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Combat Characters

This list includes both humans, machines, aliens or any type of creature that has combat training from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces, Secret Agencies, Law Enforcements, or well-trained Rebels.

They all come from the past, present or the future on all sides of good, evil and neutral. Working for some type of organization or they operate on their own.

List items

  • I don't want to use the main character picture for this, he's not the character I know anymore. Marvel/Disney just keeps letting hacks fuck up their characters in both the comics and live action. For awhile the real Punisher hadn't been seen since October 2008 (Punisher Vol.6 #60), but appeared in March 2009 (Punisher: War Zone Vol.2 #6), in 2017 (The Platoon) and in 2019 (Punisher: Soviet).

    I've been collecting Punisher comics since the late 80s, so when it comes to my favorite storylines, it's mainly the Garth Ennis run from 2000-08. But there are a few other storylines and issues from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

    1.Marvel Super Action Featuring: The Punisher #1.

    2.Marvel Preview Presents: The Punisher #2.

    3.Punisher Year One #1-4.

    4.The Punisher issue #93.

    5.Deadpool #54-55, Punisher appearance.

    6.Punisher Annual Vol.2 issue #2: Punisher's Fighting Techniques.

    7.What if the Punisher's Family Hadn't Been Killed? Vol.2 issue #10.

    8.What if Venom had possessed the Punisher Vol.2 issue #44.

    There's a few more throughout the 80s and 90s, but his stories were a mix bag of somewhat good, to bad, and just plain terrible on every level. It got to the point where they even ripped-off "The Death of Superman" storyline called "Suicide Run". They thought he was dead and a bunch of fake Punishers show up. He had 3 ongoing titles and in 1995, they all got cancelled because of hack writers who didn't even like the character in the first place. They tried again to come up with decent stories in 1997, 98 and 99 to him being made to think that Nick Fury killed his family, to joining a so-called "good Mafia" and then becoming an un-dead angel that can pull magic guns out of his coat... he got cancelled again.

    But then Irish comic book writer Garth Ennis started writing for the Punisher in 2000 under the Marvel Knights banner (comics for teens), then it was under the MAX banner (comic books rated R, it was never meant to be a separate universe) in 2004 and he was doing better than ever in sales and reviews. He did the best Punisher comics to date. When he left with issue #60, I stopped collecting the title because I knew that under different writers, it was going to suck... and they did, 10 issues later at issue #75 under a different writer... it got cancelled.

    The stories got pretty bad after that... FrankenCastle, a redhead female Punisher who dresses just like him, kissing Captian America's ass (he's not his hero) by saying "Sir, yes sir" even though he doesn't have that kind of authority over him, helping Hydra and stealing War Machine's armor... it's too bad that half the fanbase falls for this crap. But like the brainless action junkies they are, they're too easily amused and they've come to like some of the most horrible written shit imaginable. The fan base is so broken that they can't even decide on if a new Punisher film should be rated R or not, if he should just be replaced by someone else, and his established history, personality and attitude seems to have been completely lost to them. Like with so many other characters in Marvel, they can just instantly makeup anything with nothing backing it up.

    SJW Marvel Caps Off The End Of The Worst PUNISHER Run With The Worst PUNISHER Issue Ever


    Comic Book Hangout


    Although I didn't care for the "Circle of Blood" storyline, it should be noted that Steven Grant stated it perfectly to what type of vigilante the Punisher is.

    "Heidegger, who took Kierkegaard's philosophy further, comes even closer to describing the Punisher: 'Since we can never hope to understand why we're here, if there's even anything to understand, the individual should choose a goal and pursue it wholeheartedly, despite the certainty of death and the meaninglessness of action.' That's sure the Punisher as I conceived him: a man who knows he's going to die and who knows in the big picture his actions will count for nothing, but who pursues his course because this is what he has chosen to do."

  • There have been times when the Punisher has slept with a woman, but it's only been sex and nothing else. Kathryn O'Brien in the Max Punisher, but it was because they had nothing better to do.



    Issues later it's the same thing, but he makes it clear on what his thoughts are between them.



  • Jenny Cesare is another woman who slept with the Punisher in the Max world, but she had a very personal reason for that.


    Both Kathryn O'Brien and Jenny Cesare were interesting, complex and strong female characters with tragic backgrounds that looked as if it could have been based on real people. Ennis was smart enough not to have Jenny come across as a rip-off of O'Brien and neither of them were just "female versions" of the Punisher, they were their own character's.

    Sadly, the Punisher has not had such female characters in his storylines since... Rachel Alves was nothing but a fucking cartoon character compared to them... her tragic background was such a rip-off of the wedding massacre from Kill Bill...

  • Since issue #1 in 1982, Larry Hama has always written Snake-Eyes as an actually person that not only has a personality, but he's given the character depth: Going through Vietnam, losing his family, losing his friendship with Storm Shadow (for a time), losing his face and voice.

    But despite all that, he has always shown concern and compassion for his fellow Joes and has self-discipline: Meaning that he's not a one-note cardboard cutout who kills everything on sight and a loving relationship with Scarlett that lasted for 32 years.

    All without the character talking or any thought bubbles. Only a hand full of writers have done that with Snake-Eyes... which pretty much shows the lack of talent out there with comic book writers. Most are just hacks ripping off whatever popular film is the flavor of the month or yeah.

    Also, Hama and barely a handful of others have written Snake-Eyes being a couple with Scarlett correctly. Everyone else has either failed completely or not even tried and that would include other G.I. Joe titles, all the animation series and live action films.

    But it seems that after 32 years Hama either got tired of Snake-Eyes or somehow thought that an OMG/shock moment was needed for dramatic effect and killed him off in issue #213... I honestly thought that something like this would have only happen after Hama left if he got too old to write or died... this is such a disappointment... there are so many other characters to kill off, there are so very few comic books to read anymore and hardly any with couples (Snake-Eyes/Scarlett) that have lasted for so long without Soap Opera drama destroying them.

    Hama hated Serpentor because Hasbro forced him to put the character in the comics to sell their new toy. That's why he jumped at the chance to kill Serpentor off via Zartan's arrow... but he brings him back and before he even kills off Snake-Eyes, he already had a replacement (Sean Collins) put on the black outfit, mask and sword which just comes across as a pointless cheap knock-off... he is simply Snake-Eyes without the heart, soul, or reason that made SE such a great and memorial character.

    I don't understand Hama anymore, he's in compete denial. There's only positive feedback in the letter page and nothing negative... sad, very sad...

    This is the same as the death of Superman and Knightfall in Batman back in the 90s. It gives you a boost in sales for a while but it doesn't last. Marvel did it with Spider-Man, replaced Peter with a clone (Ben Rielly), that's one of the most hated arcs that I can remember in recent comic book history and Hama has reduced the title to the Clone Saga... this will not help the title, so why do it at all????

    Snake-Eyes is brought back in issue #300 by mindbender... as a clone... he has all the memories and skills of the original... but he's still a clone...

  • Snake-Eyes/Scarlett are the most in-love couple and the main couple in the main G.I. Joe comic book series (the second being Flint/Lady Jaye), they've loved each other for for 32 years. Since June 2014 if you count issue #1 in June 1982.

    A few things to note about them, is that their not a needy couple, they don't always have to be near each other and their not worried 24/7 when one is off on a solo mission. They both have absolute confidences in each other. Scarlett has such an adult maturity to her, that she makes all the other females from mainly DC and Marvel comics look like scared little girls who are about to have a nervous breakdown. But Scarlett is not a robot, she shows emotion, but only when it's appropriate.

    The one thing I love about Snake-Eyes and Scarlett being together in the main comic book world, is that unlike so many other comic book couples, they have never flirted with others, they've never cheated on each other, they've never wondered about being with other people, they've never questioned their relationship, and they've never broken up. There love is as solid as it gets. Larry Hama writes his characters as mature adults with years of experience to learn from.

    But as for actual storytelling for the past few years (2010 to now) there have been many issues that have been just awful, the direction of the main G.I. Joe title has gone too is just disappointing. The giant eyeball thing under the Pit, giant robots that are not Transformers, resurrected Serpentor that at first is mind controlled by Roadblock, those ridiculous blue cyborg-ninjas, Cobra Commander wearing his beatnik style disguise more and more, a fake Snake-Eyes, clones of Snake-Eyes and a female version...

    I never thought I would want the Devil's Due G.I. Joe to come back... but it needs too, Hama simply doesn't have it anymore...

  • "Come with me if you wanna live."

    "I'm here to help you! I'm Reese. Sergeant Tech-Com, DN38416. Assigned to protect you! You've been targeted for termination!"

    The comic book "The Terminator: 2029 to 1984" made it seem like Kyle and Sarah were going to be together at last... but they just bring him back just to be killed off again... FUCK YOU Zack Whedon!

    Terminator Genisys destroyed Kyle's character, he lost that tragic vulnerability from the first film to become just another Hollywood smart mouth dickhead who looks like he's been drinking protein shakes. Even though much of LA (all of America and the world) is a wasteland, Michael Biehn was a thin actor and that helped with his character. Jai Courtney's Kyle Reese was nothing but a cardboard cutout of a generic action hero trying to portray a so-called every man and it doesn't work, he wasn't compelling whatsoever. His face is devoid of expression, his voice lacks anything resembling genuine emotion... Jai Courtney is a terrible actor.

    TG didn't even build the romance between Kyle and Sarah at all. Their screen time consisted of Sarah having to telling Kyle several times that she doesn't need him to save her. Then they hold each other while naked and stare at each other... and that's it... are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!

    TERMINATOR GENISYS (Sam's Reviews)


    Terminator Genisys - From Failure to Farce


    But it gets worse, Dark Fate makes Kyle Reese's and the second Terminator's sacrifice all be for nothing... because a young illegal woman of color is going to save us all... go fuck yourself Tim Miller!

    "John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn't know why at the time. It was very old - torn, faded. You were young like you are now. You seemed just a little sad. I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment. I memorized every line, every curve. I came across time for you Sarah. I love you, I always have."

    Sarah & Kyle - I came across time for you Sarah, I love you I always have


    The writing that went into the character and the acting by Michael Biehn... the original Kyle Reese is just far better.

    Greatest screen heroes - Kyle Reese in The Terminator


  • Anderson is how you write a female character or a character in general. She doesn't overshadow Dredd to the point of making him look like a bumbling fool and she doesn't talk down to him. Both treated each other with respect, both were capable fighters with their own strengths and weaknesses. She goes from

    Dredd: "Are you ready?"

    Anderson: "Yes, sir."

    Dredd: "You don't look ready."

    Anderson: "Just adrenaline, sir."


    Dredd: "Ready?"

    Anderson: "Yeah."

    Dredd: "You look ready."

    The Drinker Recommends... Dredd


    DREDD - Anderson's Assessment


    DREDD | How to Reveal Character through Action | EXPLORED


  • While he's not the first character to be shown in a post-apocalyptic world in a desert wasteland, but the Mad Max films made it popular.

    As for Max not saying all that much and was almost a background character in the 4th film, well after the first film, Max was never meant to be the central protagonist, he's a character who always said very little, he's not the type to have character development, what happens is not really going to change who he is, so therefore the films (except the first one) don't focus that much on him. Since Max is a reluctant anti-hero who doesn't change, the real heroes or the heart of the story in Fury Road was Furiosa and the Wives, the same thing can be said in The Road Warrior with the Gyro Captain, Pappagallo, the rest of his people and the kids in Thunderdome... and that all seems to have been intentional.

    MAD MAX: FURY ROAD | Storytelling through Action and Design | EXPLORED


    In Fury Road... he somehow built another V8 Interceptor... but his was said to be "the last of the V8s!"... but Max somehow gets another V8... convenience or simple luck in movies or fictional stories is just too much sometimes...

  • Thank god Imperator Furiosa didn't become a love interest for Max or anyone... this type of crap usually comes from teenage or early 20 year old fan-girls (with gigantic egos) who always puts characters together that's based on nothing or write up these typically OC Mary Sues that come out nowhere. Both the filmmakers and the actors didn't want that at all.

    "I think for me originally when they were like, 'Oh, 'Mad Max." I was like, 'Uh, I'm not going to play the fucking girl for 'Mad Max."


    "More importantly, she is not there to serve out a romantic storyline between her character and Max."

    "You can't say 'the stakes are this high' and you're literally in a driving war and we cannot stop because 'if we stop, we die' - and then have them pull off to the side of the road to have sex, like fall in love, because then immediately the anxiety has been relieved for the audience."

    "Unfortunately some film-makers think you can have both. What was great about this is that the luxury of a love story was not where we were, I mean they can't even talk to each other."

    "The luxury of a love story was not where we were. We never even talked about it - it was never there, no one said 'maybe', we never had to fight against it. It was always going to be two warriors on par, starting off with very little respect for each other and ending up with a massive respect for each other."


    Max and Furiosa don't have any scenes of being closer to each other, there's just a scene of Max saving her life and telling her his name, nothing more. Is it really that hard of a concept to understand of two people not falling for each other in matter of minutes or hours and doing it like a couple of rabbits????

  • RE2 Remake Leon S. Kennedy, not the original. RE6 and Vendetta not only ruin the Resident Evil franchise, but Leon's character as well.

    Top 10 Video Game Franchises That Have Lost Their Mojo

    Number #5


    Top 10 Video Games Ruined By Executive Meddling

    Number #6


    One of those reasons was the fact that Leon let Helena off the hook... she was just a bitch and an idiot. Talk about your priorities being mixed up, she doesn't know a damn thing about Leon, even though she tries to act as if she does. Leon risks everything for Helena despite her treating him like shit... he fights to get her name cleared and even thought he'd make the deal even sweeter for her by getting her a promotion.

    Even though she's the reason he was forced to kill the President, who was Leon's close personal friend, she participated in the events of Tall Oaks which lead to the deaths of 70,000 innocent people... she should be in jail for life or put on death roll.

    Vendetta was so bad that they had to reboot the series with RE2 Remake.

  • RE2 Remake gave Claire a far better characterization, the original was't bad, but it was just too plain.

  • Director Paul Verhoeven and the writers of the first film had a sense of cynical wit and a sick sense of violence. It was a fine line to walk, but they pulled it off. Verhoeven didn't come back to for a sequel because he felt that there was nothing else he could do with the character... and they should have listen to him.

    So they got Irvin Kershner and comic book writer Frank Miller... and they clearly did not understand the wit of the original at all. It tries too hard to be dark, violent and depressing. Robocop went from realizing his humanity back to an automaton in the sequel.

    Movie Review - Robocop 2


    As for the 2014 remake... I'll let these reviewers explain why it's awful.

    ROBOCOP (2014) Review + Spoilers


    Robocop(1987) VS Robocop(2014) : Movie Feuds ep73


    ROBOCOP (Sam's Reviews)


    But I guess that means it's a film that's perfect for this Millennial generation of pussies that have no good taste in films whatsoever or has any understand of what makes a well written story, plot, subplot, subtexts, lines, dialog, likeable characters, relatable characters, character development, protagonists... the list goes on and on.

  • It's real a shame that Anne Lewis is a character that's barely seen, drawn or written anywhere, she's even ignored by most of the fan base. They also completely underestimate her combat skills and abilities, she wasn't an unbeatable police officer taking on guys 3 or 4 times her size, but Anne was far from being useless and incapable.

    She was in all 3 films, the first animated series, made several appearances in Robocop comic books, and at least in one Robocop video game... but that's it and not all of it was great or memorable. In the 2014 remake/reboot... they replace her with a male who doesn't do jack shit.

    Lewis made somewhat of a comeback in a 2014-15 Robocop comic book series by Boom! Studios from writer Joshua Williamson. It's based off the 1987 movie and thankfully it ignores those two god-awful sequels.

    In the first film, Nancy Allen had to cut her hair several times, until it was short enough for Verhoeven (the Director) because he wanted to desexualize her character, although I always found her attractive. I love her personality as well, Anne Lewis wasn't just another typical throwaway love interest, she was a strong fleshed out character who was likable.

    Then came writers like Frank Miller... oh god... his so-called better script that he wanted to use for the second and third film that he later wrote into a comic book... was a piece of shit. Lewis was turned into nothing but a pissed off nutcase slut bitch, she might as well have been replaced since she acts nothing her character from the films at all. Miller is of course not the first to do this, but he's basically the Michael Bay of comic book writers.

    The plot of the "original" story was in service to the action and not the other way around. Miller either doesn't like or understand women at all, I have no problem with female characters in sexy outfits, but only when if it fits the character and the tone and setting of the story, because it doesn't with Lewis in the Robocop world, who conveniently ends up in nothing but her underwear.

    Female characters that I like who wear tight relieving clothing actually have a personality, an attitude, but it's not over the top and what they wear was not done just for the sake of having a sexy looking character. The comic was far worst than Robocop 2 and 3 combined, the man is so untalented that the only "other" thing that he could come up with for Robocop... is to have him fight Terminators... if you can only write idiotic action, shallow characters and just a versus fighting story... then you are a pathetic excuse of a writer.

  • John Rambo is one of the best soldiers, but the battle he couldn't win, what no gun, knife or bomb could do, is win the battle in his head. That takes a different type of weapon and strength.

    For me, only First Blood and Part II happen, but that doesn't mean I liked Rambo II, it was a pretty awful film. The line, "Do we get to win this time?"... it's just sad and pathetic that there are still Americans that can't deal with the fact that the US lost and had to pull out of Vietnam.

    It should have ended after the second film because Part II at least ends with John as a freeman. But I wish Co Bao had lived, she came to love him and I really wanted to see what Rambo's life would have been like if the two got together. Only a woman like Co could have made Rambo happy, she knew what war was like and what it does to people.

    The 4th film did makeup for the 3rd film and it ends with Rambo coming home, but that's really where it should ended.

  • Let's face it, Rico should have been with Dizzy right from the start and she should have lived. She was far more of a likable character than Carmen who pretty much did nothing for the story, there was nothing interesting about her. She was just a cheating bitch who should have been killed. Even the bugs were more interesting than Carmen.

  • Elizabeth Banks said men don't to see women action films... and yet every male I know, including myself, loves Ripley, Vasquez and many other women in action films. Hell, just look at my list.

  • I was really starting to like Drake.

  • An intersecting character, but there's very little you can do with him that doesn't take place during the second world war. You could show him fighting in the Korean War and in Vietnam since there were WW2 soldiers who did that. Putting him next to spandex DC heroes and villains just looks idiotic.

  • "The Wild Man of Borneo."

    I became a fan of Cable when I saw him in X-Men: The Animated Series in the 90s and the first thing I said was, "Give that man his own animated series or a video game!"

    But the only thing I had at that time, and still do, are video games like

    Doom Troopers


    Contra: Shattered Soldier


    Big guys with big guns in the far future, although Cable is far more than that.

  • A character that's sadly been forgotten, Aliya Dayspring was a far better love interest for Cable than Domino.

  • One of the most unique intimidating characters / machines in film history.

    "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!"

  • At the end of the 1st film and the type of music that's playing, I do feel sorry for Dutch because he lost all of his friends just because an extraterrestrial species wanted to hunt and kill for sport.

  • When it comes to super soldiers, Bloodshot is the definition of that.

  • They need to ditch that blonde and bring back Jillian Alcott!

  • http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/9/99265/2070746-scrshot001mf6.jpg

    "This invincible warrior has defeated every opponent he has ever faced"

    Did Naked Snake/Big Boss and Solid Snake really have the fighting abilities and experience to defeat Frank? Or was it main character logic? Meaning that the protagonist of the game was going to win no matter what...

    Gray Fox (Frank Jaeger) should not have been killed off, he should have taken Raiden's place, it would have made Sons of Liberty far better. Hell, Grey Fox should have been the main character of the whole series. I never cared for Solid Snake.

    Top 10 Worst Heroes in Video Games (Number #9)


    It's no wonder that they had to make Raiden into a Ninja in the 4th game... it's like after SOL, the writers and developer realized and said, "Oh shit, a lot of people really hate him... we've got to make him into a Ninja like Grey Fox because everybody loved him, everybody loves Ninjas!" ...but I still don't like him.

    On January 17, 2013, Kojima told IGN that it was the development staff's decision to use Raiden as the main character of Metal Gear Rising. He admitted that if it were up to him, he would have used Gray Fox instead. He also admitted that had Fox been used, he would have ended up writing and directing the game... but we're stuck with that cliché blonde anime character...

    When I look at Frank, like his hair color, I would have loved it if Frank Jaeger was the father of Sunny Gurlukovich. But how would that have happen or be possible? I'm not sure... it could only happen if they rebooted the series and changed the storyline like Metal Gear Ac!d. But it would have been a nice connection or a better explanation to Olga Gurlukovich getting the Gray Fox Ninja suit.

    Like with Solid Snake and Naked Snake, Frank's appearance was based off an actor, in Grey Fox's case it was Tom Berenger as Sergeant Barnes (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake) from Platoon, but of course, it was later changed.

  • Olga Gurlukovich should have been the main female lead in the Metal Gear series, she had everything that makes an interesting character. She was a tough character due to the fact that she had a very rough life since childhood, even in her adult life Olga had to make sacrifices like giving up her child. She was intelligent, independent, cunning and she could kick ass with and without the Gary Fox Ninja suit.

    As much as I would like to believe... Frank Jaeger and Olga Gurlukovich never met each other, it's not shown or stated anywhere in the entire series that they had any contact whatsoever. Olga most likely knew of Frank's existents, but nothing more than that.

    It's too bad they didn't meet each other, I would have liked to have seen where it turns out that Frank was the father of Olga's child, because it would have explained a great deal like why Sunny has white hair and how Olga got the Grey Fox Ninja suit. These two would have been a great and deadly couple.

  • I love beret soldiers.

  • When it comes to basing a character off someone, both Naked Snake and Solid Snake has been based off several different people throughout the games.

    Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese (Metal Gear NES in 1987)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger (Snake's Revenge in 1990),

    Mel Gibson (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on the MSX2 in 1990)

    Christopher Walken (Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 in 1991)

    Snake Plissken (Metal Gear: Snake Eater)

    I only saw Kyle Reese, Schwarzenegger (somewhat) in the artwork and Plissken's look. I didn't see the resemblance with the others at all. The graphics at the time for those games were just too poor.

  • A forgotten character who's only remembered by hardcore Punisher and SHIELD fans. The mid and late 90s were not good years for comics, even though I hated John Ostrander's writing, but not only is Kymberly Taylor the only good thing that came out of that short crappy mini-series, but she's a good example of why most female characters were written and drawn better back then than what we have now. She's sexy, tough but also compassionate, she wasn't lecturing others or shown to be perfect in everything like a Mary Sue and she didn't hate men. She even kissed the Punisher because he gave her a kick in the pants when she needed one.



    She also wasn't just a female version of the Punisher like Lynn Michaels and the overrated Rachel Cole-Alves, get your own identity and costume!

  • In the AVP world, one of the reasons why I like Linn much better than Machiko is that when it comes to being really strong and fast, she has a far better reason for being like that. According to Linn's arcade Bio

    "She was the product of ambitious Japanese corporations, the latest of cyborg technology, combining superhuman strength, speed, familiarity with all types of weapons, and a prototype programming that gives her virtually all the martial arts ever created."

    The fact that a 2D Side-Scrolling Beat'Em Up Arcade game is not only far more accurate to both the Alien and Predator mythos, but far more entertaining than a big budget Hollywood film... is just sad...

  • Sniper is the type of enemy that the Punisher has always had a hard time with, especially with the type of combat experience he has. However, Carl Potts was such a shitty Punisher writer; he made Frank look like the ultimate screw-up while Rich van Burian came across as the professional Vietnam War solider that he was and yet... Frank had just as much experience as he did.

  • Doom Arenas (2011) (fan film)




    It's not surprising that a small group of talented fans were not only able to stay far more accurate to the source material of Doom, but were able to expand the storyline by introducing characters from the Quake universe and making it entertaining as well. More so than what the so-called professional filmmakers and writers of Hollywood did... and that's just sad...

  • Once again, an original video game is still better than the reboot... the 8-Bit Bionic Commando from 1988 on the NES still manages to be far more entertaining than a new gen console from 2009... what the fuck happen Capcom?!?!?!?!

    [TAS] NES Bionic Commando "all items" by McBobX in 19:27.16


    Top 10 Worst Reboots & Remakes (Screwattack)


    "Man did they fuck this up!"

    Re-Armed at least kept the same storyline, somewhat similar character design and platform gameplay. I'll take that over the 09 version any day.

  • When it comes to Æon Flux episodes from Liquid Television, my favorite episode was "War", it had 4 characters that were able to kill many but they themselves got killed. I like how it destroys the convention of "the person who can kill dozens but never gets killed". It showed that there just as vulnerable as anyone else, although it dose take another one man / woman army to kill them.


    I saved this from some website that talked about this episode, but I can't remember where.

    "The theme of random, cascading events and their effect on people is perpetuated throughout the Æon Flux universe. This episode was created to play with the emotions of the viewer, showing the stereotypical way that people view a hero of a Hollywood action film as invincible. It crushes those assumptions and keeps the viewer truly on their toes feeling a sense of shock and loss every time the new "hero" is introduced and then killed."

  • An obvious Terminator inspired character but with a blonde Mohawk

    1.A big humanoid machine made to fight wars

    2.Prototype Jack wears black sunglasses

    3.Jack-2 protects Jane, a young child

    There's seems to be a reference to the Frankenstein monster in his Tekken 2 ending, like when Jack-2 meets Jane and he gives her a flower, although in the film, the little girl gave the Frankenstein monster the flower.

    Jack-2 and Jane were the only characters and story that I was interested in the anime. I like how Jane calls Jack-2 "dad" at the end. She was of course a little kid and as far as she knew, she probably thought he was her dad.

    However, the character suffers the same fate that a lot of robots, androids, and cyborgs go through in fiction... he out of nowhere and with no explanation whatsoever... develops a conscience...

  • It's a shame that she became a background character and has become forgotten.

  • The definition of the evil Brunette in glasses wearing a tight black leather jumpsuit.

  • The Japanese version of James Bond (from the novels).

  • Mattias was the only character I ever played in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. His personality and attitude fits within the game's setting and theme far better than the other two characters.

  • His outfit was better in the film, but both versions had bad hair.

  • Shard needs to make a comeback, I'll take her any day than some mouthy cunt bitch like Frenzy.

  • She was killed off way too quickly, I'm not saying she should have gotten her own title, but her death happen just to add more drama in the story.

  • One of the most unique machine concepts in film history.

    "So this other guy: he's a Terminator like you, right?"

    "Not like me. A T-1000. Advanced prototype."

    "You mean more advanced than you are?"

    "Yes. A mimetic poly-alloy."

    "What the hell does that mean?"

    "Liquid metal."

  • Basically a spoof on Dirty Harry.

    "I'll get a bullhorn and try talk him down."

    "No, no, I can handle this."


    "Another life saved... and I still have one bullet left. Listen my bank is just around the corner, can we stop and I'll get some cash... and then you can buy me breakfast."


  • I like Molly and it has nothing to do with her being a lesbian.

  • It's too bad she never made any more appearances, like with Kathryn O'Brien and Jenny Cesare, I found her a lot more interesting than Lynn Michaels and Rachel Cole-Alves.

  • Emanuel Santana... the storyline to Scout started out promising, but it went downhill. He should have been more of an experience solider and killed that military bitch. He took her out with him, but he didn't really do what was necessary and he ended up being killed.

  • The only character I liked in the whole film.

  • We've yet to see Nick Fury portaged accurately on screen with his appearance and character. He was race swapped for Samuel L. Jackson because of that horrible Ultimate Marvel crap and Jackson just plays the same character he does in every film... himself with only a few differences here and there.

  • When it comes to who played the best Bond, to me that's Pierce Brosnan, the best Bond girl was Natalya Simonova and the best Bond villain was Alec Trevelyan.

    Drinker's Extra Shots - GoldenEye


  • The original Hayden Tenno that is, from the original Dark Sector, where the title to the game actually made sense.


    The preview was a lot more Action Sci-Fi and far more interesting than the repetitive action horror crap that we ended up with. His throwing weapon and his other abilities are just useless!

  • The character started out somewhat interesting, at least with the first two issues, but the story just drags on and on, Venom: Sinner Takes All should have been a one-shot 50 or 60 page comic story at the most. It would have been better for him to fight someone else like Solo (James Bourne), Shotgun (J.R. Walker), SHIELD, Black Widow, the Punisher, or someone more on his level since he was clearly no match for Vemon.

  • The T-X is deadly and Kristanna Loken was sexy in T3... but that's all I can say about the T-X.

  • The design of Robocain is pretty good, but the ending battle with Robocop and the police is the only good and memorable scene throughout the entire film.