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Places, real and fictional, that I would like to travel to or live on or in. But there are places, both real and fictional, that I wouldn't or don't need to exist.

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  • Not "The Dreaming" from the comics, but dreams in general is the one place I go to everyday. Mainly because the body needs rest, but I have always looked forward to dreaming. Sometimes, depending on the dream, I would love to stay there forever.

  • Ever since I saw the series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage with Carl Sagan, I've always been interested in science and space. To travel the cosmos in Sagan's ship of the imagination.

  • Cities such as Athens are the birthplace of Democracy, Politics, Science, Philosophy, Literature, Drama and so on.

    Crucible of Civilization narrated by Liam Neeson


  • How did Ancient Greek Philosophers Know the Earth was Round?


    Carl Sagan - How We Know The Earth Is Round


    Life is Getting Better


    Are We Doomed?



    Climate Prediction Swings and Misses: A Decade of Alarmist Strike Outs, 2010-2019


    Doomsayers Keep Getting It Wrong


    Government Fueled Fires


    The GOOD News of 2020


    The MSM's 6 biggest lies of 2020


  • Why whites aren't the most racist people


    REBUTTAL: Why America is the Greatest Country on Earth | Louder With Crowder


    America is the Greatest Nation on Earth. Here’s Why.







    Support for SECESSION SURGES


    American Optimist


  • If Texas leaves the Union, hopefully the other red states can join them, we don't need the blue states or the scumbags in DC telling us what we can and can't do!



    TEXIT! Texas SECESSION Moves Forward as Counties SEPARATE from Crime Infested Cities!!!


  • Carl Sagan introduces the library of Alexandria


    The lost of history from the library of Alexandria cannot happen again, sites such as archive.today must not be allowed to be taken down because some people can't accept the truth on certain subjects.

  • EUROPE RISING! Switzerland Officially BANS Burqas!!!


  • Those classic scenes in films, TV, books, comics and video games where we see a chemistry lab with glass bottles of unknown color liquids bubbling with white smoke.

    Halloween White Noise | Mad Scientist Laboratory Sounds | 10 Hours


  • The Game Grid in the first film is a different grid, but still a better grid that looks much more interesting. The Grid in the sequel is just like the film itself, bland, boring and lacks any kind of originality or imagination.

  • A fantasy world with no humans, 3 suns, humanoid creatures, a mix between animal creatures based on both real and mythical.

  • A somewhat mix between the Gird from Tron and a real city.

  • If you think Jurassic Park is a dangerous place, The Lost Land from the original Turok video games makes those islands look tame.

  • What a place to live in.

  • A place that cannot be perceived by humanoids, and thus will appear as analogues from the various cultures of anyone who visits it... I wonder how Vulcans who have gone through the Kolinahr ritual, Species 8472, former Borg drones like Seven of Nine or even Data would perceive the Q Continuum?

  • "I am home... and I had almost forgotten its beauty."


  • The Turtles' Lair from the 1987 series and the second lair in the film, the NYC subway station called City Hall station, the only thing I liked about the sequel.

  • The most beautiful planet in our solar system.

  • We've been to the moon and hopefully we can go back someday.

  • With the type of technology that Krypton had, you would think that they would know when something like a supernova was going to happen or if the planet was going to explode, it just seems as if Krypton is destroyed just because that's what supposed to happen. Everything is set up just so the planet can be destroyed, from space travel being banned, to something that the other scientists can't detect for... reasons... or Brainiac lies about it because a machine is somehow evil, and the Council not listening to anything that Jor-El or Zod says because... reasons...

    Action Comics issues #993 and #994 (2018) somewhat shows what it would look like if Jor-El and Zod teamed-up and convinced the Kryptonian Science Council of Krypton's destruction. They built ships to escape the planet, Kal-El has a sister, as the head of the House of El, he led his fellow Kryptonians into an age of prosperity, there's no way to know if he marries Kara Zor-El, who at that time looks like Kara Zor-L/Power Girl, but who else could that be, and they have a daughter. It would be an interesting alternate timeline to read about since it comes across as a more believable story for the people of Krypton.


  • Japan is not the best place on Earth that so many people think it is or try to make it out to be and that's mostly coming from people who have never lived there. It's not the worst place, but it's no utopia. Especially when the age of consent in Japan is 13... and that's just one of many problems that county has. It's also one of many places where the people have no means of being able to protect themselves from criminals, they know it, a lot of groping going on in buses and sub-way trains and the police are useless to stop any of it. Every county has creeps and stalkers, and Japan is no exception, its male population is pretty weird to say the least, and this may be one of many reasons why Asian women prefer Westen men.

    Playing the Victim | Historical Revisionism and Japan


    3 Horrifying Japanese Stalking Cases


    Shooting shocks Gun Controlled Japan with Automatic Rifle


    5 Shocking True Crime Cases from Japan


    4 Extremely Creepy Mysteries from Japan


    TOP 5 SCARY STALKERS CAUGHT ON TWITCH STREAMS! Ft. ImJasmine, SushiPotato, Elliegato, JadeYanh


  • Nothing more than a revolving door for Gotham's criminals and they know it. The police, the courts, judges, the criminal justice system and even Batman have all failed to truly protect the people of Gotham City.

    ​7 Reasons Batman Needs to Shut Arkham Asylum Down Forever


  • The Net, Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, all of it is an amazing place, like any entertainment it can provide some escapism, but it shouldn't be a permanent solution to avoiding the problems in the real world, the damage from living in a fantasy world of your own making 24/7 for an individual or for a society could come with some serious problems... in fact, we're already facing some of those problems now from a generation that lives in their own little safe space world, who are on their iphones 24/7.




    The Congress - Escape from Reality