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Drunkies 5

The GoodSo, I finally received the issues I've pre-ordered from Midtown's online site since the 1st of April. I didn't know if it was just an April fool's joke while awaiting for the package or what, but long time coming I received it and at last, could write myself some new reviews. Now, as we first pick up the issue and stare down at the art of the cover we already have some sort of feeling that there will be a "new" Hulk being depicted in this new story arc. With the title being sketched out ...

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The Weapons Dealer 2

The GoodIn this issue, Aquaman and the Atlantean army are reclaiming and disposing of all the lost Atantean firearms around the seven seas, the ones that haven't made it to the surface yet to be specific. Knowing that there are air-breathing pirates stealing the Atlantean weaponry and selling them at the highest prices possible to meet their personal satisfactions, Arthur will have to act fast before the firearms fall into the wrong hands. However, the weapons dealer is already distributing them...

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Battle for Dystopia 10

The GoodReally wanted to take the time and write a review about Peter David's Hulk: Future Imperfect for quite a while; and now that I've journeyed back in time to read the two issues of the story line, I took it upon myself to write one. This review will touch up on both issues and not just part two (even though that's where most of the action takes place). I don't want to spoil too much because this is one you have to read for yourself to actually experience the same feelings that I have towar...

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Hulk Must Smash! 2

Your probably thinking, "damnn, why is Reefer making an Indestructible Hulk review so late?", and trust me, I've put in some thought of that myself. However, this is the last issue of the first story arc from the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself, having been assigned on his first big mission under the ocean depths near Atlantis. Continuing from Issue #4, Hulk is dragged down into the bottom of the ocean floor with pressures reaching above 10 tons, until he is rescued by rebel Atlanteans of Attuma'...

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The Sacred Text 5

The GoodAlthough the TMNT limited series has come to a conclusion, I believe Erik Burnham and Mateus Santolouco did an outstanding work in going deeper into the past of Hamato Yoshi, more so of Oroku Saki; relating to the events in the present day as we see Shredder's main objective in seeking the book containing the Foot Clan's secret history. While in view of the past, they do a great job elaborating on Oroku Saki's feeling of betrayal, commitment, and dictatorship, which also coincides with t...

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Get Him! 12

The GoodSo far in this TMNT limited series, we have seen the past of the Foot Clan as well as the present where Shredder and the Foot have Dr. Miller captive, a professor who found secret information about the history of Foot Clan. Now, going into the third issue of this 4-part mini series, writers Erik Burnham and Mateus Santolouco are diving deeper into Oroku Saki's past and explain the reason behind his intentions, as well as following the present where we see the turtles take on the Foot Cla...

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King of the Seven Seas? 14

Before we go further into this epilogue to the Throne of Atlantis, really wanted to touch up on what has happened thus far leading up to this time in Aquaman's legacy. We've seen Ocean Master and the Atlantean army declare war on the surface world, tidal wave flooding caused by Orm in all major coastline cities (specifically Boston), the initial battle between the Justice League and the Atlantean army, all leading to King Orm yielding his position as ruler of Atlantis to Aquaman. With all that h...

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Full-Scale War with the Atlantean Army 15

The PlotContinued from Justice League #16, we were left with the likes of Cyborg asking his father to equip him with the artificial lung that'll help him to adapt and breathe underwater in order to save Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman from the captivity of Ocean Master. Evidently, the Trinity including Aquaman were cast to the Deep Waters for the Trench to feed on. Having the fact that the operation would take several hours to complete, we see Cyborg call in reinforcements to help in the ba...

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Aqua Hulk 11

The GoodEnding the 3-part story line that depicted the beginning of Hulk's (or should we say Banner's) partnership with S.H.I.E.L.D. being considered a prelude going into the new story arc, I really wanted Waid to touch up more on his relationship with the agency; rather different than the ones they have with other heroes. We get to know that Bruce has stopped running away from his other side and find ways to restrain it; such as using more of his intellectual mind and apply modern technology to...

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Deadpool, Jedi of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7

The GoodI love how Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan shapes Deadpool into the 'Merc of the Mouth' he's known to be and elaborates on his priceless one-liners, as well as his brutal warfare tactics - believing this issue compliments such traits in the most precise manner possible. From the very beginning to the end you'll see almost in every panel his comedic, yet serious attitude being depicted as he's assigned by Agent Preston of S.H.I.E.L.D. to (re)kill all the undead Presidents risen by a naive n...

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Grey Hulk vs. Incredible Hulk 5

I've always wanted to write a review on this story line leading to the transformation from the Grey Hulk to the Green Monster we see nowadays, which is marked as a very significant character evolution; and now that I actually have the time to do so, I'll start of with the goods of it all.The GoodI believe Peter David did an exceptional job setting the plot for this story line and building on such character evolution like this one. In the beginning of the issue, we see Grey Hulk aka Mr. Joe Fixit...

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Arthur Goes Hawaiian! 2

Recently, I've gone through the back issues of my dusty old long box I had stored and picked out some of the comics that were some of my all-time favorites reading; from the cover to the storyline, I pulled them out of the box, and this issue was one of which that caught my eyes. Apart from the other comics I pulled to read, I really wanted to write a review on this issue which is one of my favorite storylines from the Aquaman title on behalf of me being born and raised on the Islands of Hawaii....

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Dr. Miller Knows Best! 3

The GoodI really enjoy reading about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, having them been some of the first comic hero figures I've actually admired while growing up; and for IDW Publishing to brace the Ninja Turtles as part of their list of comic titles, makes it that much more exceptional. Going into this 4-part mini-series - particularly focusing on the Foot Clan - I was very anxious to seeing what Erik Burnham had in store after seen the work done by IDW Editor, Tom Waltz's previous run with '...

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S.H.I.E.L.D. versus A.I.M. 2

The GoodThe story starts of with Maria Hill, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. seeking out volunteers for the Shield Headquarters; meaning the four that are to be chosen has given the confirmation of being comfortable on working with the ticking time bomb himself, Bruce Banner. While Hill is interviewing the new assistances who are soon to be apart of the agency, Banner's on his first 'undercover' mission with some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents sent to stop the re-activation of the Quintronic Man and end A....

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The Secret History of the Foot Clan 1

The GoodWritten by the intellect minds of Mateus Santolouco & Erik Burnham, this new miniseries explores the history of the Foot Clan, as well as the legacy of Takeshi Tatsuo, master and predecessor of Shredder. Within this issue, we see flashbacks of the clan and the founding fathers who help preserve the legacy. I believe Santolouco & Burnham did an excellent job making the story as reader-friendly as possible for new readers and fans of the Ninja Turtles; also breaking down important ...

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Return of Ocean Master 2

The GoodComing straight out from the pages of Justice League #15, the Atlanteans wage war against the people of the surface world, after U.S. missiles were accidently launched and detonated in ocean depths near Atlantis. Considering that it might be an attack from the surface world, Ocean Master initiates the Atlantean War Plans, having first strike with a tidal wave submerging cities such as Metropolis, Gotham and other coastline cities. Aquaman alongside Mera, knowing what is soon to come afte...

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Innocent Lives 2

The GoodFinally, after couple issues of having Simon Baz believed to be accused as a wanted criminal of a "terrorist attack" after 9-11, he is proven innocent by Agent Fed, not only to have the truth of the car explosion unravelled in front of their eyes. Geoff Johns answers lots of questions that we held going into the this issue, leaving some questions still to be clarified. Despite Baz having proved innocent in the eyes of Agent Fed, he still needs to settle his dispute with the Justice Leagu...

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Hulk vs. Iron Man 1

The GoodMark Waid did it again and touches up more on the relationship that Bruce Banner and The Hulk haave between the two. As the first issue ends, the second one starts with Bruce Banner being accepted into S.H.I.E.L.D. after a trial run given by Maria Hill, director of the agency. Now that The Hulk is apart of the team, we do get to see the intellect of Bruce Banner, as he is given the tools from the agency to invent all-consuming products to save the world and humanity. He also gets to know...

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Throne of Atlantis Prelude Review 1

The GoodI've always took interest in Geoff Johns' work, from the JSA and Infinite Crisis to The Justice League; from The Flash to Green Lantern and Aquaman. All of the DC Comic titles he has wrote for consist some of the greatest story arcs from top bestsellers in the world of comics and Aquaman's Throne of Atlantis is no different. Releasing the first of the critically acclaimed story arc, Aquaman #14, is the prelude to the upcoming Aquaman and Justice League Crossover, Throne of Atlantis.In th...

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Justice League Origin 2

The GoodOnce again, sorry that I've took the time and reviewed something from the past, but I couldn't move on without writing a review about how awesome this book his. I believe this is one of the top best-selling graphic novel alongside other old and New 52 volumes. Geoff Johns did an excellent job in writing the origin of the Justice League for each founding member of JLA, as well as explaining a lot of their personality, powers & abilities, and intentions being. I believe Johns was a per...

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Avengers #1 Review 3

The GoodOverall, I think the title is going to raise lots of attention in the eyes of Marvel readers, as well as Avengers fans, alike. Brian Michael Bendis did an excellent work on building the Avengers to what it is now and creates an easy access for writers of the title. Jonathan Hickman did a great job in raising the hype of the Avengers and setting new boundaries for the title, which will have to be fulfilled further along the story to understand more of what's going on. He goes directly int...

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The Trench 1

The GoodHey what's up CV Community, sorry that it took me such lengths to review this book as I've been quite busy with other things relating to both, the world of comics and those that are not. However, I finally got ahold of The Trench and instead of doing reviews on all six of the issues, individually, I've decided to just review the whole book, in general. So here it is, the review of Aquaman's New 52 first volume, The Trench. Enjoy!I think Geoff Johns did an excellent job on flushing out Aq...

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Deadpool #1: "In Wade We Trust" 4

The GoodI can honestly say, that I rated this first issue of Deadpool "5 stars" with great satisfaction and amenity, as I think Wade Wilson is in fact the next superstar of the Marvel Universe. At first, I was unpredictable going into the title of this new Marvel NOW! relaunch, especially when there's a whole new crew behind Deadpool, although having seen the works of Brain Posehn I took the chance of catching up with the character. I think Posehn and Gerry Duggan did an exceptional job emphasiz...

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Indestructible Hulk #1 Review 2

The GoodI believe the first issue of this title was excellent and easy reading. Mark Waid did a great job on puzzling in the pieces of things from the beginning of the issue to the end making it an interesting story once you begin to flip the cover of the comic. In this relaunch, Waid explains more of how Banner comes to agreement with his other side and find ways not to overcome the Hulk, but rely on and be the green monster inside of him when the time is need. The crew for Hulk in the Marvel N...

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Captain America #1 Review 2

***NO SPOILERS***The GoodI think Rick Remender, John Romita Jr. and the cast of the Marvel NOW! relaunch for Captain America did a great job in constructing the character and giving the comic reader a fresh, new superhero with a new direction, but still the original outlook of Cap. The story first takes place in Manhattan, 1926, the days of the Great Depression and the racial discrimination of Irish immigrants fleeing to America, before The Cap became the man he is today. I believe Remender did ...

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