X-Men: Supernova (Upcoming X-Men film)

After preventing an asteroid from colliding with the Earth, Jean Grey is exposed to unusual radiation. The exposure from the asteroid has caused Jean Grey's powers to gain sentience. The X-Men and Magento's Acolytes must stop the Phoenix Force before Jean Grey goes supernova.

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  • The strange radiation that Jean was exposed to originated from the M'Krann Crystal, an ancient Shi'ar artifact that enhances the energy levels within objects and individuals. The radiation causes Jean's power to gain sentience. The Phoenix's power will eventually reach a critical point of self destruction and the world will be swallowed by a supernova.

  • When Jean is overtaken by the Phoenix, Scott takes the initiative by being Mystique's second in command. Scott will do anything to save Jean.

  • When Charles tries to subdue the Phoenix within Jean, the Phoenix retaliates by shattering Charles' mind into two psyches. Cassandra Nova is the dark side of Charles Xavier's psyche. Cassandra acts as the Phoenix's maternal but manipulative guardian. Cassandra intends to destroy everything that Charles has built.

  • Magneto used his power to slow the impact of the asteroid along with Jean Grey. Afterwards, Magneto reshapes the asteroid as his new base of operations. Magneto has a vision of creating a safe haven for mutants that can't live a normal life or are too dangerous.

  • Charles has tried to counsel Mystique on facing her past and accepting Kurt Wagner as her son. When Charles is taken over by Cassandra Nova, Mystique prepares the X-Men for the fight to come. Ultimately, Raven must choose to either save her brother or end his life in order to stop Nova.

  • Hank McCoy and Raven mentor the students at the Xavier Institute. Hank's latest aerial designs on the Blackbird allow the X-Men to travel through space at great speed.

  • Elizabeth Braddock and Warren Worthington are accepted by Charles Xavier. Charles believes in second chances and Elizabeth is taken back by Charles' willingness to forgive. When Charles becomes possessed by his darker side, Elizabeth do everything and anything to save him even it means ending his life to save what he has built.

  • Fabian Cortez was part of a demolition crew that was sent to destroy the asteroid until the X-Men were called in. Cortez manages to get a hold of the M'Krann crystal and poses himself as a mutant who can enhance other mutants' abilities. Magneto keeps Cortez close to him because the strain of maintaining the asteroid in orbit is proving too much for him.

  • Ororo has grown fond of her new family especially Nightcrawler. She shares a kinship with Kurt because at a young age he was forced to be steal by a group of gypsies that took him in. When Jean is overtaken by the Phoenix, Storm will do anything and everything to save her surrogate sister.

  • At a young age, Kurt found himself in the company of gypsies. They raised him to be a pickpocket until he was caught by Margali Szardos, a mutant ringleader who ran the Munich Circus. Kurt senses a great reluctance from Mystique whenever she is around him.

  • Bennet du Paris is Magneto's greatest asset next to Fabian Cortez. Bennet possesses telekinetic and telepathic abilities that can keep the more dangerous mutants in check on Asteroid M.

  • Peter has grown restless and impatient with his training as an X-Man. He wants to tell Magneto the truth about his parentage and accompanies the Acolytes during their transport to Asteroid M.

  • Remy LeBeau and Peter Maximoff have traveled in the same circles. They are the only ones believe in honor among thieves. When Remy is on the run from the law and the Assassin's Guild, Peter offers Remy a chance at sanctuary on Asteroid M.

  • Joanna Cargill is Magneto's top enforcer among the Acolytes. Her superhuman strength and endurance makes her force to be reckoned with.

  • Warren Worthington has never known fatherly love until he met Charles Xavier. Warren was taken back when Xavier forgave him for his involvement with Apocalypse and welcomed him to the institute.

  • Like Exodus and Cortez, Magneto keeps Unus very close to him because of his ability to generate protective force fields around himself and objects.

  • Amelia Voght was a mutant that went to the Xavier Institute after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Charles brought her in as a nurse due to her medical background. Amelia helped Charles with his physical therapy. The two of them grew very close to one another until Charles started abusing Hank's serum. Now, Amelia acts as Magneto's chief physician.

  • Margali Szardos was a mutant gypsy who made herself into a ringleader of the Munich Circus. Margali's abilities allowed her to keep her mutants in check for the freak show including Nightcrawler.