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Sci-Fi Characters

Characters who are or who come from a world of Aliens, Machines, Humanoid-Animals, Entities, or some type of Creature.

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  • The Leonard Nimoy version, not the Zachary Quinto version, he has been very poorly written and he acts nothing like Spock or even a Vulcan. The filmmakers think that Spock has uncontrollable fits of rage... and while Spock was provoked into rage in TOS, but that was due to the Omicron spores, which caused him to act completely different and I could go on and on with this.

    The writing that went into TOS Spock had a far more intelligent commanding presence due to Nimoy's acting, voice and body size.

  • In Star Trek III, she's no longer quoting from the Starfleet manual or telling everyone the complete obvious of what's going on or what just happen. Robin Curtis was a far better Vulcan, actress and person.

    Robin Curtis tells a tale on Nimoy, Lloyd & Shatner's Toupee


    The Pon farr scene in ST:III wasn't just something added in to shock the audience like in the reboot film, it had a more dramatic effect on the plot since it was done to save Spock's life. The scene where Uhura kissed Spock in the turbolift, it comes out of nowhere, it had no purpose to the plot and did nothing for their characters, it actually made their characters worse in the 2nd and 3rd film. It reduced them to sitcom humor.

    In Star Trek: TNG episode Sarek, it's said that Spock was married but they don't say to whom, but Saavik would have been the only person Spock would have married. They were married in the non-canon ST books and it makes more sense since Spock is not only older, wiser, but he could never understand humans, so it wouldn't make any sense for him to end up with a human female, regardless of how smart she would be.

    TOS Vulcan Duology II Vulcan's Heart 01 of 04


    TOS Vulcan Duology II Vulcan's Heart 04 of 04


  • It was about time they had another Vulcan character appear as a main character. Sure, there was Data on TNG, but it just wasn't the same and he was trying to be more human.

    "Without the darkness, how would we recognize the light? Do not fear your negative thoughts. They are part of you. They are a part of every living being, even Vulcans. The Vulcan heart was forged out of barbarism and violence. We learned to control it, but it is still part of us. To pretend it does not exist, is to create an opportunity for it to escape."



  • The only character I liked, mostly due to how he was written and how actor Thomas Jane portrayed him.

  • While some would call him a villain, Q was more of a harsh teacher, but those type of teachers are the best.

    Thomas Sowell - Tough Teachers


    Episode: Q Who?

    "Maybe Q did the right thing for the wrong reason."

    "How so?"

    "Well, perhaps what we most needed was a kick in our complacency, to prepare us ready for what lies ahead."

    Episode: Tapestry

    "And, you know, there's still a part of me that cannot accept that Q would give me a second chance, or that he would demonstrate so much compassion. And if it was Q, I owe him a debt of gratitude."

    "In what sense? It sounds like he put you through hell."

    "There are many parts of my youth that I'm not proud of. There were loose threads, untidy parts of me that I would like to remove. But when I pulled on one of those threads it unraveled the tapestry of my life."



    Episode: All Good Things

    "You just don't get it, do you, Jean-Luc? The trial never ends. We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons. And for one brief moment, you did."

    "When I realized the paradox."

    "Exactly. For that one fraction of a second, you were open to options you had never considered. That is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknowable possibilities of existence."

    "Q, what is it that you're trying to tell me?"

    "You'll find out. In any case, I'll be watching. And if you're very lucky, I'll drop by to say hello from time to time. See you out there."

    Q taught the TNG crew more lessons and even the VOY crew (just once) than the crew of DS9. He was only there to tell a few jokes and because Vash thought she didn't him, but Q reminded her what would have happen if he wasn't there.

  • The best versions of Egon are

    1.The Real Ghostbusters, NOW Comics and Marvel UK.

    2.Ghostbusters (1986) and The Video Game (2009 Xbox360).

  • The best versions of Janine are

    1.The Real Ghostbusters (seasons 1-2), NOW Comics and Marvel UK.

    2.Ghostbusters (1986) and The Video Game (2009 Xbox360).

    The first 2 seasons of TRG showed that she could kick ass, take charge, be fearless, funny, flirty and be tough as hell. She actually had a personality... however the same cannot be said for the second version of her from later seasons.

  • Tigatron was the American Indian Wise Man/Warrior of the group. Both Tigatron and Airazor not only loved each other, but they respected the Earth and all life, they both saw the Earth as there birth world and Tigatron very much fought to protect it.

    Like I said, Tigatron did have a love and respect for the planet and all living things, and hated the war, which is perfectly find but and all but it wasn't until episode "Law of the Jungle" that was written by Mark Leiren-Young that it was intensified. To the point where he sounded like a character from a shitty Captain Planet episode and for a long time, he was looked at as a very weak character with everyone ignoring past episodes that showed as a wise hunter and warrior. That was the only episode Mark Leiren-Young wrote for the whole series and I wish they had never hired him.



    It was also the mid and late 90s and just about every animated series in those days needed some type of environmental friendly character and message... which was nothing more than propaganda.

  • Airazor was the tomboy of the group, she can cuss and spit like the guys just fine. She's beautiful in a classic way. Both her and Tigatron were the Recon members of the group.

    Voice actress Pauline Newstone can sound sweet, lovely, sexy, professional, sinister and so on.

  • I like how some people view Tigerhawk as the son of Tigatron and Airazor.

  • "Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force."


    "His strategies and tactics defeated the best of us. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity of his attacks, the tenacity of his defenses and the subtlety of his plans."

    --Canderous Ordo

    "You, Revan, are the single greatest warrior of this age, and any battle we fight will bring me honor."

    --Canderous Ordo

    "Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things Revan... and yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone."

    --Darth Malak

    "But why? Revan wouldn't need to conquer anything else once the Republic was beaten."


    "That is what occupies my calculations as well. I believe that Revan saw a war on another front that we did not, or saw the value in keeping a strong military force. That is also a mystery to me. I do not have any evidence upon which to build an answer. It is significant that after the defeat of Malak, the forces decreased considerably, and after Revan's departure from known space, production ceased completely. It is my prediction that whatever was producing such forces needed a strong, effective leader to insure its stability. Without Revan or Malak, there was no such figure left among the Sith."


    "Unlike Revan, Malak demonstrated no concern for the future of the Republic in his attacks. His stratagems were painfully obvious, intending to crush all resistance, everywhere. There was little thought beyond the complete destruction of anything that opposed him. He left quite a mess. I'm still trying to assess all the damage."


    Revan went from being a Jedi Knight, a Sith Lord and back to being a Jedi Knight under amazing circumstances. He was one of the most powerful Jedi of his time, and proved his mettle during difficult and challenging scenarios. He's fought and defeated a lot of skilled and powerful adversaries.

    Revan was also very charismatic and could easily inspire others to join his cause. He played a pivotal role in reshaping the Galactic events with his exploits. When Revan once again walked the path of light, he managed to redeem several notable individuals. Even though he went back to the light-side and helped a lot of people and saved the galaxy 3 or 4 times... he ended up being remember more as a Sith Lord.

  • In the early years when the game was released in 2003, one of the main reasons why she wasn't liked was because of the way Bastila acted in the first part of game and some fans (mostly fangirls) just couldn't handle that... most of the time these people can't handle any character that isn't written to be perfect, do these people have no understanding of intentional character flaws??? It was obvious that her problem was going to be shown, addressed, talked about, and fixed. Just about every character in literature goes through this. However in the past few years (mid to late 2000s), that has changed and Bastila is a far more liked character. She may not be was well liked as Leia, but her character is far more understood and appreciated... but the fangirls and pussy little boys still can't get over it.

    Bastila clearly wasn't a perfect person, nor a perfect Jedi, she wasn't right about everything (the Jedi, lightside, darkside, the Mandalorian War, her mother, love), she had limits, she made mistakes, she admits this when it comes to how she was raised by the Jedi, she makes peace with her mother, she was beaten, captured, and she was redeemed. Her character actually grows and develops as the story goes on, she opens up and she lets her guard down with Revan. In other words, a flawed character, but none of that is a bad thing, it's a good thing, Bastila was the co-pilot of the Ebon Hawk, but that didn't mean she was an expert like knowing how to fix it within seconds, or became an expert fighter pilot, she didn't just suddenly get a new Force ability to free herself from Malak or beat him, she didn't just suddenly master using a lightsaber, she was trained since childhood and she wasn't related to a great powerful Jedi or Sith. All of this actually makes Bastila a great character and she was voiced by someone who could act and invoke far more character and emotion.

    Star Wars KotOR: Bastila Shan: A Character Review


    It seems that too many people seem to think that characters all need to start out as perfect right from the start, that they need to be nice, understanding, loves all and is loved by all, can do everything better 24/7 and their connected to everything... in other words... a Mary Sue/Walking plot device. Mary Sues seem to be the norm these days, anything else and you'll be hated by everyone... well mostly by per-teens, teenagers and 20 year olds... but is actually character development and flaws meaningless these days????

    But a lot of people are being hypocrites, Carth gets off the hook but he whines about his life, trust issues, his opinion not being agreed with, being kept in the dark and so on. I don't hate him, but just about every character in KOTOR I and II has an attitude problem, this has basically become a staple with BioWare games. But these haters will only target certain characters.

    Luke and Han argued and bickered with each other at first in Episode IV, when they meet Leia, she criticizes the rescue attempt, argues with Han, tries to take over, and insults Chewbacca. Again, I didn't hate the characters, I thought that stuff was great, but if that film came out today, they would be instantly hated by today's audience.

    But Bastila falling to the dark side was very idiotic and it made no sense, I mean getting tortured into becoming a Sith???? I blame the writers for that one, but she's not the only one to suffer from shitty writing in the Star Wars universe when it comes to that. So many SW characters became evil because of incompetent writers.


  • Without the union of Revan/Bastila and the descendants that followed, Satele would not have been possible. Not only did she become a powerful and deadly Jedi, she become the Grand Master of the Order.

  • Some people have forgotten just how skilled Kyp is with the lightsaber and his abilities with the Force. Like with Revan, Kyp is a good example that you don't have to be related to the Skywalker bloodline in order to be strong in the Force.

    Versus Series Corran Horn VS Kyp Durron


    Versus Series: Kyp Durron VS Darth Plagueis



    Not only is Kyp Durron one of the most powerful Jedi in the (non-canon) New Order, second only to Luke, his best student, but he's a very outspoken one who's not afraid to speak his mind.

    "As Jedi, either we're players in GA politics, or we're another instrument of the elected leadership, like the fleet. If we're the latter, then we might have our opinions, but we do as the legitimate leadership directs. If we're not, then we've got no more right to start interfering with the status quo than the Monster Raving Anarchist Party."

    Skywalker himself said, "I believe Kyp could become the greatest of us all." But because he barely appeared in the comics, he's hardly a central character in the books, there's very little images of him and it's because of that, there's hardly any fan art and most fan fiction of him is horrible.

    Kyp Durron has taken a lot of crap from the shitty Star Wars fanbase (way too much) which is full of pathetic hypocrite morons because characters like Vader (the only good thing he ever did was saving his son, nothing else), Kir Kanos, Galen Marek, Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn and even Luke did their share of killing but are still held in high regards. I like Luke, but if these people are going to judge Kyp, then why do the others get off the hook??? According to these people, anyone who kills, even if that person is evil or defending themselves should be arrested, jailed or executed. Meaning all Jedi and rebels should be put in jail for killing Sith and Stormtroopers, even if it was during a war... this is most likely coming from the PC crowd.

    I don't know what people see in Kyp and... Jaina Solo being together. She may have felt something for him at one point, but that seemed more like a schoolgirl crush, during which time she was too young to really be with him, she wasn't even 20 years old. They have different ideas about the Jedi Order, different personalities, Kyp never felt anything for Jaina in the first place and she got over him due to the fact that she doesn't like him anymore, in fact, she downright hates Kyp.

    Opposites don't Attract, they Attack


    In the end, Jaina ended up falling for Jagged Fel, who is nothing more than a Bland boring douchebag and he's welcome to her. I mean if she's so dumb to fall for such a whiny asshole, and puts up with his bullshit, then they deserve each other.

    Despite what the fangirls say, who pretty much wants people to pity Kyp, because of so-called lost love... Kyp Durron has a life and he doesn't just mop around wishing he was with her, there are far more interesting and better female characters in the Star Wars universe than Jaina who thinks that since she is a Solo, the whole galaxy should kiss her feet. In fact, Durron admitted to Skywalker that he had found a woman who liked his hair long and didn't mind the gray in it.

  • An interesting character that's calm, intelligent, skilled, deadly, charismatic and she has a few flaws so she didn't come across as a Mary Sue.

    Visas Marr is the only adult female in the group who didn't act like a spoiled brat (Handmaiden), who wasn't evil (Kreia) or a bitch (Mira).

    Also, she wasn't a control freak (G0-T0), or an weak uninteresting character (Mical), she wasn't annoying (Atton) or a warmongering psychopath (Mandalore).

    I don't hate these characters, I don't want them to be perfect, they need to have flaws as characters. The less they act like Mary Sue "Rey" from The Force Awakens and bland boring "Starkiller" from The Force Unleashed, the better! But for me, the other characters in KOTOR-II really don't have anything that makes them better than Visas.

  • While Luke became the most powerful Jedi ever and the Grand Master of thy best Order there has ever been... well, in the (somewhat better) non-canon/Legends universe, his character development in the original 3 films were great when compared to miss Mary Sue "Rey".

    Luke got beaten up by a Sand person, got thrown across the bar in the Mos Eisley Cantina, he flew in Beggar's canyon but he didn't know how to fly the Millennium Falcon or how it worked, "What's that flashing?" He was knocked out by a Wampa, rescued by Han, got shot down by an AT-AT Walker, it took time for him to use the Force, he wasn't very good at it, got frustrated with Yoda, "You want the impossible", didn't finish his training, was beaten by Vader, got his hand cut off and had to be rescued. Luke failed to rescue Han, Leia, Lando, C3-PO and A2-D2 at first, but was able to later on and with help.

    However, when it comes to Rey... she didn't fail at anything, despite never flying the Millennium Falcon, she was able to fly it quite well and was able to fix the problem faster than Han who owed the thing for years. She was able to save both Han and Finn while taking out some of the bad guys and can perfectly hit Stromtroopers despite them being trained all their lives. The main villain just happens to have an interest in her, she didn't need any training in the Force or a lightsaber, she just heard that the Force was real, tricked a Stormtrooper and beat a trained dark Jedi... Rey had a little bit of an attitude with BB8 at first, but that was her only flaw as a character, if that even counts, but it quickly disappeared.

    Luke is basically told that Rey doesn't need him, he can't teach her anything, she can just train herself since she ended up beating another trained Jedi, Luke, who's a veteran, able to take down three Tie Fighters in one single hit in her first ship battle and can move huge rocks easily while still not having any training in the Force... she's that much of a Mary Sue. Those who defend her do so very poorly and won't accept any criticism. According to the actress (I use that term loosely) who plays her says that calling her character that is sexiest... any criticism over any female character these days is sexiest...

    If there are explanations to this in books and comics, well the majority of the audience haven't read them and won't be getting them, so they'll still be clueless, but a film shouldn't rely on that to stay coherent.

  • The Princess Leia that I know is the one from the first 3 films, the books, comics and video games, it may now all be non-canon / Legends, but she was a far better written character who was a smart leader, a loving wife, mother and became a powerful Jedi.

  • Although his spiritual views were kind of idiotic, I like Chakotay and the actor who played him, Robert Beltran, and I completely understand his hate/dislike for Star Trek VOY or ST in general... but apparently the fans can't handle his opinion. They are such sensitive immature assholes, hypocrites and one of the most insufferable fan bases... it's perfectly fine for them to bash the episodes, the films, the characters and so on... but it's not OK for the actors to do so??? To express how they really feel about what they worked on... I like ST to a point, I have a lot of dislikes about it, as I do with a lot other things, and one of them is the fan base (most of them).

    The fans have of course attacked him for saying such things, but those who have actually met Beltran have nothing but nice things to say.

    Star Trek Q&A with Robert Beltran!


  • I was not sorry to see Kes be replaced by Seven, Kes just came across as a mix between Troi and Ezri Dax (as if we needed another one of them), she was a Mary Sue with magic powers and looked as if she belonged in a fairytale fantasy. The actress Jennifer Lien clearly has problems, she turned into a messed up person with a criminal record.

    While Seven was sexy, the sexiest in Star Trek history, but since TOS, every series has always had sexy women. Seven on the other hand was a far more flawed and complex character. The storylines involving her character, you simple couldn't do with Kes... that's one of the many problems with Mary Sues, there too perfect.

    When it comes to the relationship of Chakotay/Seven, some people say that it came out of nowhere... it didn't, not really. There should have been more scenes of them getting closer, but before they began a real relationship, Chakotay was one of the few people who were able to help Seven through tough times in several episodes.


    Looking at their personalities, attitudes, what Seven saw in Chakotay, what she saw in the Doctor... she had more chemistry with the Commander. Chakotay knows how to communicate with women, he knows how to be gentle, charming, suave, listen, give, and when to take control. Seven saw that confident, leader-like quality in him, and balanced with that gentle side. He is a romantic, take charge type of guy, it wasn't just Seven, but plenty of other women on that ship and elsewhere that wanted to be with Chakotay.

    Seven is not the kind of woman who would date a man who treated her like a child and tried to control her. Seven may not like a selfish, narcissistic, arrogant, self-absorbed, and overbearing hologram like the Doctor, and considered him to be "just a friend." He's annoyingly with everything and tries to be in control all the time. There is no room for Seven in that relationship, because ultimately the Doctor only cares about himself, his requirements, and his accomplishments.

    Now of course there were times when he thought of others and did everything he could to help them but that sure took him a long time. But much of that is loss when he does such things like when he wanted to leave the ship and crew to be a Opera singer in episode Virtuoso. When he was replaced by another hologram, he thought everything was going to go back to normal on the ship with the crew... he thought wrong. When he completely exaggerated in a holodeck story (Photons be Free) of what he has to put up with. Luckily Tom Paris put him in his place in that episode (Author, Author).

    "learn to tolerate his overbearing behavior and obnoxious bedside manner. Chapter 1 -- It's the doctor's world, you're just living in it."

    He has a lot of learning to do when it comes to the whole "give and take" of relationships.

  • My Shepard is a white male Earthborn Soldier class with black hair but... I just wish he could have been a complex character.

  • Confident, intelligent, professional, sexy, dangerous, charismatic and not afraid to voice her opinion and with some character flaws so that she doesn't come across as a Mary Sue, Miranda has always been my top choice to romance.

    Asking people who hate Miranda for their reasons... I haven't seen any intelligent or reasonable answers to that at all. Only childish ranting, name-calling, idiotic excuses, vague reasons, exaggeration or just flat out lying from trolls. Why? Basically she had an attitude problem at first, has different opinions and some "Renegade" choices, options and some miss place loyalty... that's pretty much their problem with her, that's all I can see with them. But compared to others like Jack and Ashley, Miranda was far more tolerable to put up with, but she doesn't stay that way, her character grows and develops far more than them... like I said with Bastila, is actual character development meaningless these days??

  • Legion was one of those characters that I wanted to talk to for hours and hours about... anything.

    But it's disappointing that his has to be the last mission before you go through the Omega 5 Relay. You have to avoid the galaxy map and EDI or you won't be able to help him, you have to leave the ship and that's when your crew gets taken.

  • When it comes to the female romance choices in Mass Effect, most of the time I choose Miranda and once in awhile it will be Kelly.

    Samara wasn't available until ME3 Citadel but it's a pretty small scene with a few words, a kiss and a hug.


    But the final goodbye is nothing special.


  • The first scene you have with her is just Shepard and Aria trying to out tough each other... it's kinda lame.

    There could never be a romance with Aria, even if you were a full %100 Renegade, she would never give up being the Queen of Omega to join Shepard, she would have no power or authority over anyone on the Normandy and Shepard would have to quit the Alliance in order to really be with her.

    The only thing I could seeing happening is Aria and Shepard simply having wild sex but that would only happen when Shepard goes to Omega to see her.

    The only thing Aria does is kisses a Renegade Shepard on a DLC of ME3... that's it.

  • One of the greatest lightsaber duelist of his day, for a time only Yoda and Mace were able to take him on. Rather than meeting attacks head on, Dooku's Form II combat style has him rely on redirection and deflection. Calmly pairing strikes and using an opponent's own momentum against them. Waiting for them to tire themselves out or get frustrated, then moving in for the strike or kill with a swift cut or stab.

    Even though the Count had made computations for the Form's weaknesses, he wasn't always immune to them and old age was getting to him. However, his defeat by Anakin didn't come across as someone with a better and more powerful style, Anakin just grabbed Dooku's hand and cut them off... it looked like Anakin broke style and went for an unconventional move... one that was pretty cheap... it looked like they needed to end the fight quickly and came up with that lame excuse.

  • While I like Exar Kun, but he does fall under the same overused SW personality and attitude of a Jedi being very arrogant and sure of themselves...


  • Odo and Kira's first kiss scene was great


  • User: laurelgirl120

    "The DS9 writers were pretty oblique about revealing to the audience what Kira's feelings were. Personally, I think that's because they were a bunch of guys who were totally clueless about a woman's feelings. They wrote good "Kira as Warrior" but couldn't seem to articulate her emotions about much else. That left it up to the viewers to interpret her actions. I don't know if she was in love with Odo before CoT. We do know she expressed jealousy in ASI. That episode also changed Kira's perception of Odo. For the first time she was forced to confront the fact that he was a sexual being who could and did feel emotions of passion and love. She might have gotten a hint of that person when she found the dataPADD about finding your perfect mate. ASI confirmed those suspicions.

    Having said that, Kira had just broken up with Shakaar at the beginning of CoT. I don't she was so shallow and frivolous as to be ready to consider another lover so soon. I think Gaia Odo's revelation came as a complete stunner to her. She was just trying to come to grips with the fact that someone she thought she knew, someone she had always thought of as a friend, had those feeling for her and never told her, and she had never guessed. Kira was also dealing with the crisis of her impending death and the decision that could wipe out the colony. I think she harbored some guilt that her illness was being used as the excuse to erase the Gaia colony. Pretty overwhelming stuff.

    Her answer to Odo's blunt question - "maybe" - was honest in so far as it went. She was still trying to process the fact that Odo loved her and was only beginning to see the possibilities there. Frankly, given her immediate reaction to Gaia Odo's confession that he loved her, I can't imagine how she would have responded to Odo had he told her (say, before Shakaar showed up on the station). And it gets so much more complicated after Gaia Odo saves her life and erases the colony.

    Honestly, I think the Kira of season three would have been more receptive to Odo (had he confessed his feelings) than the Kira of season 4 after the writers gave her a lobotomy and turned her into 'cute and sexy Kira.' She was still in recovery from that debacle in season 5 and it wasn't until season 6 that we got 'our' Kira back."

  • Hexadecimal was tough, ruthless (when she needed to be), confident, independent, intelligent, sophisticated, funny and sexy. She was a woman who knew what she wanted (like Bob) and went after it. When she became one of the good guys, she was still all of those things, but then she became more friendly and loving and more than anything, she wanted to be with Bob.

    Before she left, she gave Little Matrix (Enzo II) the power to bring forward the dormant sprite code in the nulls which eventually allowed Enzo(s) and Dot to be reunited with their father, Welman Matrix, who was nullified in the twin city, who's experiment accidentally created Hexadecimal in the first place.

    In short, she gave him limited power over the nulls. She should have been the main female protagonist in Reboot, she had everything that makes someone a main character in a series.

    For all her craziness, Hex always had a thing for Bob and was actually very sweet and loving to him. Bob could always handle Hex, even during her bad days. Hex never seriously wanted to kill/delete Bob, if she did, Hex would have done so a long time ago. When they did fight, Bob always beat Hex with words instead of power. She wasn't evil, just a little psycho, and that was mainly Megabyte's fault, not hers. She was always affectionate where Bob was concerned.

    She loved Bob, even when he was banged up, battle scarred and when he was half deleted and not just when he was the good-looking version (something Dot failed to do). So in sickness or health for richer or poorer… Hex always loved Bob, just the way and whatever way he was.

  • When it comes to Bob's personality, at first Bob usually did things "on the fly", he was extremely casual and laid-back in the first two seasons and his first voice actor was better, he sounded relaxed.

    But later on he when they got someone else, he started acting too nervous and unsure, even about the most simple things. They pretty much changed him into Peter Parker or the Christopher Reeve version of Clark Kent.

    But there was one time when he got very upset at Dot over a difference of opinion and refused to speak or be anywhere near her for several seconds. He's matured since then, but this seems like the kind of thing that would make the relationship a little frosty from then on. I would have expected Bob to get mad at some point during the movie because he had good reason to be.

  • Also known as simply the "Romulan Commander" since he was never given a name in the canon Star Trek series. When I first saw him in TOS episode Balance of Terror, he become my favorite Romulan and the Enterprise against the Romulan bird-of-prey became one of my favorite battles in ST. Although it's flawed since space battle is not like underwater battle... the other ship is not going to hear you.

    It's a shame that he never appeared in any ST novels in the canon universe, only in "A Less Perfect Union" but that takes place in an alternate timeline. He's only made one appearance in the comics in 2008.

  • If the non-canon SW universe had continued, hopefully Azlyn would have gotten a better taste in men, because Cade Skywalker was a fucking freak. It was like the writers thought they needed to combine Luke and Han together and came up with that ugly motherfucker...

  • Introducing a leader to the Borg made them less like aliens, less like a collective and more like a common enemy. But I will say that actress Alice Krige did a fantastic job and Susanna Thompson wasn't bad in the VOY series.

    Borg Queen stimulates Data


    Star Trek, First Contact: The Temptation of Data #TGA2ARH


    Alice Krige at the 2017 Star Trek Convention


  • I love his weapon, a lightsaber staff.

  • "Hey, who's that guy?"

    "That's Tron, he fights for the users."

    "Tron huh."


    For a film called TRON, the sequel only has the character in the background throughout most of the film and as one of the bad guys... replaced by a boring Mary Sue (Quorra) and Gary Stu (Sam Fylnn). The short lived animated series wasn't any better, they wanted to replace Tron with a character named Beck... and he's as dull as his name and there was nothing special about him at all.

  • It's sad that Yori has been completely forgotten, but she's still a better female character than Quorra. The actress who plays her is overrated, her character comes across as... Ariel... the little annoying mermaid that wants to see the real world so badly and has to show off her hot body by sitting on a couch as if she's posing for a photo shoot... wearing all black and doing nothing but combat moves is not what makes a character interesting in the slightest.

  • The way the character was in the 1982 film.

  • I always saw Dash as the Han Solo who never joined the Rebels, never fell in love and stayed a freelance smuggler and mercenary.

    Any Star Wars books, comics and games that came before Disney took over became non-canon/Legends, Shadows of the Empire included. Dash is mentioned in Disney Infinity 3.0, but the game is declared to be non-canon in the new continuity.

    Dash was only referenced twice in the canon story "Tales from Vandor" (September 2018) by the character Midnight who says that not every story he's recorded is true, some may just be tall tales. Dash is mention as one of the many rival pilots to Han Solo who are skeptical about the course he plotted through the Kessel run. He doesn't believe that Han deserves all the glory and if he's around, then Solo is unnecessary... and that's it, no mention of the events from the game or even his ship, The Outrider, nothing.

    Also, the SW junior novel "Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure" and the comic book "War of The Bounty Hunters" both take place between TESB and ROTJ and none of the events or characters from SOTE are seen or mention at all. It would be pretty hard to fit that into the SW Disney canon now, I hope Dash just reminds someone Han knew and nothing more.

    The character Starkiller from The Force Unleashed was never once brought up in a conversation by Leia... but after the game was released, she conveniently brings him up... ugh... SOTE and TFU I-II never really pulled it off as trying to be in-between storylines, they just came across as desperate and where not necessary or important.

  • A forgotten character that's very deadly


    We need more powerful non-Force characters in Star Wars. I was glad to see that Guri wasn't killed off during or after Shadows of the Empire as just another SW villain. She was reprogrammed, worked with Dash for a time, didn't become a throw away love interest for him, and went her own way.

  • "Go away sir!"

  • I actually prefer the original way they spoke in the SNES, it was like they had there own language (gibberish), but spoke English a few times, from "Good Luck!", "Incoming enemy" and the dialog at the end.

    The way they talk in N64 looks like they have diabetes, the dialog is cheesy as hell and the voice acting makes my ears bleed.

  • Jem Ysanna should have lived and become Luke's main love interest.

    I never liked Mara Jade, when she was first introduced she was an annoying bitch who... bitched a lot and blamed Luke for all her problems. After all that, the only thing she had going for her was being a hot redhead with a tough sarcastic attitude... a female version of Han Solo.

    Even Shannon McRandle herself, who molded for the character said

    "I liked her best when she was Darkside, least when she was getting married... I thought the fussing over the wedding dress in the comic was a little unlike her."


  • The only character I liked in the Martix films, she was far more interesting than Trinity, Monica Bellucci was a better actress, she only had a few scenes, but she was given much more to work with. Simply being "tough" doesn't make a character strong or interesting since that's all Trinity had about her, she was bland and boring.

  • At first she was just an unnamed character in the 2nd Reboot Star Trek film, she was only seen a few times for a few seconds, but she became a somewhat popular character that a lot of people remembered. Model Jodi Johnston/ Ilene is very hot.

    Later she was given a name, Zahra in the IDW ST comic series, this is the same name a black female character had in TOS. While she was never originally meant to be that character, but for once, a black character was turned white and not the other way around, which has sadly become the norm these days. But I say it's fair game, if your going to take white characters and turn them black, then there should be no problem turning black characters white.

    Race-Bending Comic Book Characters is For Losers


    The Majority of Black Characters In The MCU Films Are Unoriginal


  • I like Asajj Ventress, but sometimes I wish that Komari Vosa took her place since she was a much more interesting and entertaining villain. There just isn't much to Ventress's character, she's just gets mad and pissed off... that's it.

    But the Canon version just turned her into the typical weak throwaway love interest, Quinlan Vos's tongue and dick was able to solve all her problems rather quickly...

    "Over the next 90 minutes I'd like to show you that all of your problems can be solved by my penis"


  • I wish there had been a sequel since it was left open, either we see the main villain return because he wasn't completely destroyed or a new type of villain shows up. We see Kim becoming a powerful Lensman since he has a rare gift among Lensman, see what are other powers and abilities he can do, and his relationship with Clarissa. I wish they had at least kissed at the end after Clarissa said he was wonderful in the Streamline version. In the Gold version, Kim says he loves her.

    There was another Lensman film that was turned into a short TV Mimi series. But it rebooted or retold the storyline again but it wasn't nearly as good as this one. It felted very rushed and toned down.

    The Lensman was loosely based on a series of books of the same name... but I have to say that I hate how some people try making those books out to be a masterpiece when they compare it to the film... there not. I'm not saying that the anime film is a masterpiece, but the books are nothing special at all. Not only is the science in the first book outdated today, it was outdated when it was written and that's only part of the problem. The books are simply not good.







    This is one of those anime films that gets labeled as a Star Wars and the Green Lantern corps clone. Ok, that's fair to say, but did everyone just forget the fact that Star Wars is not an original idea with it's story and characters??? A team of space police or warriors isn't exactly DC's original idea either. Lucas borrowed or ripped off (whatever you want to call it) from several different books, films, TV series, religions, and mythologies. But I guess since Lucas admits this, it gives him a free pass.

  • She only appeared in the Episode III video game and Clone Wars Adventures comic... which is a shame because I found Serra far more interesting than... Ahsoka...

  • They should have stayed with those uniforms and not those 1960s miniskirts that made no sense.

  • A lot of people seem to hate T'Pring because she didn't want to mate with Spock... (idiotic fangirls who just see a handsome face) even though she was already with someone, Stonn. Look at it from her point of view, would anyone want to become a doormat for whoever, waiting who knows how long until they show up? That's what happen to Troi for a number of years, just waiting for Riker to stop being a liadesman. What if Spock had mated with someone else or fought in combat with someone else? Was T'Pring supposed to wait until that didn't happen and not try to be with someone? This type of Vulcan tradition is not very illogical.

    As for not wanting to marry a legend, episode "Dax" from DS9 shows what happened to a widow who married a legendary (in death) husband.

    Enina: "My husband was not the hero in life that he was in death, Mister Odo. In death he became a legend, and I became a legend's wife. There are people who did not even know my husband who still contact me. Decades after his death, they still mourn him."

    Odo: "But you don't."

    Enina: "No, because I knew the man before he became a legend. But I also knew my place in history. My place is to carry on bravely, never to remarry, to represent my husband at the banquets given in his name. But never, never to talk about who he really was, because nobody wants to hear that."

  • She would have made a better wife for Kirk and mother for any children they might have had. Far better than Carol Marcus.

  • I wish Number One had not been replaced by Chapel... they were of course played by the same actress, but Chapel provided nothing useful to the crew or to any of the storylines in the episodes or in the films (2 of them). Chapel was only there because she was the boss's then girlfriend.

  • Reboot Uhura might as well have been a different character altogether, she acts nothing like TOS version whatsoever, Nichelle Nichols was far more likable and had a certain grace about her. But the only reason why a background character, who is just the Communication Officer, became more important to the storyline than the medical officer (McCoy)... is because she's dating Spock, who of course is the second main character. It gives the writers and developers a poor excuse for her to be more involved.

    Her so-called relationship with Spock turns her into the pushy nagging girlfriend that's never satisfied, it had no purpose to the plot and did nothing for their characters. It comes out of nowhere and it makes no sense, they try to explain it in the books and IDW comics, but it's very poorly written and average moviegoers don't waste their time with that. Due to her not being very well liked by the fans, and instead of fixing her character, the filmmakers in ST Beyond instead came up with Jaylah... a Mary Sue...

  • Usually taking characters from the past to the future isn't always a good idea, but since Gillian wasn't that important to world history (I'm not being mien, that's just the type of character she was) and that it was 300 years into the future, so that wasn't a problem.

    Gillian Taylor and Janice Rand are the only two women that I wish Kirk had ended up with because Carol Marcus (TOS/Movies) ended up as a mistake.

  • "On their way to Jabba's Palace, Luke Skywalker ran into them and attempted to set Oola and Sienn free. Luke managed killed Rudd and rescue Sienn, but Oola wanted to see what Palace life was like, naively thinking she would be able to leave at any time. Little did she know that it wouldn't be what she expected."

    I wish she had gone with Luke when she had the chance, or I wish that Luke had gotten there in time before she was killed.

    According to Femi Taylor, "Originally Oola had quite a bit to do. I was setting the scene for Carrie Fisher. Richard Marquand showed me the storyboards. Oola was going to escape, run away and meet her destiny. Unfortunately, the budget did not allow the character to go that far."


    However, it doesn't go into details on that, like how and when she would escape? Run away to where and what destiny?

    This would have been perfect

    Oola's Revenge


  • The first two Earthworm Jim games for the Sega and SENS were great because they were so wacky that it made them unique and fun to play. The 2D cartoon comic book style and design were very well done, it really brought that universe alive.

    Then came the era of 3D video games and it ruined what could have been a great series with... Earthworm Jim 3D, the style and concept from the original games were gone... instead it was replaced with uninspired level designs, a mediocre story, and broken gameplay like a frustrating camera to control.

    Video Game Confessions: Earthworm Jim


    Top 10 Worst Video Game Jumps From 2D To 3D

    Number #3: Earthworm Jim 3D


  • Ecco the Dolphin and The Tides of Time were much better than Defender of the Future due to the fact that it wasn't made by the same team, hell half the team on the reboot didn't even know about the other two games. The storyline and atmosphere was creepy, the way they talked was unique, by singing to each other which looked like sound waves. The graphics such as the animal design and backgrounds still look great, they've aged well when compared to all the 3D crap. The soundtrack on the PC and Sega CD versions is just amazing.



    Defender of the Future did not age very well with its graphics, there's a lot of frame rate glitches, the storyline comes across as very boring and cliché, it's pretty much Ecco the Dolphin meets Independence Day and Star Wars. The narrator is just the typical storyteller with a European accent that we've heard a dozen times.

    It doesn't feel nearly as sinister as the original one, Defender of the Future tells you the story right away instead of leading you into the story with creepy ambiance music and talking to other marine life, the story progresses as you progress. Ecco is a hero by chance through his actions in the first two, not because he was given the title of hero in the new one. There was no reason to reboot the series, the original storyline wasn't finished, Ecco's creator, Ed Annunziata, pushed for the rights to develop another Ecco game and continue the story with a new game on either the Sega 32X or the Sega Saturn. Over the years, Sega has repeatedly turned down these requests to allow Annunziata to continue the story, despite being pitched in 2013, nearly 20 years after The Tides of Time was released. Although a sequel was never developed, Ed has shared some details about what would have happened in the third game.

    "Had Ecco 3 been made. Would the Vortex still be the villains of the games, or would you be introducing a new villain?" "Ecco 3 was going to be about the Atlantans war with the Vortex. At the end of Tides of Time, Ecco goes back to help."

  • Maximillian proves that you don't need a booming deep threatening voice to come across as dangerous and evil. Sometimes all you need is the right atmosphere, appearance and attitude.

  • The MCP and Sark are still better villains than Clu 2.

  • There was a deleted scene in Return of the Jedi in which the Emperor wants the moon destroyed if the Rebels shut down the shield to the Death Star, but Moff Jerjerrod questions it. It showed that not everyone in the Empire was inherently evil like the Emperor and Vader, he didn't want to have to kill his own soldiers; in a sense, he still had some honor.

    "But we have several battalions stationed on the moon."

    "You will destroy it!"

    It reminds me of Saul Karath in KOTOR-I when Malak wants Taris destroyed and Saul questions it.


  • I only ever romanced her once and that was enough, Jack comes across as an SJW/feminist (she even looks like one), especially her fight with Miranda, you either agree with her or she'll beat the crap out of you. She wasn't really needed, you already have 3 Biotics, Miranda, Jacob, and Samara, so she doesn't add anything to the team. While Jacob is a poorly written character, but Jack doesn't have much of a character either, she's the mad pissed off bitch and not much else.

    She calms down a bit in ME3 but she's written to be childish, I hate the part where she punches you for leaving, even if you were not in a romance with her... I only wish we were given the option to punch her. She's the last person who should be judging anyone, there's quite a lot one could through at Jack with her whole past.

  • It's interesting when you look at Atris... her hair, clothing, makeup and lightsaber... it's all white. Did Atris somehow think that if she follows the lightside to the letter, even covering herself in white, that she'll always be on the lightside, that she can control her life and never fall to the darkside??? That everything she says and does is good???

    If so, it looks like Atris suffered from the illusion where she thought that gave her the ability of being able to control every aspect of her life, every person, every event around her and shield herself from the darkside... reality (even a fictional one) doesn't work like that.

    Those who are evil, deceiving, and controlling, they never believe that there any of those things... and it seems that's what happen to Atris.

  • Queen Myrrah was the only interesting character in the Gears of War series, there not terrible games, but it's overrated and nothing special. The main character was genetic, dull and boring and the rest were just annoying.