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Fantasy Characters

Characters from worlds that have Mages, Elves, Vampires, Demons, Ghosts, Giants, Dragons and all kinds of creatures.

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  • A lot fans don't seem to understand the type of character Raziel was, he's a conflicted and tormented character. He wasn't perfect, he wasn't always right or on the right path, he made mistakes, but just about everyone Raziel meets (the Elder God, Ariel, Moebius, Kain, Janos Audron, the ancient Vampires or the Hylden), he gets the wrong information. Which side of history is he suppose to believe? Is he the Vampire Champion or the Hylden Champion? As it turns out, he was both.

    He's either being lied to or being told half-truths or what they think the truth is. In the end, even Kain didn't know what was really going on and Raziel comes to that realization.

    "I suspect you found me merely convenient. Dropped in your lair by Kain, indestructible for some reason. A durable and gullible tool for you to manipulate. This one thing I readily admit – I have been used by others time and again. But always I seem to stray from their path... what is it about me, Demon, that makes me such an unreliable instrument? Why do I survive one trial after another... on and on in an endless succession of humiliating deaths and resurrections? It seems there is much more to my destiny, and my history, than I know. Perhaps more than you know, as well..."

    Although the real reason for such things, is because of the changes that were done in the storyline in SR1 and before SR2 and LoKD were released.





    But the writers were able to work with that or around it and ended up coming up with a much more interesting storyline and characters. That's a type of talent that sadly lacks in video games these days.

    Legacy of Kain | Raziel - A Character Study


  • Dirk is a better video game character than most modern day video game characters because he actually shows his expressions and fears throughout the game and Don Bluth's animation style is a huge reason why that is.

    It's strange that a character from an animated arcade game from 1983 who hardly says anything throughout both games (due to budget constraints), he mostly just grunts, screams, mutters "Uh-oh," and "Wow!" but it goes to show you how something as simply as that can go a long way in showing the vulnerability of a character. Even showing a little bit doesn't mean that there weak and useless and so many developers don't seem to understand that. It's one of the many reasons why animated Indie games are so much better than the video games from the big developers.

    So many modern day game characters, and film characters, have so much confidence and are so fearless, that there pretty much in-control of every situation. Therefore there's no real danger, no true tension and the player can't get invested into the game or film. The lack of movement of facial expressions due to poor graphics or laziness from the developers doesn't help either.

    Dirk The Daring: Modern Expression - character profile (#2)


    Now there are some characters who have years, decades, or centuries of experience, powerful weapons, powers and abilities to backup that confidence and lack of fear. But like I said, showing a little vulnerability goes a long way.

    Die Hard (1988) Explored


  • D's world is set in the far future, but a mix between a post-apocalyptic future (12,090 AD), Fantasy and a Victorian Age with it's clothing and buildings.

  • Morrigan is tough, intelligent, independent, direct, skilled, dangerous, beautiful, sexy, and a funny woman who knows what she wants, and she makes no apologies for it or for who she is.

    "Is there any religion that does not thrive upon guilt like a glutton at his lunch? No? I though not."

    By the third game, Inquisition, she had grown as a character, she was a loving wife (unofficially) and mother, but she still had that personality and attitude that made her great.

    The only site there is for accurate info (when it's not being vandalized to the point of being Protected Indefinitely) and images on Morrigan than this sorry ass site that's edited by self-entitled morons.


  • Onimusha is one of the best Horror videos games set in Medieval Japan (Sengoku Period) and is as close to a Medieval Japanese Fantasy world in video games that we're going to get at the moment.

    Samanosuke was the best male character in Onimusha and the only true Samurai in the whole series. He also had the best partner, Kaede. The others didn't come close.

  • The first video game canon version of Alucard was a lot more interesting than the version from Lords of Shadow. Alucard also had a lot more class and grace than the animated version who's just a weak punk douchebag who looks like he's posing for a photoshoot half the time. He's also another character of the 2010s to become bisexual because of pandering wokeness bullshit! But what else is new with Netflix... I have never once used or bought anything from them, and I never will.

  • While there are many different versions of Greek Mythology characters, sadly over the years Hades has been turned into a villain and having a loveless marriage with Persephone. The Percy Jackson film and Clash of the Titans remake were both crap on all levels, DC comic animated versions of the Greek gods are just terrible, Marvel is no better, Disney has no idea what of the very concept of what a complex character is, the God Of War series (which is overrated) basically made him into Darth Vader/Sauron... but Hades is not Satan, he's not the Devil.

    Hades: God Of The Underworld - Lord Of The Dead (Greek Mythology Explained)


    The Underworld in Greek Mythology is divided into three places (other versions say that there were more), damnation for those who were evil (Tartarus), an in-between place for those who didn't commit any crimes but never did anything heroic (The Asphodel Meadows), and paradise for legendary heroes (The Elysium Fields), so it doesn't make any sense for someone to rule such a realm to be evil. He can be unforgiving at times, but he's not as messed up as Zeus or Poseidon or half the Greek gods.

    The Underworld: The Kingdom of Hades - Mythological Curiosities #05 - See U in History


    He actually loves Persephone, gave her gifts, treated her with respect and care, made her the Queen of the Underworld, so she's not beneath him, their equals. He also allowed her to spend half the year (Spring and Summer) with her mother Demeter. Unlike Zeus, he's not cheating on her all the time and unlike Poseidon, he's never harmed or raped her.



  • Now Hades did kidnapped Persephone in the one version, which has become the most well-known and people act as if that was very first version or the "canon" version, but it's not. In the earliest version, Kore (Persephone) was wandering through the forest, trying to get some time away from her overbearing mother. She discovered a crack in the Earth and went down into the underworld. She surprisingly loved it there. She made flowers bloom there despite it being the the land of the dead. Hades heard about this strange woman, and spoke to her, saying that she needed to leave, since she didn’t belong there. The spitfire girl insisted on staying, so he allowed it. They fell in love and were happy. Then Deméter made the Earth die, and Persephone had to come back. Hades told her that she could eat one pomegranate seed, and he could see her 1 month out of the year, but she ate 6. So, now she spends half a year w each person. Since Kore means maiden, she changed her name to Persephone, which translates to bringer of death/destruction.

    In another version of the myth states that Hades could not leave the Underworld and so kidnapping her was literally the only way he could introduce himself (which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the incredible outside-the-box problem solving abilities of the Olympian gods).

    Hades and Persephone - The Myth of Four Season - Greek Mythology Stories - See U in History


    Animated Tales of the World - The Myth of Persephone


    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode The Other Side


    In another, Hades actually approaches Persephone's father first, and it was actually her dad that suggested kidnapping her, since Demeter was a little too protective. Older variations have Persephone finding an entrance to the Underworld and then making Hades allow her to stay.

    In another Persephone actually fell in love with Hades and went with him willingly into the Underworld, she actually begged him to take her with him. In return for her giving up the beauty of her known world, Hades built her a garden in his world by the River Styx and gave her anything she asked for. His only request was that she never ate anything that was served to her without his permission. Her mother was furious and began to starve the mortals in an attempt to force her daughter back to the surface, when she finally does return, Demeter attempted to cut off all access to Hades and forbade her from returning. Before she could spirit Persephone away for eternity, Hades split open the ground and rushed to help her escape back into the Underworld, which unintentionally made the ground become poisoned and infertile where he was.

    Enraged by her daughter's betrayal and Hades blatant disregard for Demeter's wishes, she demanded Zeus to do something about them or she would make the earth completely barren and poison all the fish that came from the seas. When Zeus heard Persephones side of the story, he told her to take a pomegranate from Hades's plate and take a single bite from it. When she asked why, he told her that if she finished the Pomegranate, she wouldn't be able to see her mother ever again as she would belong completely to the Underworld.

    He then told both her and Hades that during the winter and fall months she would reside in the Underworld with him, and then return to earth to be with her mother in the summer and springtime. Pleased by this outcome, Demeter relented and allowed growth back into the ground and gave the mortals back their crops, along with fruits for Persephone to take back into Hades realm so she could eat beside him at meals and still see her family.



  • I like Kain, but some people have made him out to be a Mary Sue/Gray Stu. As if he knew everything, had all the answers, did everything correctly and was right about everything... but Kain made just as many mistakes as Raziel did and had the wrong assumptions of what was going on.

    Legacy of Kain | A Character Study


  • The Witcher vs. Elric: Popular Plagiarism


  • I always felt that Sauron should have been a smarter villain. I'm not saying that he needs to be the smartest being in all of Middle Earth, but for one thing he made the same mistake that his master Melkor (Morgoth) made. Melkor put all his power into The Silmarils and Sauron did the same thing with The One Ring...

    Mt. Doom should have been sealed up or guarded to prevent anyone from going into it. Granted after the war in which he lost the ring (SA 3430), his enemies never got that close until The War of the Ring (TA 3019, two and a half millennia later), but you don't leave the only place that could destroy you wide-open. Now of course Sauron thought that one would try to destroy it but use it against him.

    But he was the only character I was interested in. I would rather watch a trilogy of films about him (rise and downfall) than a mix group of people who have to rely on idiotic jokes to even be remotely interesting.

    But not directed by Peter Jackson... he's done enough. It's not surprising that Christopher Tolkien hated the films and didn't give him any more rights to the books. But after he died, the rest of the family sold out...

  • Once a raven beauty... but (in the Roman version) when she was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, a fury jealous Athena cursed Medusa with reptilian hair... that was her crime... Medusa should get revenge on Poseidon and Athena.



  • The character from the books... not the films.

    "I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway. Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and I alone could save her, so, using the weapon of the Dark Lord for her good and my glory. No, I do not wish for such triumphs, Frodo son of Drogo."

    "Not if I found it on the highway would I take it", I said. "Even if I were such a man as to desire this thing, and even though I knew not clearly what this thing was when I spoke, still I should take these words as a vow, and be held by them. But I am not such a man. Or I am wise enough to know that there are some perils from which a man must flee."

    "Fear not! I do not wish to see it, or touch it, or know more of it than I know."

    The Life of Faramir | Tolkien Explained | Tolkien Reading Day 2021


    In the films, there was nothing to really like or to care about with him, his father was an evil insane asshole who sent him off to die and you felt sorry for him... but that's it. He just came across as a dumb down version of his brother, what made Faramir different and unique was all taken away. Peter Jackson and the writers so-called reasons were not good enough, they simply didn't understand his character, Jackson cannot direct actors, he can't direct action sequences and he can't even direct postproduction aspects of making a feature film.

    The Real Faramir explained


    I also never cared for Faramir's so-called relationship (with no buildup at all) and marriage with Eowyn. There's no real reason why it even happens in the books or in the films, it seems to only happen because they were in the same room together. In the book she admitted to him that she wanted to be with someone else (Aragorn), even though that was just a schoolgirl crush since she barely knew him. The passion Eowyn felt for Aragorn is described as intense, but she never regards Faramir like that... he really just ended up becoming her poor 'second choice'. Anything else is just fan speculation or wishful thinking to make sure they get a happy ending.

    Both Tolkien and Peter Jackson have no clue how to write romance.

  • The Filmation version from 1983 still reminds the best. Both the 1990s and the 2000s aniamtion versions were just terrible, the 90s He-Man had an ugly looking sword that looked more like a tool than a weapon. The 2000 version went completely overboard on his body size and with the Power Sword, it's way to long and big. But the 2021 Netflix series proved to be thy worst.

    The 2012 DC comic book version was just another god awful attempt by talentless hacks. I guess there trying to appeal to this young generation that somehow finds characters who are dumbasses, throwing fits of rage and have no development whatsoever... somehow that's appealing to them... cartoons and films from the 80s and 90 keep getting butchered, from Transformers, Indiana Jones, RoboCop, TMNT, James Bond, and He-Man (2021).

  • Teela will always be the Filmation version from 1983, a redhead who acts like an adult and not a teenage spoiled brat who seems to be on PMS 24/7. She keeps her hair up, doesn't wear a short armor skirt and doesn't look as if she's starving herself to death. But as bad as that was, the Netflix series destroyed the series and her character in every way possible.

    IsaacT (Youtube user): "Summary, He-Man/Adam dies sacrificing himself to save the universe, Teela acts like a selfish butt hurt teen about Adam's true identity after he saved the universe. Teelas father is banished and promised death if he returns but Teela doesn't care and doesn't bother looking for him. Even after learning that magic is gone and is killing friends like Orko Teela has to be convinced to help. Teela whines like a child about being lied to about Adams secret througout the season. It's suggested that Teela has powers she has yet to harness while getting 1/2 of the sword of power. Orco, like a true friend and hero sacrifices himself to save group. They enter the door to the mines of Moria and end up in Preternia. Teela and Adam reunite and she still hasn't gotten over the whole Adam is He-Man thing and acts like a bitch. Adam gives her the other half of the Sword of Power because he's a selfless hero. Teela still acts like a bratty teen. Roboto sacrifices itself to reforge the Sword of Power, like a hero. Adam offers to give up his afterlife in "heaven" to save Eternia and become mortal. Skelator returns as Adam is about to save Eternia and presumably kills Adam for good... while "hero" Teela just stands around like no big deal. She's probably still fuming about the whole Adam is He-Man thing. Skelator becomes godlike or something. Teela has sacrificed nothing this entire time to save anyone or anything.

    In short, Teela proved she doesn't have what it takes to be a hero or champion. Maybe if she was willing to make sacrifices for others, rather than being so selfish, immature, and naive, they would've saved Eternia and defeated Skelator? But nah..."

  • Even though Phillip only has a few scenes in Sleeping Beauty, he's one of the better male characters in Disney's animated films who actually does something.



    1. When Phillip meets Aurora, he doesn't care if she's a peasant girl, he still wants to be with her and with out hesitation goes to his father and says he's marring her and not this princess he only saw once as a child (not knowing they are in fact the same person). When his father tries to talk him out of it, he relinquishes his crown so he can marry a commoner (something no other Disney royalty even dared to do).

    2. When he's caught by Maleficent, she tells him that he'll be there until he's gray hair old man and Phillip wants to tear her apart.

    3. He escapes from the castle being chased and shot at with arrows from goblin horde only to run into a giant thorn vine forest and what does he do, he hacks his way through.

    4. Maleficent turns herself into a dragon and says he's have to deal with her and all the powers of hell, but no sooner are the words out of her mouth that he charges head on.

    And yet... prince Philip hardly ever gets any respect like the others such as Snow White's prince, he knew nothing about the magic spell or anything, he just kissed her, that's all. The prince from Cinderella didn't even bother to go looking for her himself, he sent his butler, why he partied it up at the castle.

    In the 2014 live action reboot... he's turned into a useless tool...

  • The Path is the closest thing to a dark serious Medieval Japanese Fantasy world in comic books (CrossGen) that we're going to get at the moment. The rest is just cheesy manga crap.

  • Clash of the Titans (1981) is one of the best versions of Perseus, he had a goal, he wanted to know who he was, he knew what he wanted... and he just went out and did it. The film actually had a story and likable characters.

    In the remake... he's a skinhead pedestal played by an asshole who can't act. I have no idea of what his goals were, there was no point for him to be fighting whatsoever. It was too much man Vs. gods, instead of man Vs. evil. The film had no story, no likable characters and relied too much on CGI and action scenes.

  • The most powerful Planeswalker mage in the multiverse, he doesn't have the smart know-it-all ego that so many other mages or characters in general have these days. Nor is he the typical mage that's an old man with a white bread and wears an ugly dress like robe.

  • If she only would get her act together...

  • "I walk across the dreaming sands under the pale moon: through the dreams of countries and cities, past dreams of places long gone and times beyond recall."

    --Dream, in Brief Lives.

  • The original Maleficent performed by Eleanor Audley from the animated film is still the best version on every single level with her personality, attitude, voice acting, lines, dialog and mysterious nature that could truly scare young children (myself included).

    "Now shall you deal with me oh prince, and all the powers of HELL!"


    The 2014 live action version... oh god... was just a typical Hollywood film of the 2010s that completely undercuts the Disney version where she's not a villain... but a misunderstood hero. Her backstory makes her into a weak and vulnerable character who's just a victim because of a man. She's only evil because the King broke her heart and ruined her life... apparently we can't have evil female characters being cruel to people and enjoying it in Western movies these days. Just a sympathetic so-called villain that we need to feel sorry for... FUCK the director and all the hacks who wrote it!

    Once again, it's another Hollywood studio playing it safe, another Fantasy film that gets watered down for the sake of this sorry ass generation of pussies who have no understanding of what makes a well written story with strong likable intelligent characters or what an evil protagonists is. The animated film is not perfect, but it's far more enjoyable than this live action crap.

    Midnight Movie Madness | Maleficent Review


    WORST MOVIES OF 2014 (Sam's Views)


    If the Disney Maleficent saw this, she would torture and kill every single person who had a hand in making this film.

    "Fools! IDIOTS! IMBECILES!!"

    "Oh, they're hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil."

  • I've always preferred Evil-Lyn over Skeletor. Also, despite what some idiotic fangirls think, the two never had a thing for each other, both the 80s series and 2000 series, Evil-Lyn wanted to take power away from Skeletor.

  • "On Earth, I'm nobody. But here, I'm Den!"


    One of my favorite Heavy Metal stories, a very good mix between action, sci-fi, and fantasy. The late John Candy had a very good voice for the narration and for a big tough guy. If I were Den, I would have stayed there too.

    Although I would try to look for some clothes to put on... I may have a body worth showing off... but a breechcloth is not going to cut it.

    I love the fact that in the animated film, Den was strong enough to reject the Loc-Nar, even when he came into contact with it and he made sure that Katherine didn't touch it. He had no desire to rule what was left of Ard and the Queen's army.

    "Even when someone has the strength to discard me, my power is not diminished."


  • Den and Kath live in a world (Neverwhere) mixed between Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I can't blame Kath for not wanting to return to Earth, she's not only healthier but "more of a woman" in the new land.

  • A very stern character

  • Unlike so many female warriors today, she wasn't a Mary Sue, she was skilled with the blade but Taarna wasn't an unbeatable warrior who could taken on dozens of characters all at once without breaking a sweat. The fact that she was caught and whipped made her more normal and human. Although it did show the bad guys missing a golden opportunity to kill her and rule that world... but that's overconfident villains for ya. Also, the story wasn't set up for her to have an instant love interest.

  • The Xbox 360 version of Tyris was an abomination. Not being able to select between 3 characters was just dumb but another tough adult female turned into the little cliché anime redhead girl...

    The fact that 16-Bit and Arcade games are still better than games from today... is just sad...

    Top 10 Worst Reboots and Remakes | ScrewAttack

    Number #7


  • "You are great!"



  • The best versions of Charon have been from

    1.Clash of the Titans (1981)


    2.The Real Ghostbusters (Hanging by a Thread)

  • The best incarnations of Death have been from

    1.Darksiders II

    2.The Soldier and Death (The Storyteller)

    3.Ghost (dark shadows)

    Ghost (1990): 1:42:01 - 1:43:58 (1080p)


    Ghost (10/10) Movie CLIP - Carl's End (1990) HD


    4.Charmed (Angel of Death were the only episodes I've ever watched)




    5.Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey


    6.Family Guy (Norm MacDonald in "Death Is a Bitch")

  • The best version of The Ghost of Christmas Future is the one from the 1988 film Scrooged, this version doesn't fuck around.

    The way Bill Murray says

    "Please don't let them burn me, James! Jimmy, don't let them burn me! Please don't let them burn me!"


  • I prefer his original look and weapon from the book. He would have been a much dealer opponent with a weapon that didn't look so ridiculous... it takes him so damn long to swing it, it ended up looking laughable, not intimidating, bigger is not better. What happen to his flaming sword? That would have been the better weapon to use.

    Also, he wasn't powerful enough to beat Gandalf the White, it didn't happen in TROTK and that's not supported by anything in the books.


  • While Death Adder may come across as the typical big bad boss at the end of a side-scrolling, beat 'em up, hack and slash arcade video game, but he's an impressive one.

  • Adolphus, the rifleman with superhuman eyesight, and a rifle that can shoot half way around the world from the 1988 film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

  • Most people are familiar with the 1988 film version, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen... but it's the weakest one... the film should have been about when they were younger and not as tired old men who are nothing more than buffoons where the Baron just repeats his classic adventure. But thankfully, there are other versions.

    1.Münchhausen (1943 German version)


    2.The Fabulous Baron Munchausen (1961 Czech version)

    3.The Fabulous Adventures Of Baron Munchausen (1979 animated version)


    There were other stories that were inspired by Baron Munchausen.

    1.How Six Men Got On in the World (Brothers Grimm)

    2.The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (Russian fairy tale stop motion-animated)

  • The animation version was better than the book version.

  • Voice actress Tammy Grimes brought far more life into the character than the book version ever did.

  • It's sad that characters like Jen can't show some distress or dislike without being called whiny. He's in a world he only knows through what was told to him. In a deleted scene he says

    "I haven't been outside the valley since you found me."

    The Dark Crystal Audiobook chapter 1 part 6.wmv


    "For years he had yearn to leave the valley, the Ur-Ru had raised him with love and care. At the appointed times they had cut his hair, tough him to swim, tie knots, sharpen a knife, had initiated him into the mysteries of music and the principles of geometry. Had tested him by tasks and isolation, but never had they allowed him to explore outside the valley and now that he was beaten to leave, he wished to remain, to say that he was not yet ready."

    The World of the Dark Crystal abridged audiobook


    "Jen was brought up with riddles and enchantments, music and dreams, covered with the protection of spirals of power so that he might be fit to the restore the shard."

    Jen's master says that he should have told him about the Crystal long ago... but how much time did he really have? Jen was still very young in the film, not even a teenager. Even if he did come from a race of hunters and warriors, those teachings and skills have been lost.

    Frank Oz says that it was about character growth. To the people who complain about Jen... was he suppose to be this Mary/Gary Sue adult warrior who can do everything and say all the right things all the time or something??? Because that's all I see these days with so many protagonists in every type of story and fan fiction.

    Welcome to Fanfiction.Net! (and Wattpad)





  • Neither Jen or Kira are a Mary Sue, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Kira was taught the ways of nature, animals, and compassion, thanks to the Podlings. She didn't won't to continue the quest, but Jen knew how important is was when they went to the Houses of the Old Ones.

    Jen was taught the ways of the scholar, reading, writing, tying knots, sharpening a knife, had initiated him into the mysteries of music and the principles of geometry thanks to the Mystics. He couldn't have gotten as far without Kira.

    This way, they both compliment each other, future generations of Gelflings would be taught from both of them.

    Anyone saying that one was better than the other is simply not paying attention, they don't seem to understand character development/growth, flaws, ect. and are just too used to Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

  • "Oh, I know this creature of yours... Vermithrax Pejorative. Look at these scales, these ridges. When a dragon gets this old, it knows nothing but pain, constant pain. It grows decrepit... crippled... pitiful. Spiteful!"

    ―Ulrich as he examines Vermithrax's shed scales

    When it comes to Dragons in live action films, none of them have come as close to Vermithrax Pejorative from the 1981 film Dragonslayer. Not even Smaug who doesn't come across as scary or threatening in the Hobbit films, largely due in-part to the crappy CGI where it looks like it's from a video game and his design looks more like a crocodile than a Dragon. Also, he's pretty dumb, from talking too much, to not using his fire when he had the chance and he had plenty of chances to do so.

    Dragonslayer (1981) - The fight of Galen against the dragon


    Dragonslayer (1981) - Modern Trailer


  • Xavier Pendragon from Eternal Champions was the only character I somewhat liked from this very mediocre game and poorly written and drawn comic book.

    Then there's Thanatos from Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side, which is pretty much an edited and recolored version of Xavier's sprites, as well as his moves and stage. A darker color, a skull face and a long blade sickle since he is based on the Greek mythology character, the god of death.

    "Power doesn't corrupt absolutely, it instead gives corrupted people absolute power."

    Xavier is right about that

  • Most of the time Dracula works best as a villain, when they try to make him sympathetic, it feels forced and unearned. Like the 1992 Bram Stoker's Dracula film, which is the weirdest version yet and I have to agree with Homer about his hair.


    The film is said to be a sympathetic version of Dracula... but... there was none... I can't feel sympathy for a character who tries to imprison someone just to feed on them, feeds an innocent baby to other vampires, turns others into Vampires, to which they have to be killed, shows no remorse for any of it... and all for what? It's like it doesn't matter, he can do whatever he wants just because someone looks like his dead wife (he never had one in the book).

    "Dracula" graphic novel read by Christopher Lee


    The book is not bad but it's pretty boring, it doesn't live up to the hype or the legacy it's been given, but I'm sure it was something in it's time. It's never stated that he's Vlad the Impaler, only hinted at that he came from that time period and he never had a wife or a love interest.

  • Peddler's Disguise

    3 oz Mummy dust

    10 lt Black Night

    7 mn Old Hackle Cough

    2 fn Scream of Fright

    A Blast of Wind, to fan my hate!

    A thunderbolt to mix it well!

    Now bein thy magic spell!


    Disney Monster Hits - Evil Woman