual fights, Obi-Wan becoming one with the Force and Luke lashing out at Vader and then realizing that he'll become like his his father.

    The prequels, TFU I-II and TOR video games were far too choreographic, it looked staged, like a perfect dance were they know each move the other is going to make, to the point where it looks like a joke, they drag on and are just eye candy.

    Mr. Plinkett "Responds" to The Nostalgia Critic


    As for the weapon itself, having a weapon that can cut through nearly anything and able to deflect blaster bolts would be pretty useful. But a typical lightsaber handle looks very uncomfortable, I mean there's a reason why real sword handles were made to be smooth in order to fit in a person's hand without anything in the way. As for the lightsaber crossguard... I don't care...

    Sith That Didn't Use Red Lightsabers


    Jedi That Used Red Lightsabers


  • The strongest metal known in the Marvel Universe, but nothing is indestructible, all it takes is the right application of force.

    The idea of an object, or in this case a metal material, is so strong that it's unbreakable is just idiotic. I know it's a comic book world, but sometimes they take it too far.

    Although there is Antarctic Vibranium, which is an anti-metal in the Marvel Universe that emanates vibrations, which cause the atomic molecular bonds in metals to weaken and in most cases liquefy... but that just adds to the endless amounts of continuity errors in the Marvel Universe with this... it can take a hit from Thor's hammer, a magical god weapon made from a neutron star...


    But vibrations does it so easily...

  • The Big Fucking Gun... need I say more?

  • I'll take The Galaxy Gun over the first and second Death Star and even Starkiller base.

    "Its purpose is to launch intelligent projectiles into hyperspace, each projectile can exit hyperspace at precise coordinates, find its target... and destroy it. Its threat is absolute."

    Reborn Emperor: "Marvelous, it's a wonder we didn't think of its decades ago. This weapon can destroy a city... a land mass... or even an entire planet anywhere in the galaxy."

    Even Luke himself would almost regret the destruction of the Galaxy Gun, as it could have helped the New Republic wipe out thousands of Yuuzhan Vong Koros-Strohna worldships.

    "At the time, the Galaxy Gun was the most destructive weapon we'd ever seen. But I wish we had it now. We could blast those Yuuzhan Vong worldships right out of the sky."

    While it was destroyed since it had its weaknesses and drawbacks, but with some upgrades, modifications and dozens more built, it could have been even deadlier.

    How POWERFUL Was Clone Palpatine's Superweapon? | Galaxy Gun | MetaNerdz Star Wars


  • If the ships that Species 8472 used were on comic vine, then they would be on this spot. But the Borg cubes will have to do.

  • Favorite Enterprise ships

    1.USS Enterprise A

    2.USS Enterprise D

    3.Galaxy X class (I still prefer the Galaxy X class than the Enterprise E)

    4.USS Enterprise J

    The 5th or 6th Stat Trek series should have taken place after Nemesis, sometime during the USS Enterprise F (2409) or J's (26th century) time period.

  • While the Normandy SR-2 was an improvement over the SR-1, there was one huge downgrade for both console and PC players in ME2... you could do it a little faster on the PC, but scanning planets took way too long, it broke the flow of the game. The SR-1 in ME1 could do it in seconds, why the people at BioWear had to change this, I'll never know.

  • The real Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird has the record of never being shot down by an enemy.

    Five Countries Who Fired Missiles At SR 71 Blackbird


    Why Was This Plane Invulnerable: The SR-71 Blackbird Story



  • Unlike the Outrider and the Millennium Falcon, Dash owed the Outrider and Han owed the Falcon. But you (Revan) ended up owing the Hawk, it felt like your ship since you got to make its history, command it's crew, and you were able to go to any planet you wanted to.

  • Some people think that just because the model of Dash Rendar's ship, a YT-2400 light freighter, was seen in the special edition in Episode IV in 1997, that means the character is in the canon Star Wars. Well, no, he's not, only the model is canon, that could have been anyone flying that ship since that freighter was a cargo ship used by other people in the SW galaxy.

    Just like in Episode II, you can see three YT-1300 transports, the same ship as the Millennium Falcon and in Episode III.

    How Old is the Millennium Falcon? History & Retrospective


    But once again, some people thought that just because a YT-2400 light freighter was seen in the shitty Rebels TV series, that it makes the Outrider cannon and that Dash was going to appear... it didn't happen, thank god!

  • The USS Cygnus has a dark menacing appearance but also a beautiful gritty Gothic steam punk look to it.

  • Even though your stationary, you're stuck where you are when you travel through time, but unlike the DeLorean, it doesn't need flue to power it or to go a certain speed to time travel and the DeLorean is a shitty vehicle. It's not a one-way trip where you go through naked like Skynet's time machine and you don't have to do a slingshot effect across the Sun like in Star Trek.

    But this Time Machine could use some wheels when it needs to be moved.

    The one from the shitty 2002 remake looks like the rejected sketch from the original film.

  • A 1969 Dodge Charger, the number 1# car that I've always wanted to own since I was a kid. The days when muscle cars were shown on TV, young boys like myself, loved fast cars, being chased by the police and jumping over everything.

    Hero Car Showdown! General Lee VS Bandit Trans Am


  • The 1987 version of April was pretty skilled at driving the turtle van.

  • The original design for the light cycles actually look like they come from a digital world. There faster than the new versions, the 82 light cycles are able to turn left and right instantly, at least on the game grid. The walls they make stay up until the program is derezzed.

    Too bad there isn't a page for the Identity Discs.

  • I watched a few episodes of M.A.S.K. when I was a kid, but I got the Thunderhawk toy car because it looked like the DeLorean since I loved Black to the Future. Years later when I got into Mad Max, I spray painted it black, took a sliver car engine from a Dukes of Hazzard toy car that I had and put it on top of the hood, the Thunderhawk was turned into the V8 Interceptor.

  • I always found the car to be a lot better than the Batman mobile from the 60s. The Green Hornet series was also a lot better and much cleverer.

  • The real DeLorean DMC-12 looks great but it's a piece of crap, there's a reason why there not made anymore. But some people have actually mange to make their own and customize it.

    DeLorean - Project Vixen - The Resurrection of VIN #05927


    Patrick's Custom 1981 DeLorean


    Race build DeLorean one of a kind


    Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Retrospective


    However the idea of flying cars is simply never going to happen.

    Modern Marvels - Failed Inventions (13:09)


  • I prefer the Rapid-fire double-barrel shotgun mod


  • This weapon has some punch to it, but I've never really considered it to be all that powerful, especially when compared to the other weapons on this list.

    It was only a powerful weapon in the Super Star Wars video games for the SNES where it could get power-ups and become more powerful, such as Proton Seeker, Rapid ion gun and Plasma Wave Blaster. But that was only seen in those games, which means it's a non-canon upgrade.

  • Depending on how they're drawn, there either Bowie Knifes or Machetes with some added abilities.

  • I can't believe how there's very little information about Gambit's staff.

  • Light, easy to store and able to carry dozens. Gambit's cards are not looked upon too fondly these days by... who else? Fucking hipsters and wankers!

  • The less tight spandex and leather and the more armor looking suit the better.

  • They're basically kenpo sticks with tasers.

  • When it was created, it stood no chance against the Katana and the Naginata, it's not particular in the modern world and most people will end up hurting themselves with it.



  • The sword to end all swords???... NO!

    Japanese Katana vs. European Long sword


  • While World War 1 was said to be the war to end all wars (although, only one person stated that), it was the nuclear weapon that made war undesirable, there would be no winner, everyone would lose.