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OsC Origins

Order of Sancta Camisa

History remembers the fall of the legendary Knights Templar, that on Friday the 13th in October of 1307 by order of the financially unstable ruler of France King Philip IV, the once illustrious faith based warriors of the crusades were labeled as heretics, enemies of God, and the almighty Catholic Church, and ultimately sentenced to death. But what history does not remember, or more importantly what it was not permitted to document, was the creation of a surreptitious cabal of assassins hand picked by Pope Clement V from the Templar's hated rivals, the Knights Hospitaller.

These assassins would carry out systematic successions of sabotage, espionage, and state sponsored murder. Fraudulently laying the foundation for King Philips betrayal birthing the formation of a league of assassins who would one day become the Order of Sancta Camisa. Elite combat specialist of unorthodox warfare who's stealth based tactics were in stark contrast of honor bound codes of the autocratic Knights and viewed as unsavory though the undeniable success of their cloak and dagger covertness was unparallelled for its time. After the fall of the fabled Knights the entirety of their accumulated wealth was silently bequeathed to the Order of Sancta Camisa permeating their affluence helping to establish an underground authoritative influence which, much to the dismay of the Catholic church, superseded that of the Templars in many ways.

Eventually the Order broke free from the bonds of religion and disappeared. Embarking on a commutation across the known World analytically collecting, cataloging, and compressing various veins of knowledge and skill tailoring them into a dogmatic system of philosophy and peerless combat education. Adopting the ways of the Japanese Shinobi and through the forbidden teachings of the Kuji-kiri perpetuating myth like fables of supernatural like abilities. Though do to the Orders enigmatic secrecy substantiation of how, or if, these special talents exist is all but impossible.

Our Fathers

1963 - Birth of Bat

Five years into the Vietnam war during a period in which the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States instituted covert assassinations against perceived Left-Wing Communist threats, the military coup of South Vietnamese (and formally U.S. backed) President Ngo Dnh Diem was privately condoned. Presented to the World as having been carried out by Ton That Dinh and his ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) when in truth the CIA, driven by paranoia and an unwillingness to trust such a task to (and I quote) "Slant eyed yellow bush monkey's" employed the services of an up an coming agent who's moral degradation pertaining to ones right to life had successfully guided him through several low key assassinations. Julian Knightfall and a few zealot minded Marine soldiers enamored with the stoic assassin triumphantly executed the removal of Ngo Diem which earned them each a promotion within the now infamous Phoenix Program. Codenamed the Bat for his innovative usage of the Man-Flying-Kite first referenced in the 636 Book of Sui. It is widely known in certain circles that Julian obtained the knowledge and practical application of the "MFK" from teachings handed down from his father and his father before him by way of ancient OsC techniques.

The Knightfall Bat would implement the man lifting kites as means of stealth based infiltration into heavily fortified enemy strongholds for camouflaged assassinations. In the early 70's after Congressional hearings closed down the CIA's Phoenix program do to public outrage over wide spread rumors of (as former serviceman K Burton Osborn described it) "A sterile depersonalized murder program of Vietnamese civilians" the personalized army of Julian Knightfall were offered up as sacrificial lambs in order to protect the military's more high ranking conspirators. However, even though they had managed to escape the judicial system of the United States government, within a year each exonerated officer was found dead. Innocent of wrong doing in the eyes of the public, guilty of betrayal in the eyes of an assassin. Financially secure thanks in no small part to his off the books activities during the Vietnam war and blessed with an authenticated collection of antiquities procured through centuries of esteemed family heritage within the OsC coadunation, Julian settled down in the heart of New York city.

Establishing a modest historical museum filled with rare artifacts that subtly astonished authenticated archeologists as they lay certified validation to the museums legitimacy. Eventually Julian and the Knightfal Sanctum of Heritage's (KsH) managing curator Carolyn Sands, fell in love and married in the summer of 1973 and shortly there after gave birth to their only child, Jayden Julian Knightfall. Future father of the Dark Knight, Quintus Knightfal

An Assassin unlike any Other:

From birth Jayden Knightfall was thrust into the life of an assassin. CIA officials, as retribution for the past murders of the acquitted Phoenix Program directors, nearly killed the young Jayden when his fathers car exploded irreparably scarring 90% of his body. More devastating however was the mistaken death of his mother in the explosion meant for her husband. Enraged, the former assassin began immersing his son in the ways of the OsC forging him into the ultimate weapon of revenge. To old with a body no longer able to sustain the rigors of the Order's revolutionary training, he was forced to relinquish control of his son. Who was then flown and abandoned in an unknown location somewhere in the mountainous region of the Asiatic where he was molded by the constitutional prestige of the Order. Crafted into the perfected manifestation of a one man killing machine reflective of centuries old combat cultivation. Faster, smarter, and stronger then any normal human Jayden became the crowning achievement of the Order of Sancta Camisa, who was in no great hurry to return him to his father as to fulfill what they perceived to be a limited vision of his true potential. Orchestrating the death of Julian before brainwashing his son, who was now a young man, into forgetting his mothers tragic end. Ultimately Jayden came to believe his father had died in an accidental avalanche and thus he was raised by OsC elders in their sacred mountain temple. By the time the OsC were finished forging their instrument of death and intelligence Jayden was not only ready to take the reigns of his father's museum, but to lead the Osc into the future.

The Return of the Bat:

Purposely coupled with another OsC protegee deemed a genetic match who's more violently apathetic nature would serve as a prerequisite building block for a suitable Knightfall heir, the semi-celebrated philanthropist Jayden Knightfall married the martial arts prodigy Sandra Woosan and together they bore a set of twins, Quintus and (Name Withheld). Both trained and raised in the axiological requisites of the Order they represent the pinnacle of the Knightfall legacy. Arrogant, self-obsessed, and overtly conceited, the self-assured Playboy Prince already surpasses his predecessors in both mental acumen as well as physical attributes and skill. But a recent discovery made well on his annual pilgrimage to the temple of the Order of Sancta Camisa had caused the Knightfall heir to question everything about his families self-promoted reputation. Setting the stage for his eventual revolt against not only the Order, but his father as well.