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People I've worked with over the years.

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  • Jay gave me my first real job with Image Comics. I lettered Noble Causes and most of his other books from 2001-2007.

  • Tom Waltz is the best! Renae De Liz and I worked on "Rogue Angel: Teller of Tales" for him and IDW. We hope to work with him for many more years. Great guy!

  • Ed Dukeshire, creator of Digital Webbing, has helped me in everything with my career, and through the forums of his site, even helped me find a fiance. ;o) Thanks, Ed!

  • Jamal and I worked together on the series VENTURE for Image Comics. He was awesome, and amazing artist that taught me a lot, and one of the nicest, most welcoming creators I've met in this industry.

  • Worked on "Rogue Angel: Teller of Tales" and they're a great bunch of guys. Hope to work with them for many years to come.

  • Gave me my start in comics!

  • Worked for Image for about 6 years lettering, designing, and occasionally coloring. Also, Image Comics were the first I saw when I was a kid, so they're what inspired me to want to get into comics.

  • This is ME!

  • My fiancĂ©! We've worked together (her pencilling, me inking and coloring) on several projects, such as IDW's "Rogue Angel: Teller of Tales"

  • Writes Sonic the Hedgehog, which my fiancĂ©, Renae De Liz, now draws! Thanks, Ian!