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Black Beetle: No Way Out Of Missing This Book! 0

THE OVERVIEW:Do you feel that there aren’t many good noir stories out there nowadays? Do you crave pulp in not just your orange juice, but in your comics as well? Well, Francesco Francavilla might have what you need right here with his #1 issue of The Black Beetle.In this issue, we see the title character on the case of some mobster crime lords up to no good. As soon as the action explodes from the pages, this book doesn’t let up for a second. Get ready for some intense mystery solving, some goo...

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Captain America, Please Stand Up 0

THE OVERVIEW:You want to know something? I actually forgot to pick up this issue the week it came out onto the stands. That is usually never a good sign, mind you. You know it is a red flag when a book is meandering so much that you do not even remember its release schedule. Since issue #1’s release up until now, this book has not shown me the Captain America charm that Brubaker was able to capture in the title character’s previous run. Is Remender just holding out on the goods? Or is this serie...

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Deadpool Existentialism = Metacidal! 0

THE OVERVIEW:I know what you are thinking. You saw that slogan on the cover, "Butchering Stories From Literature's Finest Authors!" and you thought, "This is stupid." Am I right? Well, let me attempt to turn you into a believer throughout this review because this is Deadpool in the cynical, smart, and badass way that I love him!The slogan and title are actually a little misleading. This isn't a mini-series that just makes the title character run around acting silly in other forms of literature. ...

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Deadpool Hadouken! 0

THE OVERVIEW:Deadpool is still off hunting dead presidents and this week's issue even features a cage match between the title character and one of the more popular historical figures, Abraham Lincoln. Get ready for some sword-slashing, some in-your-face "fourth wall" moments, and of course some silly remarks from the one and only Marvel character who can do all of that in one book... the Merc with a Mouth!Now before I begin this review, I just want to say that for the record, I am a huge Deadpoo...

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It Took Four Issues... But This Is Finally A+X Done Right! 0

THE OVERVIEW:A+X, to be honest, I wanted to love this title when it first came out. I like reading short, fun, and easily digestible stories and a book teaming up one Avenger with one X-Man seemed like it was too good to be true. In fact, I predicted that this book would be at the top of my Marvel NOW! lineup for however it long it lasted. Three issues ago and every single one since then, this has definitely not been the case. This goes without saying but I was sorely disappointed. But now? I ca...

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Thor's Thunder Brings All the Emo Girls To The Yard 0

The Overview:Here it is people, the end of the first arc of Hickman's take on the Avengers. That's right, three issues in and *poof* it has come and gone. For those who have yet to read this and have instead only read the first two issues in the series, you might be thinking, "Wait, it can't be done yet. We just started the mission." Yes well, I guess some problems are easier to solve than you think...In this issue, the rest of the Avengers' sleeper agents finally get to Mars where Ex-Nihilo, Ab...

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The Terrific Three Is A Terrible Name... Welcome Back Ms. Thing 0

The Overview: You know what? This series isn't always running through my mind or something that I rush out to pick up when it releases but in all seriousness, when I do pick it up, I find it to always be just good solid fun. In the weeks that this book has come out it has always made it to the top of my stack and this week's issue is no different.In this next installment, we pick up right where we left off; right where the last issue had us dazed from a major cliffhanger. Here we are starting to...

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Uncanny Avengers #3 Is Finally Here... And It's Bloody Fantastic 1

The Overview: Do you still even remember this title? The first issue in this series launched way back in October of last year and because I really enjoyed the first two issues, it has been extremely annoying waiting around for this title to come back onto the stands. That being said, is the wait worth it? Maybe so, but please for the love of God, don't make me wait that long ever again.So here we go, Red Skull's attack is fully underway and we are finally getting to see the Uncanny Avengers in a...

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This Book Itself Seems Young... 0

The Overview: So here we are with another one of my most anticipated titles of the Marvel NOW! hoopla, Young Avengers. This book is brought to us by some of the members of the same creative team that gave us an amazing Loki-centered run of Journey Into Mystery. Seeing as how this book also involves Loki (the kid version, mind you, if I hadn't mentioned that already), fans would assume that Kieron Gillen's writing magic would transition over almost effortlessly, right? Well... you would be surpri...

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Puck Is A Pimp 0

The Overview:Finally. I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on this book since its announcement and now that it is finally here, I must say, it is everything Sam Humphries said it would be.X-Force is back together but with some new faces as well as old. In this issue, writer Sam Humphries has laid down all his pieces onto the table and we're getting straight into the thick of it as the members interact in order to investigate this new drug in the L.A. club scene. But is this new direction,...

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Wolverine Does Use The Pouches, People 0

The Overview: Another solo Wolverine book? If it ain't broke, am I right? Well, maybe not so much the case in this particular book. In this series, Frank Cho has written and drawn a Wolverine story that takes the popular character into the depths of the Savage Land. Now is a mysterious setup, a hostile setting, a team-up with the gorgeous Shanna, and dinosaurs enough to separate this book from any other solo Wolverine stories that Marvel seems to like to keep in high abundance? I think not... at...

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The Ol' Hulk Switcharoo... Classic. 0

The Overview: I'm not the biggest Hulk fan and really have never been, let's get that out of the way. The only reason I am picking up this book is because of Mark Waid and how much I enjoy his work over on Daredevil. But is his writing talents character-specific? Maybe so...In this issue we get another installment of Bruce Banner's new life working for S.H.I.E.L.D. The books have been sticking to a similar formula so far. We got some Maria Hill, we get some "Hulk Smash!", and we get some of what...

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Keep On Flying, Captain! 0

The Overview: I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the last arc. That two issue arc was all filler, but not even good filler. After the powerful impact the first arc had on me, the lackluster chump mission of the last issue and the issue before that left me wondering whether or not Kelly Sue's Captain Marvel run had already reached its peak. With this issue, I'm pleased to say that Captain Marvel is back on track!In this issue we get a small glimpse into a day in the life of Ms...

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WARNING: This Might Turn You Into A Doc Ock Fan 0

The Overview: It's Spider-Man teaming up with the X-Men as a giant spider terrorizes New York City and its inhabitants. This is the first first issue where we see Doc Ock interacting with other superheroes and Chris Yost plays it out beautifully. But for those opposed to what Dan Slott has done to Peter Parker, will they be on board after seeing this "superior" version of Spider-Man? Well.... you'd be surprised.The Good: For those who are willing to give this Ock/Spider-Man thing a chance, this ...

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Sucks To Be Tier... 1

The Overview: *Disclaimer* This is the first X-Factor book I have ever read so I will be reviewing it from the perspective of a complete new-comer to the series. I decided to pick it up because it had the shiny red banner of Marvel NOW on the cover and also in my experience I have found that that rounded issue numbers, such as 100, 150, etc... always seem to be good jumping on points for readers. That being said, this issue did in fact have some interesting qualities that made it somewhat access...

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Power Gem Party 0

The Overview: So here we are with another issue of the illuminati book, New Avengers, brought to us by the dynamic creative team of Jonathan Hickan and Steve Epting. That's right, the awesome team that brought us an amazing run of the Fantastic Four. I'm going to be the first to admit that with all the Marvel NOW titles I'm reading, I was hesitant to even pick up the first issue of this new series. After reading the first issue I was more than ready to give up on this series. Let me just say, I ...

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Too Much Filler... But Still Killer 0

Overview: So the story picks up the morning after last issue and the original team has decided to stay in their bleak future, but will they like what they come to find about their future selves and the world they are now living in? Spoilers... Actually, never mind. I'm not entirely sure yet seeing as how this issue didn't progress the story that much. But are fun panels and an interesting ending enough to make this issue worth reading? Actual spoiler... yes!The Good: While reading this comic, I ...

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Ororo and T'Challa Back Together? Don't Tease Me, Bro! 0

Overview: Am I the only person still reading this? Ha, maybe but I don't want to see this series fail. So three issues in and we have a sense for how these books work. The formula is two stories, two characters each (one X-Man, one Avenger), and for the most part, it's continuity-free goodness. Here we get a nice story between the latest power couple gone sour, Black Panther and Storm, and two of the Marvel Universe's ladies' men, Hawkeye and Gambit. After the impressiveness of the last issue, c...

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Girls Kissing and Kitty Pryde? What More Could You Want? 0

The Overview: Here we are with another installment of Marvel's fun little team-up book. Off the bat, I must say this is better than the first. My biggest gripe with the first issue was that only one story seemed worthwhile while the other fell flat in comparison. This time around, we get two fun stories as advertised, and this is one winning formula.The Good: As I mentioned earlier, I liked both of the stories in this issue. They are nothing groundbreaking or essential, but they are both fun, li...

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Reunited And It Feels So Good 0

Overview: So this A+X. Marvel's attempt at creating a fun team-up book that provides a lighter reading experience pairing up the company's two biggest teams, the X-Men and the Avengers. With all the heavy storytelling and tension that built up between the two powerhouses spinning out of AvX, it's nice to see Marvel creating stories that are more lighthearted.The Good: The book opens up with a word from the editor stating that the most important part of this series is that it is continuity-free. ...

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I Am Animal Man, Hear Me Roar!... Quack, Moo, Chirp... 0

There seems to be a running theme with all my reviews of the 'New 52' DC comics: I never have any background knowledge on the characters whose comics I'm diving into. Buuuut c'mon, with a cover like that who could resist picking up this issue? So yeah, I was totally determined to pick up and read this comic.... and oh boy, I'm sure glad I was. Animal Man #1 has got to be one of my favorites (if not my absolute favorite) out of the 'New 52' lineup. On my personal list it's right up there with Bat...

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Hi, My Name's Deathstroke... And I Kill People For No Good Reason 0

Just finished my second stack of 'New 52' comics. Let's kick off Round 2 with Deathstroke! Alright, before I begin this review I just want to mention that I didn't know a lot about Slade Wilson other than the fact that he was a British-sounding jerk on the Teen Titans TV show. But, that being said this book was still high on my 'New 52' priority list. Why? Because on the Marvel side of things I'm a huge Deadpool fan and I know that Deathstroke is most likely where the inspiration came from. This...

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Gotham Is... Nothing Without Batman 0

What an issue, and please, do not take that statement lightly. This is the type of issue that Batman fans, both new and old, will be able to embrace whole-heartedly. This book was ranked as a pretty high priority on my 'New 52" buy list... and I'm so glad it was. Thank you to the entire team that made this book possible. That being said, there's really no need for me to continue this review, but for the sake of doing a review that might do this book justice, I'll give it a shot. Here I go:The Go...

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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife 0

Oh yeah... Red Hood and the Outlaws. The first issue I read out of the New 52, I guess you could say I jumped on the wagon a little later than most. Now, I didn't have any knowledge about Red Hood prior to reading this comic. And the other two lead characters? ummm... I think I saw them on Teen Titans the TV show. So as you can see I was a total noob going into this book (with a little background research done on wiki). Anyway, when I saw this cover out of the list, something just screamed at me...

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New Guardians = Team Double Rainbow 0

Alright, so let's kick off my first ever review on this website with Green Lantern: New Guardians. Let me start off by saying that this is my first Green Lantern book ever; didn't know too much about the character besides what I observed from the TV show on Cartoon Network, the recent movie, and some wiki research (wiki helped the most for sure). Enough rambling, onto the review:The Good:Origin Story of Kyle. Great, especially with this relaunch, it's nice to start things off with a little intro...

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