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Warriors and Super Power Characters

This list includes characters who use all kinds of special weapons, or wears a power suit, there some type of machine, or an alien, or their undead, has special abilities, uses martial arts or all of the above. Or they have such incredible physical strength and speed that it goes beyond simply being a normal human.

List items

  • When it comes to tough deadly manly men who are not only badass, but are polite, funny, intelligent, honorable, romantic and emotional, there seems to be very few characters like Crying Freeman. Usually there the angst teen or 20 year old or just the silent emotionless onenote tough guy and nothing more. Those type of characters can work when written correctly (DUH!), but half the time writers are trying too hard or they have no idea how to write such characters.

    So far there's only a page for Yō Hinomura, but not for his wife Emu Hino... at least not yet.

    When it comes to adaptations of Crying Freeman... stick with the short animated series, it's far more accurate to the manga books (pretty much page for page) than that shitty film from the 90s that couldn't even get an actual Chinese actor to play the main character. The actor is from Hawaii and he looks it, he didn't capture the character at all, no one did. Emu is not Caucasian, she's Japanese, the manga pointed that out in issue #1 on page 25. Hell, Julie Condra's voice was dubbed by Deborah Kara Unger to giver her a deeper feminine voice with a more erotic dimension... one has to wonder why she was even picked in the first place.

    I hope Christophe Gans doesn't make anymore comic book and video game adaptations, he sucks at it. There are two other adaptations such as The Dragon from Russia and Killer's Romance, but they're even worse.

  • Favorite Crows:

    Eric Draven - The Crow (1989)

    Joshua Zane - The Crow: Dead Time

    Michael Korby - The Crow: Wild Justice

    The worst Crow was Mark Leung from Waking Nightmares... the Crow bird punished him for not seeking vengeance. He'll never find rest as he is forever trapped in a limbo like dimension. The first film adaptation is of course the best, the rest just got worse and worse.

  • Only back in the day could you ever have a Confederate solider as the hero and become one of the greatest in fiction. They say that older stories need to be "updated" for a "modern audience"... and yet, the original stories featuring John Carter and others during or before his time are still selling and being read to this day.


  • There's always been strong women in fiction, that's nothing new, and while Dejah Thoris is a warrior, she's able to be one without losing her femininity, she's beautiful and sexy, she actually looks and acts like a woman. There's been times in which she needed to be rescued by Carter, but there's nothing wrong with a man protecting and saving a woman's life, that's actually a good character trait to have.

  • They say that Kage-Maru is the main character of VF, I'm not sure if that's true, but he should be. When it comes to being a main character in a video game such as this (or in any story), it seems that you need to have the following

    1. You need a personal story.

    Kage's mother was kidnapped, his father killed and his whole village was destroyed

    2. You need to have defeated more than just one or two characters.

    Kage has beaten Akira Yuki (twice), Lau Chan, Lion Rafale, Shun Di (he was about deliver the final blow to Shun at the end of VF4, but according to the story, Dural interrupted them), and Dural (twice)

    4. You need to have won more than just one tournament.

    Kage has won the 3rd and 4th tournament

    5. You need a connection to the last boss

    Dural is his mother

    6. You need a noble goal that your fighting for.

    Kage is out to stop Judgement 6 and save his mother or end her suffering

    With Akira it's...

    "Akira strives for perfection and will drive himself relentlessly to master his techniques. He seeks worthy opponents to fight in order to find flaws in his skills to further attain mastery. He is known to be hot-blooded and impulsive by nature. He also can be naïve and intemperate. After losing to Kage-Maru in the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, Akira returned to the mountains to train harder than ever before. He began to doubt his previous training and could not understand how he had been defeated."

    That's it... all he does is train, has rivals simply because they beat him, mopes around about losing and then trains harder so he can win. He has no personal reason for being there and he could care less about Judgement 6... the group that's trying to take over the world...

  • Kage, Jacky and Sarah should be the main protagonists of the series.

  • Joshua and Adon should have been the main characters in Turok 3. You can play as Joshua with cheats, but it doesn't change the story and there are no cut scenes with him.

    Describing Joshua's personality, he only appeared in two games. I didn't care for the way he acted in the books and in the prequel comics to Turok 2. Thankfully those events are non-canon.

    Even though he only had a few scenes, he actually had more lines and dialog in Turok 3 instead of just saying, "I am Turok!" But in both of those games, from what was shown, he's a very tough, noble, thoughtful, intelligent and a peaceful person.

  • Adon, the alien scholar, vizier, sorceress, and warrior who fell in love with Joshua Fireseed. One can only imagine the kind love story and children they could have had. Having both the Turok bloodline and alien genes.

  • It's too bad that Acclaim Studios Austin went Bankruptcy in 2004 before a sequel could be made to Turok 3, because I will always prefer Joshua Fireseed and Tal'Set than that other guy from 2008. A sequel was in development for that game but layoffs at Propaganda Games (Propaganda… oh god, why the hell would someone choose a name like that???) resulted in the project being cancelled. But I hated that game, so I didn't care.

  • The Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men and how to put the fear of death into them. A character, along with Zorro, that inspired Batman??? Well, think again.

    Razör vs. Comics: Enter THE SHADOW


    Deeper into THE SHADOW - Razör vs. Comics


    BATMAN/THE SHADOW #1 - Razör vs. Comics



  • I find the majority of Batman villains to be pretty shallow, boring and downright idiotic, many come across as just the "villain of the week", their only evil and crazy just for the sake of it.

    Mr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series, where he was turned into a far more interesting and complex character, is my favorite version. I've never cared for him when they've turned him into a one-dimensional villain like what they later did in Cold Comfort and the other animated series.

    Batman Beyond did somewhat makeup for what New Batman Adventures did to him, by turning him into a generic villain who wants to kill everyone. Dan Didio and Scott Snyder (he regrets it) simply made him into a heartless psychopath in New 52... the Gotham TV series didn't do him any favors either...

    Thankfully the Arkham video games brought back his 90s characterization and background. From Batman: Arkham Origins, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight being the last of the trilogy, they managed to tie everything up with Victor and Nora. They may have not gotten a happy ending, but they spend their last moments or days with each other.

    Nora Fries: "Time never has been on our side, Victor."

    The Mr. Freeze Story (Arkham Series)


    This was a far better written story and ending for the character.

  • The story has an urban legend setting and vibe to it with a mix between "The Crow" and "The X-Files (episode Shadows)".

  • I first saw this character in a cameo appearance in X-Men The Animated series, episode Dark Phoenix. But it wouldn't be until years later that I found out who he is or what he is. An anthropomorphic being, an abstract entity which embodies the embodies the Earth-616's reality.

  • Sage is an intelligent, independent, skilled, tough, dangerous, classy (in her own way), beautiful, sexy, and funny woman who knows what she wants... why couldn't have Gambit ended up with her instead????

  • While Gambit is no boy scout and somewhat of an anti-hero, he's not selfish, he doesn't just think only of himself, he's been a trusted member of the team for decades.


    As great as the 90s animated version was, and yes, his third person talk was kind of annoying, but it pales in comparison to his 616 comic book counterparts. However, voice actor Chris Potter did set the stander on how Gambit's voice and accent should sound, but unfortunately no one but him has been able to capture his voice correctly.


    The other animated series and live action version were not very good, his character was reduced to a joke and his appearance look like shit. Taylor Kitsch was an awful Gambit and thankfully, Channing Tatum did not play Gambit... the man hasn't been in one decent film, can't act and gets offended by simple jokes...

    I like Gambit and Rogue as a couple (when written correctly) but some of the reasons why they went through so much unnecessary drama and being kept apart was due to a lot of writers either having no idea how to write romance, they think it's nothing but drama and tension or it's them hating one (usually Gambit) and loving the other (fans boys with gigantic egos who picture themselves with Rogue). From the mid 2000s to now it's a long list of shallow talent-less hacks from Rodi, Austen, Morrison, Milligan, Carey, Gage, Remender, Soule, Asmus, David (PAD), Bunn, Zub, Duggan and Howard.

    The very idea of a ladies' man just doesn't work in today's PC woke world enough for all the losers with no sense of humor, or they (leftist liberals, SJWs feminist, and progressives) hate the idea of a loving stable couple, marriage, having kids and so on. A lot of Marvel and DC couples have suffered from this. I'm not expecting everyone to love the character, but these so-called complaints some people have with him are just pathetic.

    The few times that I've liked Rogue was mostly from the early 90s X-Men comics, X-Men The Animated Series and the early 2000s during X-Treme X-Men and that's it. Throughout the 80s, the mid and late 90s in the comics she was one of most inconsistent written characters on the team, she went from being a villain to a hero in the blink of an eye, then to a tough sassy southern gal and then to a naïve stupid scared little girl who runs away from her problems. At times it seemed as if she had split personality disorder. The mid 2000s and 2010s was even worse, she became a whore, throwing herself at whoever... one had to wonder why Gambit was even wasting his time with her. I want characters to have flaws, to act like human beings but not the point of acting like a blind misguided fool who never learns anything!

    As for her fan base... oh god... a lot fall under that whole thing where they think a morally just person like Rogue can somehow be with a psychopathic killer that has a death toll that goes into the hundreds of thousands and this is mostly coming from female fans who are not only hypocrites, but seem to be suffering from a mental illness.

    Exploring Obsessive True Crime Fandoms | Morbid Reality Files #3


    Or they still think that it's the 90s and Rogue needs to run away, hide and think things over for the 100th time, as if that's her only character trait... only a few fans that I've seen have got their heads out of there asses and knows that she should not be that stupid, blind, confused after so many decades and knows that she should be with Gambit, the man who's been there for her since day 1 and has loved her ever since... I could go on, but I'll be here all day.

  • I wish Gambit still had at least some part of New Son in him, while that type of power is dangerous, it only to be used in extreme situations when all else fails.

  • It's sad but typical that quite a few retarded fans of Killer Instinct wants Thunder to go back to his original look... which wasn't that great at all, I mean he looked more like a punk rocker reject. With his massive red-skin, feather implanted Mohawk, punkish axe head facial markings, ridiculous gibberish chanting, rain dance fatality, and the Phoenix is not even a creature of his culture. Which is why his fireball ability was removed. He had no tribal identity, he was just a stereotypical representation of rough American Indians.

    Every character in Vs. fighting games (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Takken, Final Fight, Virtua Fighter and so on) are stereotypes, but they at least put some effort into their characters (most, not all). But Rare put no effort into Thunder at all or any of them, he was just a joke to them. Whatever looked or sounded American Indian, they just threw it on him...

    When some people want a stereotype design that was based on nothing to come back... not only do you have some seriously fucked up arrogant problems, but that's when you know there's a problem with not only this fan base, but the gaming community that's been brainwashed... I've never cared for the majority of those people. There are some with some actual brain cells, but there few and far between.

    With the new version in 2013, Double Helix actually consulted with a Nez Perce tribe member, Josiah Pinkham, in order to make the character more authentic and he actually speaks Nez Perce throughout the battles.


    His fighting style seems to be based on the Plains Cree Martial Arts called Okichitaw, a CQC offense style that focuses on lethal weapons such as knives, tomahawks and gunstock war clubs. Which would explain why he's so deadly when fighting against.

    He wears war paint in order to express his grief and frustration over the loss of his brother Eagle and it's not just for the sake of it because he's an American Indian. They even gave him an actual name, Hinmatoom.

  • KI 2017 gave him a much better design, it makes his appearance from that shitty comic book from the 90s look like a joke, which is was, even for back then.

    The same real-life Nez Perce members who previously advised Iron Galaxy on Thunder's design were also consulted for Eagle's design, personality and mannerisms.

  • Thunder and Orchid should be the main male and female characters of Killer Instinct. Thunder has the most personal reason, he fights to find out what happen to his brother and Orchid wants to shut down Ultratech.

    Orchid's original costume was a boring dull tight green outfit, something you would jog in. It made her look sexy... but that was it. Her 2013 costume gave her a lot more background, personality and it was particular.

  • Sadly, Asura and Shiki didn't get the attention they deserved. Their love story as a couple needs to continue.

  • Asura and Shiki need to come back to the series. Samurai Shodown: Sen was terrible, even the official website ignores it, you won't find it listed anywhere.


  • There have been times when the Punisher has slept with a woman, but it's only been sex and nothing else. There was Elektra in 2003, the first time they ever met, she was killing off his targets before he even got there. She later told him that she simply does that when she gets bored and that the people he goes after deserves it. She's about to leave when Frank thinks

    Thoughts: "Damaged goods, no doubt about it. Likes killing people. Completely insane. Never thought I'd meet anyone quite like her. About to take my life in my hands. Then again, I do that every day."

    Dialog: "Wait. You want to have dinner tomorrow night?"

    A few years later on the team Thunderbolts, they're at it again. What happen in issue #30, the writers pretty much ignored their canon personalities and history completely...

  • Donovan Baine should be the main character of the Darkstalkers series, Morrigan is the hot chick and nothing more.

    I remember playing Darkstalkers 2 at my older sister's apartment and she knew that I was going to like Donovan Baine... and she was right, he was my kind of character.

    He was a true badass in the anime... however both the Japanese and the American animated version had horrible writing, lines, and dialog. The American version is total garbage, but the Japanese version is only tolerable if you hear it in a different language. At least he got a cameo in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in Dr. Strange's ending.

    Meet the Darkstalkers: Donovan and Anita - The Nostalgic Gamer


  • MK11 is not a great game, the only characters I ended up caring about were Liu Kang and Kitana. She was given an actual ethnic, a better face, voice actress, character, playing a far more important role in the story and for someone who's been alive for 10,000 years, she knows how to kick ass!


    I'm all for women looking sexy in films, TV, animation, books, comics, video games with great bodies, outfits and so on, but that sexy look needs to match the type of character they are and the tone of the story. But somehow a tight catsuit that doesn't leave much to the imagination became unsexy... have these people become addicted to porn where their expectations have become too high???



    The model Kaprice Imperial is very sexy.


    Kitana was given an Asian appearance in MK11, since MK2 they gave her a Ninja look for her and Edenia is mainly based on Chinese / Japanese mythology.

    In MK11, when Kitana, a 10,000-year-old assassin living in Edenia and Outworld beats Shao Kahn, it's not believable, but when Liu Kang, someone with zero experience fighting someone like him, beats him, nobody questions it... Shao Kahn has never shown himself to be a great skilled fighter, just someone who uses brute strength. Hell, he poisoned Onaga in order to rule Outworld.

  • Like with Ryu (Street Fighter), Akira (Virtua Fighter), Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown), Kazuya (Tekken), Jago (Killer Instinct), Eiji (Battle Arena Toshinden) and others, I never found Liu Kang very interesting, he was just a typical stoic good guy character based on Bruce Lee, bear chest with black pants and with the war cries. Turning him into an undead zombie villain was not the way to go.

    But like with Kitana, it wasn't until MK11 where I started to like him, he's given a better face, body, outfit, voice actor, he finally became important to the storyline and acted like thy champion of Mortal Kombat.

    Liu Kang&Kitana became a canon pairing, the series could have gone out on a high note (until of course the next game) in the good ending.

    MORTAL KOMBAT 11 - Final Boss & Ending (MK11 2019) PS4 Pro


    But the DLC Aftermath story undid all of that, it was unnecessary, it added nothing to the storyline or for any of the characters and it took away their character growth. It's a repeat of MK9, everyone is dumb, clueless, gets beaten because... reasons, it all could have been worth it but there was no resolution to any of it, scenes between Liu Kang/Kitana are just pointless, nothing comes from it. I lost interest in the series after MK3, I hated Deadly Alliance and MK9... Liu Kang/Kitana were the only two to somewhat bring me back to MK11, but this DLC once again showed that the developers and writers (hacks) simply have no clue or they just don't care what they're doing with the story, characters and the downloadable content.

  • Like so many characters in comics, a writer will either upgrade or downgrade Warpath's powers and abilities. During the 90s, he could take several punches from the Juggernaut and still keep coming... then in the 2010s, he's knocked out quite easily by Captain America and by Adamantium Cyborgs...

    Respect Warpath (Marvel, 616)


    Warpath is also one of those characters that hasn't made a lot of appearances and for awhile, his outfit was pretty awful. Then they gave him short hair and made him look like a white guy... and then facial hair, even though American Indians don't grow hair on there face. He was miscast in Days of Future Past... a 7'2, 350lb character is instead played by some small short 20 year old...

    Like so many other males in Marvel, he just cannot get the right woman at all... he wasted his time on Siryn (what the fuck did he ever see in her?) who never returned his feelings. Risque was a backstabbing bitch and then there was Hepzibah... at one point Hepzibah speaks with Cyclops, who accepts her having Warpath as her new mate. It didn't last long because this couple was only based on flirtation from Hepzibah and she is quite the slut, she went from one guy to another just to have sex.

    She had been the soulmate of Corsair for decades in space. His corpse wasn't even cold and barely covered in soil before she jumped into bed with Warpath. And all that nonsense about mating... she may have been feline-esque, but she wasn't an animal.

    Why Domino wanted to make-out with him or why Warpath thought he could have some sort of relationship with that albino whore... I'll never know...

    In an alternate reality, he wanted to be with Psylocke... but she turned out to be an evil controlling bitch.

    The one thing with both Marvel and DC comic book couples, one minute they're together, but before you can even blink... they're with other people with little to no explanation whatsoever.

  • The animated film version, not the crappy series or the shitty live action version.

  • Favorites Predators (Films/Video Games)


    2.Jungle Hunter

    3.City Hunter

    4.Predator Hunter


    When is there ever going to be a Predator that lives in a film???

  • Shadowman the video game was great... Shadowman 2 was a complete letdown.

  • Robert Venditti (2018 title) does his best to make sense of all of Hawkman's origins and write a compiling story and succeed.

  • Thank god for Robert Venditti for putting her back with Hawkman.

  • At first he was a violent version of Superman in Image Comics, then a version of the Silver Age. His outfit makes him look like a Greek or Roman version of Kingdom Come Superman.

  • I prefer Zod for Superman's main villain over Lex Luthor, Darkseid and Doomsday since Zod has a much closer connection to Kal-El and is just as powerful as he is or more so.


    Rebirth has given him the Terence Stamp look (looking a little older, hair slicked back and a goatee) and pretty much the same armor from Post-Flashpoint. Rebirth also somewhat humanized the character, his main goal was to get his wife and son out of the Phamatom Zone. To recreate Krypton, to show his son the heritage of a world that no longer exists.

    He's also another character to get brown-washed in a crappy TV series of the 2010s, Terence Stamp still reminds the best live action version of Zod.

  • Sarah Douglas as Ursa was great, she had such a voice, a very sexy deadly look and personality. While she was based on Faora, however Faora wouldn't have the look and character she has today without Ursa. The all black outfit and short black hair came from the 1978 film since Faora from the comic didn't look like that at all. While I do love Faora in the comics (and the film), but I'm glad that Rebirth brought back Ursa and her son. Also, I'm glad that her hatred for all men and children is a thing of the past or something that was only ever really seen in the first two films. It didn't make any sense for her to hate all men except for Zod and Non.

    In Rebirth, she's married to Zod and they have a son, Lor-Zod, who finally looks like his parents and seems to inhabit there personality traits, who your parents are and there genes matter. That whole Christopher Kent event (who was even given someone else's superhero name)... was just dumb unoriginal crap. But seeing a different version of a character or that villains actually raise there own children, so that they to can become villains (that's how it works), is just too much for some of these typical dumb lame DC fans.

    She's no longer the crazy sociopath licking blood off a blade (good god)... the hacks who ruined comic book characters such as Ursa in the late 90s and early 2000s has thankfully been done away with. But knowing DC, someone else will come along and ruin it.

  • I've always liked his costume more than Superman's, red cape, dark blue and black outfit, yellow visor and most importantly, no red underwear! It's better than looking like some cheap knockoff of Deadpool with a cape... but he's another DC character that New 52 ruined... they turned him into a green glowing freak villain...

    Rebirth made him a much more interesting character, but he didn't do that much and was killed off only after 5 issues. But apparently, that wasn't thy Eradicator, it just conveniently took his form. He's thankfully brought back... somehow... it's not really explained, but I do love the fact that Zod wanted the Eradicator to go into the Phamatom Zone to get his family out, his army comes later.

    It seems that some people have completely forgotten that General Zod created this version of the Eradicator and was programmed to follow his orders.

  • Superman and his Clark Kent alter ego will always be the boring boy scout no matter who plays him. Therefore the villains will always have a larger and much more interesting presents. Faora was the only female character I liked in Man of Steel because it wasn't Lois Lane who came across more as a TMZ reporter with a forced relationship with Superman.

    Faora is referred to as an "alien Amazon" in the Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization.

    They downplayed her and Zod's combat skills, speed, and strength in the New 52 comics. But at least they had Zod and Faora loving each other.

  • Shaman respect thread


  • I hope they would bring her back, they could much more with her. Then again, the PC SJW woke DC doesn't need to ruin another character.

  • Kingdom Come has great artwork, but the story is not very good and has become a bit overrated. I do like that Superman could be little more meaner when fighting villains and didn't hold back in combat, but he wasn't ruthless like Injustice Superman, nor did he become a stereotypical tyrant bent on world-domination because Lois was killed. I like the darker look of the outfit and the House of El shield being black and red.

    Respect Kingdom Come Superman


  • One of the pointless scenes in Kingdom Come was when Wonder Woman tried to talk Aquaman into turning Atlantis into a dumping ground for criminals... not surprisingly, he said no.

  • There's no denying the fact that Aquaman was a joke in the 70s cartoon, he was useless and dumb. But the 90s was not a good decade for him either, his hook hand, gladiator armor, long hair and beard were really just a lame attempt at trying to make him look like a badass. It's like giving someone an eye patch, a tattoo or a scar and that somehow makes a character tough... when there really just lame gimmicks and a lack of talent from the writers. His comics got cancelled several times, it obviously wasn't working. Simply changing a character's appearance and powers doesn't make him or her a better character.


    It also didn't help that he got one of the worst video games in 2003 with Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis... it was just as bad as Superman 64. They even tried to replace him with another character who just happen to look like him, have the same name, a similar outfit and similarly abilities in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis...

    It took DC way too long in order to figure out what to do with Aquaman, I mean all the way into 2010 in New 52... and that's just sad. But just because they've increased his powers, given him more and made him into a tough guy, that's not what makes a character interesting or complex and you need good storylines with well written characters for him to interact with. Just about every fictional character needs that (DUH!), but there are better ways to show Arthur struggling as a character, because having swallow one-note cardboard cutout assholes who are just there to tell him that he sucks is lazy writing. It's a poor excuse for the readers to feel sorry for him. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, they continue this type of characterization writing in Rebirth, gave him the outdated 90s look of having long hair and a beard just to capitalize on the crappy film version...

    Then there's his whole history with his left and right hand... how many fucking times does he have to keep losing it????

    New 52 (somehow the Flashpoint world effected the main DC universe because of the butterfly bullshit effect) was said to be about change and doing things differently... that's somewhat true but just barely because much of the storylines are just repeating what was done in other continuities.

    Injustice: Gods Among Us... while Aquaman is shown as a badass, the plot and the other characters are horrible. That version, Regular Aquaman, wasn't in Injustice 2, but the storyline still isn't very good, evil Aquaman is just an asshole, Green Arrow is annoying, useless and Batman is nothing more than a Gary Stu. DC still somehow thinks that it's the 90s and throws in a comment about climate change...

    Justice League Throne of Atlantis didn't do the character any favors... it's the 60s cartoon all over again, they just made him useless...


    The people behind the film adaptation were unwilling to stick with the character's original look, white skin, blonde hair and blues eyes... instead they went over the top and PC libtard, and just went with a so-called popular actor who not only simply refused to shave his facial hair or even dye his hair. He sees it as an opportunity for dark skin kids to have a hero... sorry, but that's not who Aquaman is and it shouldn't matter what a character looks like to be someone's hero. His portrayal of the character was just acting like a lame surfer or himself...


  • "You won't ever lose me, Arthur. True love always comes home."

    "I've never leave you Arthur. Never."

    Jeff Parker: "I did want to continue the greatness of Mera and show a very functional couple having adventures."


    A very functional couple... Parker shouldn't have left... I was hoping that in New 52, something wouldn't come in between them and ruin there relationship... but issue #44 (Cullen Bunn) made Aquaman into such a blind moron, Siren was posing as Mera since she's her evil twin and he slept with her, even though at that point it was clear that she wasn't really Mera at all.

    Somehow Arthur didn't think something was seriously wrong with her, like being stabbing him in the back with his own trident! He thought that having sex was going to solve everything... instead of acting calm like she usually does, she's upset with him about how he will destroy everything they've built together... when at that point they haven't built anything together when it comes to Atlantis... just that little home. Now Aquaman is going to have to lie to Mera for who knows how long.

    Sadly, most comic book "writers" simply can't write romance, every time there given the chance to breakup a couple and go for a dumb cheesy cliché Soap Opera love triangle... they always go for it because they somehow think that a storyline needs teenage drama and tension. Even when the characters are in their 30s, 40s or even 50s...

    Two things always seem to happen to them

    1.Their child is killed.

    2.Someone or something comes in-between them, it happen in Pre-52 (it lasted for several decades), Flashpoint, Futures End, Convergence: Justice League New 52, and Rebirth.

    DC is just like Marvel, they keep hiring these pathetic hacks fuck up their characters. It seems that most comic book writers of today are only interested in angering the fans, making a big splash, putting their mark on the characters and have no interest in writing a good story. Making sure that what has come before is completely and utterly destroyed until the next reboot. They even had her dress up like a female version of Aquaman...

    "Frankly, that Aquawoman costume was humiliating"



    It took 5 years for New 52 to screw up the characters, but Rebirth did that in 2 or 3 years, at least with some of them. Then feminist cunt Kelly DeConnick came in and destroyed their characters and relationship because that's what they do, they poison and destroy everything they touch. It got so bad that the main title was cancelled... but don't worry, after going through so much unnecessary shit for no reason in a storyline that dragged on for too long, DeConnick gave them a half-ass happy ending. It took a male writer, Ron Marz, to try and fix that mess, it wasn't bad but it was pretty meh.

    I didn't care for the film version, she was another modern day Hollywood Mary Sue, she had no real personal reason for being there other than to tell Aquaman to do this and that. Her character is flat, she doesn't go through any struggle, she never once got hurt, didn't do anything wrong, she has no charm or chemistry with Aquaman, their so-called love story and kiss comes out of nowhere and she was played by a psychopath.


  • The Spartan that I know and remember is the one before DC got there claws on him and not only ruined his character, but Voodoo, Zealot and Grifter... thanks a lot DC... if the non PC woke WildC.A.T.s ever comes back, hopefully they can put these characters back to where they belong and bring Spartan back.

    Respect Spartan (Wildstorm)


  • DC still has no idea what to do with WildStorm characters... hell, they have no idea what to do with their own.

  • Lar Gand had a brother bonding origin story with a young Clark Kent (at least in that version he did), and in another he can go toe to toe with Superman, a highly skilled tactician, a brilliant scientist, historian and a passionate explorer, but he's barely used and he doesn't really get enough recognition. But his outfit is pretty much a color palette swap with Superman, instead of a blue suit and red cape, Mon-El's is a red suit and a blue cape... DC really needs to start coming up with new costume concepts.

    They ruined him and many others on the CW Supergirl series (which is progressive propaganda), he was turned into such an annoying weak wimp, made to look like a millennial hipster with a beard... and he can only jump really high. Rebirth isn't any better, Bendis the hack douchebag, just wants to ruin one character after the other.

    Who is DC Comics Mon-El? The Daxamite "Superman"


    His origin story before New 52 in Action Comics: Annual #10 (2007) was much better.

    Origin of Mon-El | Mon-El of Daxam Post Infinite Crisis


  • Respect Power Girl (Post-Crisis)


    New 52 Power Girl Respect Thread


  • He's not the most original character, but then again, that goes for a lot of characters. For those who call him a rip-off of Moon Knight or Batman are hypocrites, Moon Knight is a rip-off of Batman and Batman is a rip-off of The Shadow. Marvel and DC comics is not a place where writers just pull ideas out of thin-air...


    A character in a hooded cloak... dozens have been seen wearing that.

    Charon the ferryman


    Medieval characters (too many to list)

    The Ghost of Christmas Future

    Doctor Doom

    Jedi and Sith: Revan, Darth Nihilus, Darth Bane, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker (too many to list)

    Xavier Pendragon

    Thanatos (Eternal Champions)

    Witch King


  • I first became familiar with this character in the mid 90s from Harvey Comics that had a Western as Ultraman.


    I then found out that he was originally a Japanese superhero, in the late 90s I got Battle of the Ultrabrothers from Viz comics where there's an entire race of Ultramen.


  • I would love to see the Ninja make a comeback... but since the 2000s, Marvel would most likely turn him into the sympathetic villain that has honor and can fall in love... meh...

  • I've seen a few of the first anime films back in the early 90s and there far better than the live action crap.

  • She may not the best or the deadliest fighter in Soul Calibur, but she's definitely the sexiest.

  • The story is interesting but the comic needs better artwork, it's too sloppy.

  • Her appearance comes across as a rip-off of the Shadow and that wouldn't be the first time.

  • Argus was one of the very few DC comics that I got in the early 90s. He hasn't made an appearance in years, luckily he didn't reappear in New 52 since one DC character after the other was reduced to shit. From Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Mr. Freeze, Hawkman, the Eradicator, Lobo, Doctor Fate, Jay Garrick (they couldn't even show any respect to the originals), Wildstorm characters like Spartan, Zealot and so on, they all became crappy written characters.

    They screwed up so many characters that it took another Reboot (Rebirth) just to fix it all... but it didn't really fix anything.

  • Back when he was all powerful...



    ...but not mutant Jesus... his best outfit was the one that looked similar to Chamber's.

  • Some people have forgotten just how powerful Chamber is.

    Respect Jonothon Starsmore: Chamber (Marvel 616)


    I still prefer his original look, normal clothes of a black leather jacket, pants and boots. The less tight spandex with a giant X and yellow colored boots... the better.



    Lets not even talk about his Decibel days...

  • I never liked Ashrah's hat, the rest of her outfit is fine, I guess.

  • Jack Burton may have been the main character in Big Trouble in Little China, but it was Wang who was the main hero. He would have been in the Normal Character list, but he's given a magic position to drink which makes him stronger, faster, do and see things no one else can do or see.

  • An interesting concept, but it just wasn't executed very well.

  • Reminds me of a Highlander type of character.

  • She's pretty much a rip-off of Elektra and Psylocke, just like how Grifter is a rip-off of Gambit and...ugh... deadpool. But Zealot wasn't a badly written character, that was until New 52 that just turned her into blank boring love interest for Deathstroke... Rebirth isn't doing that much with her either or the WildC.A.T.s team.

  • He could have been an interesting character, but he was reduced to a shallow villain in both the DMC world and the reboot DmC.


  • A tough evil brunette in tight black is obviously not an original idea, but I hope they could do more with Divine if she ever comes back. But she would most likely get destroyed by the SJW PC woke losers at DC.

  • Only Highlander I and III happen and it should have ended with The Final Conflict/The Sorcerer. The 2nd film, the TV series, the 4th and 5th films didn't make any sense, the 3rd film at least stayed with the original idea that Connor was the last and won the prize.

    MacLeod was a better main character than Duncan, the Kurgan was the best villain but Kane was more interesting than Gen. Katana and I'll take Alex Johnson for MacLeod's new wife over Brenda and Louise any day.

    I have to say that even though MacLeod was trained by Ramírez in 1541 AD, he's not a very good swordsman.

  • He shouldn't have come back in Highlander II, the film shouldn't have been made in the first place, but it made no sense and he provided no useful help to Connor.

  • I know that the MK storyline was not meant to be deep and the characters are not really written to be complex, but every since the 2nd MK timeline, Sub-Zero became a cold (no pun intended) distant character, lacking any real likable personality, he's just a boring bland one-note character that's serious all the time.

  • Some people have wondered why Scorpion wasn't the main character of MK... well the answer to that seems to be because he wasn't main protagonist material at all. He's mad, pissed off, had nothing really intelligent to say, gullible and wanted revenge by any means necessary... that's pretty much it with him, that's all he's got. Both he and Sub-Zero have become thy most overrated characters in MK.

    Although it's the writers and developers fault for not doing more with him. After MK2 he was going to protect the younger Sub-Zero, but that was forgotten. Then after MK4 he became just a one-note character who's just about always on the wrong side. Then finally in MKX, he got his revenge on Quan Chi, makes peace with Sub-Zero and there clans join forces. His story arc is finished and there's no real reason for him to in MK anymore.

  • His fight at the end of the first film was the only good thing about this character.

  • Kate Beckinsale was sexy in tight black leather... and that's about it.

    "Notice the long black trench coat that says I'm a cool anger rebel."


  • MK11 has so many problems and after so many years of Rayden being MK's number one fuck up, it at least had him have Liu Kang return as the true champion of Mortal Kombat.

    MORTAL KOMBAT 11 - Final Boss & Ending (MK11 2019) PS4 Pro


  • None of the films were realistic in terms of the fights, most of those boxing matches would have been stopped, Rocky doesn't block or even try to avoid any jabs or punches. The only reason Rocky won in the 4th, 5th or 6th film was because of plot armor since characters like Drago outclassed him in everything. Apollo is killed after a few hits, but Rocky can take dozens of punches. While Rocky did get brain damage, but that didn't really change anything, not in the world fiction when Stallone is writing the script. At least Drago was 31-1-0 with all KO's and his only loss was too Rocky... somehow.