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The League of Shadows Gen.10


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History remembers the fall of the legendary Knights Templar, that on Friday the 13th in October of 1307 by order of the financially unstable ruler of France King Philip IV, the once illustrious faith based warriors of the crusades were labeled as heretics, enemies of God, and the almighty Catholic Church, and ultimately sentenced to death.

But what history does not remember, or more importantly what it was not permitted to document, was the creation of a surreptitious cabal of assassins hand picked by Pope Clement V from the Templar's hated rivals, the Knights Hospitaller.

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These assassins would carry out systematic successions of sabotage, espionage, and state sponsored murder. Fraudulently laying the foundation for King Philips betrayal birthing the formation of a league of assassins who would one day become the Order of Sancta Camisa.

Elite combat specialist of unorthodox warfare who's stealth based tactics were in stark contrast of honor bound codes of the autocratic Knights and viewed as unsavory though the undeniable success of their cloak and dagger covertness was unparallelled for its time.

After the fall of the fabled Knights the entirety of their accumulated wealth was silently bequeathed to the Order of Sancta Camisa permeating their affluence helping to establish an underground authoritative influence which, much to the dismay of the Catholic church, superseded that of the Templars in many ways. Eventually the Order broke free from the bonds of religion and disappeared.

Embarking on an intellectual pilgrimage across the known World. Analytically collecting, cataloging, and compressing various veins of knowledge and skill tailoring them into a dogmatic system of philosophy and peerless combat education. Adopting many ways and traditions. from Japanese Shinobis to Zulu tribesmen all the way through the forbidden teachings of the Kuji-kiri. Perpetuating myth like fables of supernatural like abilities, deeds, and accumulating subtle influence in various and economically strategic arenas.

Like most generational inheritance, (and simultaneously unlike any other), the OSC have thrived under the leadership of the Knightfall linage. With theoretical and philosophical evolution governing the ancient order of assassins through a myriad of historical chapters.

As legendary as the Illuminati and as mythical as the New World Order, from the Baron to Julian and on down to Jayden, and eventual Raysh, the Knightfall bloodline's unwavering influence over the League has been absolute.

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From the fire-breathers to mystic priests, sin-eaters and death dealers, a pilgrimage was made. Shadows and charlatans alike had come to pay homage to the initiated, to Cristen the rebirth of the League somewhere within the ancient city of Jerusalem.

By decree, the newly anointed Shaytan had taken the reconstituted cabal home, immersing his followers in a polytheists theology in direct, all be secretive, defiance of the three major Abrahamic religions.

Their dark orthodoxy silently swaying the achromatic atmosphere and subtly influencing the supernatural.

All the while, underneath tourist packed alleys and holy sites of old Jerusalem, vaulted medieval chambers have secretly become a rapidly expanding subterranean house of mystical worship, invisible from the streets above.

Veiled sigils guide the path for those in possession of the elusive cipher. Coded invitations concealed in plain sight. In literature; music, art, and arithmetic. All leading the way to the League, to the fraternity of the True Shaytan....to §hadowland.

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Marred in mystical camouflage, which help to conceal its location as well as fortify its rudimentary defenses, the reborn League, home of the illustrious al'Shaytan and an Illuminati of arcane associates, rests peacefully underground in solitary isolation. It is impossible to date the mysterious history of the subterranean catacombs, as several countries have laid claim to the labyrinth, ending in a bureaucratic nightmare. As such, it has been relatively untouched by the outside World.

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Down beneath the flourishing city the fierce Middle Eastern sun disappears, illumination coming only from fluorescent bulbs and torches. The smell, earth and mildew. Geography recalling a city that existed over 2,000 years ago. Seven hundred-year-old Mamluk-era arches help create a multilevel maze of rooms and corridors beneath the Muslim Quarter.

The same tunnels that served Jewish renegades as they fled the Romains now serving as the passageways of the League. Small shrines and dark alters, statues and symbols rest beneath the city, guarded and worshiped by the League, seeking to further enhance their already cabalistic way of life. Creating a new order of cultivated mysticism in efforts to strengthen their tireless combat training and metaphysical might.

Manifesting a library of martial arts techniques rooted in the traditional foundation of the Knightfalls, implementing ancient wrestling fundamentals with innovative striking and submission fighting, which are naturally embedded in each members muscle memory making their moves intuitively automatic.

Predisposed from initiation with an ability known as photographic reflexes, this extraordinary extra sensory perception is tirelessly cultivated into a form of combat precognition acting as an early warning system allowing the warriors of Shadowland to map out their opponents moves before they are physically expressed.

And even though the Sleeper places a premium on their hand to hand combat and the furthering development of their superhuman physiology, he places equal value on their mental acumen. Implementing strict studies of great philosophers, mathematics, science, art, and literature. Physically and mentally transformed into autodidact polymaths who's versatility in such a large range of expertise steps over into the supernatural.

The Shadows of Shaytan
Deadly and dedicated to the articles of the dark arts, the Shadows of Shaytan are supernatural priests trained in the traditional ways of the League. Like a fun house mirror the SS are distorted reflections of LoS assassins, and down right ugly. The Shadows of Shaytan are a paradoxical necessity. Not mutant, but not human either, they are simply supernatural. Infused with the blood of fallen Arashikage. Strictly operating under the direct authority of the Shaytan. However the implementation of guerrilla tactics and underhanded treacher, as well as priding themselves on the usage of terrorist tactics, has become a source of constant friction. As the Shadows are increasingly independent.

The League of Shadows (under-construction)

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With an evolving global transformation and strict regiment of Middle Eastern occultism, the highly covert Illuminati of assassins known as the LoS, have secretly rebuilt the fundamental principles of their secret society, operating within the Raysh Al'Shaytan's cabal of internationally agents.

Constables operating under the expressed design of the Shaytan, yet operating with free ranging independence and opportunities for self-serving status.

Immersed in the arcane teachings of the Order of Sancta Camisia, handed down through generations of Knightfall patriarchy, they themselves rumored to have been taught by the holy Knights and Saladin himself in the era of Crusades.

Through didactic literature, mental, and archaeological rarities, the League continues to tether itself to its ancient past.

Dueled ideology bled together for a sanctified creation of a new religion. A religion of faithful. Faithful to the one true goddess, the Goddess of Death.