Things That Made Me a Comic Fan

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  • One of the first, if not the first comic-related superhero movie I've actually watched and found myself to like. Seen the entire trilogy of the 1990 films they put together. Watching those never gets old.

  • The legend, himself. At first watching this movie gave me the creeps, but this was one of the movies where you'd flip through the channels and always ended up watching this movie.

  • This was before I knew there were more channels than Disney.

  • Never missed an episode!

  • Loved watching the animated series and was hooked on their early online game as a kid.

  • Watching this animated series was probably how I found to like the Justice League. They were probably the first team of superheroes I've found out about besides TMNT.

  • After watching this movie was probably the start of me picking up my first comic issues. One of my favorite movies of all time.

  • And he returned!

  • All the X-Men movies were badass; but this one totally took me away. The characters matched perfectly from the comics.

  • <3

  • This movie was the start of me having an admiration to the character, leading me to picking up all the Hulk comics after that.

  • Spidey!

  • One of my favorite movies at the time.

  • Really found Hal Jordan to have been one of my most favorite characters during Geoff Johns' run with Green Lantern.

  • Coming from the reality side of things, I love to surf and I'm pretty much in the water almost everyday; I think Aquaman seems to be one of the superheroes that I've looked up the most growing up.

  • My favorite writer of all-time; and now that he's taken the throne to write for Aquaman in 'The New 52', it makes it that much more satisfying.

  • Always loved the Justice League. From their first animated series to their current one right now (Young Justice); I've always found to have liked the Justice League having Green Lantern, Aquaman and Batman being founding members of the team.

  • Loved the first animated series growing up. And Cyborg's just a beast in the series too.