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"Unchained Immortality"

The Devil's Head
The Devil's Head

Real Name: Quintus Knightfall

Alias: Raysh'Al Shaytan, The Martial Arts Mamba, The Living Weapon,The Devils Head, The Noir Nagas, Noir Rose, True Arashikage, The Black Mamba, The Modern-day-Kennedy, The New Age Rockefeller, New York City Caesar, The Knightfall Alpha, The Sleeper, The King of Kings, Thee Last Immortal

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 6'3"

Age: Indeterminable

Weight: 249 lbs

Hair Colour: Onyx White

Eye Colour: International Klein Blue

Species: Child of the Atom


Affiliation: League of Shadows, Kamelot, Arashikage, Keijijo, Order of Sancta Camisia

Orientation: Heterosexual

Identity: Public, Currently Unknown - presumed deceased

Relationship Status: Separated

Gender: Male

Family: Thee Knightfalls, Isadora Knightfall (daughter; deceased) Perdida Cardenal (granddaughter)

Occupation: Father of Assassins, Kamelot CEO (current status unknown), Multi-Billionaire, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur,

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Evolutionary Martial Mastery

Quintus is regarded as one of, if not thee, greatest living Martial Arts combatant in the World. Trained and aided by an extensive evolutionary augmented DNA helix which has substantially advanced his mind to the point of which transitioning from a visual-spatial of working memory to other forms of thought, (language, art, mathematics, reflexes, etc) have been accelerated by the unique emotional disposition of his prodigious and cognitive functions of the cerebellum. Raised with an obsessively disciplined regiment of traditional despotic demands, Quintus was baptized in the ways of the Shinobi as well as the Ronin.

The sacred Order of Sancta Camisa as well as his father overseeing his inauguration in these two opposing dualities melding systematically opposed ideologies together in order to cultivate the exclusive trademark style of the OsC. Rapid advancement, both mentally and physically, displayed daily by the future Dark Knightfall quickly propelled him through the ranks.

As a natural polymath Quintus was easily able to transform his muscle memory into an instantaneously reacting mechanism, allowing the young student to not only mimic any move he witnessed, but remember it forever. Because of this unparalleled ability the Perennial Polymath is constantly creating never before seen styles of unimaginable innovation. Meticulously shedding standardized motions and maneuvers he perceives to be outdated and adopting others.

He does so with slow surgical like attention to detail. Often times studying a single style for a year before sculpting it into a piece of combat precision which he then integrates seamlessly into his ever expanding martial arts repertoire. Because he is able to secure immense amounts of knowledge spanning countless areas of expertise, understanding the techniques and combat styles he copies is a paramount precursor in which Quintus religiously follows. At one time in his travels this way of thought led the Noir Nagas to adopt the spiritual philosophies of Internal Alchemy. Its primary principle of esoteric (or nei-tan) Taoists is that man has only a limited amount of vital-force (ch'i), stored. This leaks away through day-to-day activities, and when it's all gone.

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However through Internal Alchemy it is possible to contain ones chi by funneling it up rather than out and then up the spine to the crown. In ascending, the ch'i progresses through various stations and vital points along the body. Reaching the top of the head, the ch'i then descends down the front of the body, down to the navel, and then around again, forming a complete circuit. This circuit is known as "The Circulation of the Light." Though well versed in the Chi based esoteric forms of martial arts it is a method the Living Weapon does not physically partake in. Instead he utilizes his acquired knowledge to better defend himself against the supernatural styling of others.

Even tailoring several Promethium padded micro woven body suits which protect various chakra and vital point rich areas. Quintus has even sought out the enigmatic grandmaster of the esoteric Keijijo Clan who specialize in the Chi based forms of martial arts. Watching, training, and learning, all he could in order to adapt a perfectly revised defensive style against the artistry of the Keijijo should the day arise in which he were confronted by one of its illustrious members. The Dark Knightfall's combat artistry is profoundly aided by an usually skeletal structure granting him a unique, "righting system."

This extraordinary ability allows Quintus, in a free falling situation, to first, know up from down, and then the innate nature to rotate in mid air to orient his body to land on his feet. Complete and uncompromising control over every muscle in his body has facilitated the evolution of his equilibrium granting him a level of near superhuman acrobatic agility which has been indoctrinated into his high flying martial arts techniques. Like any pure polymath, the Black Mamba has cultivated an expansive multi-dimensional sphere of assorted expertise.

Melding an eclectic catalog of skills that, when amalgamated into a rarefied combat composition, stylistically fabricated an exclusive martial arts model. Copyrighted by the Knightfall's hereditary photographic muscle memory. A symbiotic technique that continues to evolve over time, granting the Living Weapon the luxury of aggregating new forms and systems. Discarding out-dated abilities and plugging in new, unorthodox innovations, without hesitation.

Because of the dogmatically instilled training of the Order of Sancta Camisia, as well as the mystical Arashikage, the Modern-day-Kennedy employs an inherent ability known as Photographic-Reflexes.

A capability which allows the Martial Arts Masterpiece to total recall any muscle induced movement he's witnessed, regardless of elapsed time. Perfect imitation and a comprehensive library have positioned the legendary Knightfall at the forefront of martial arts mastery. Mirroring entire martial classifications that would otherwise have taken several life-times to achieve. A true martial arts didactic, Quintus was indeed a child prodigy and martial arts adept. Didactically perusing the physical mechanisms and techniques culturally intrinsic to a wide ranging list on international countries with a Darwinian discipline predicated upon the evolution of armed and unarmed combat. Because of the overwhelming extent of accredited martial arts knowledge indexed in his martial arts library, it can only be speculated as to the exact number of traditional techniques the Knightfall Polymath possesses.


As part of the Noir Nagas' complex mutant physiology he has the mental ability to affect physical objects in a plethora of varying degrees. Strenuously trained from birth to master this genetically inherited ability, the Martial Arts Masterpiece has meticulously engineered a fighting system that perfectly compliments the integration of spontaneous thought and instantaneous telekinetic action. Its amplification of martial arts techniques and strikes serving to heighten his unorthodox acrobatic combat applications. Quintus also boats a perfected form of Psychokinesis which in its sub-category of Mirco-TK, granted him a concentrated aptitude over atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic-particles. Otherwise known as Bloodbending. Giving him the ability to break his opponent down on a purely biological level having barely lifted a finger.

The Martial arts Mamba was inherently gifted with the ability to calculate and perceive the endless possibilities of a moment. Meaning Raysh's cerebral operations act in a manner similar to that of a hyper-computer, performing an infinite number of simultaneous calculations that not only allow him to identify the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation, but theorize the information as to adjust the outcome for a more favorable resolution in his favor. He can solve, measure, and calculate problems through numbers without using mathematical operations, but through pure intuition, pure reactionary instinct. Ranging from something as simplistic as telling how many bullets there is inside of a firearm; how many have been shot, the measurements of areas or coordinates without having data of it or any information.

He can use this to solve combat problems, puzzles or riddles as well as substantially increasing his accuracy with a superhuman level of precision. Raysh can sense a myriad of variables of most any situation, predict the outcomes and what choices one could make to reach the conclusion they want. When utilizing this ability he can anticipate the probable paths projected in front of himself, illuminating possible courses of action and foresee the best tactic trajectory, before accelerating himself along that path.

Several sub-categories continue to be explored and added to the Shaytan's cerebral catalog. Though far from mastered, Raysh peruses their accreditation with an obsessive sense of self-education.
  • Body Language
  • Analysis
  • Auto-Reflexes
  • Eidetic Kinesthesia
  • Codification
  • Indexing
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge

Even still, further refinement remains a constant motivating factor. Raysh has theorized that in time, he shall be able to tell the numbers of stars in a galaxy or atoms in a certain body and always tell the right time including hour, minutes, seconds and milliseconds with the slightest thought. In battlefield they can tell the number of incoming armies without counting them.

Author of the Sword
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The style of swordsmanship gifted by the Order of Sancta Camisa teaches that one has as many as five classical targets - on a humanoid body. Areas noted for their advantages when striking at an enemy. On a mathematical scale that number increases expediently. Upper, lower, and middle strikes are decisive. Left side and right side attacks are fluid and are best used when there is an overhead obstruction.

These are the areas that one can expose to find their counters. In particular, timing is important. Timing goes hand in hand with rhythm. Fooling the opponent into believing that they have timed you is how to best time them. And this can be done with an understanding of the purpose behind rhythm. And in combat, rhythm is established only to be broken. Once an opponent has grown accustomed to one's rhythm e.g. footwork and flow of attacks, that is the time to break. Lure the opponent into growing accustomed to for example, sword attacks from the outside, then in the execution of an outside strike, break rhythm and cut inside where the element of grappling is of great use.

While patience is a virtue, to wait for the opponent to over-commit to strike in the hope of an opening for a counter is to allow the opponent to seize the initiative. And if all one does is wait on the defensive for the opponent to make a mistake, it is not the opponent making the mistake, but the swordsman himself. For if all one does is react in the hope of a counter, not only has one become passive, but react and react and react, and eventually, the incorrect reaction will come. This brand of swordsmanship teaches otherwise, to seize the initiative with wise aggression. Essentially, this means that the responsibility of creating openings is the swordsman's, not the opponent's. Feints, footwork, taunting, and grappling can all be used to lure the opponent into performing an attack that leaves various pockets of space open for counter-attacks.

Parrying or blocking a bladed strike is not done by placing one's sword in position to meet an incoming strike with the sharp edge of the blade. That only succeeds in damaging the blade. Eastern swordsmanship teaches that blocking is accomplished by meeting an incoming strike with a strike of equal or greater force from an angle that will allow the swordsman to knock the opponent's sword from their grasp, disarming them. This is generally successful when one has forced the opponent into a weak plane where their footing is not stable, such as on the retreat.

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An overhead strike for example, which is typically powerful and carries the additional force of gravity, will either knock the opponent's sword from their hands should they attempt to block, or at the very least, will cause them to stagger and their defense to crack. It is in this situation where the swordsman can then press the attack with a flurry of sword strikes designed to force the opponent into a purely defensive position where they are perpetually on a weak plane, breaking their defense down and then landing the killing blow

Immortality (under-construction)