X-Men Origins: Shadowcat

A rebellious Kitty Pryde accompanies her father to Madripoor where she runs a foul with the Yakuza and the Dawn of White Light cult. With her father on the run, Kitty must rely on a craftsman of swords named Patch and a ninja warrior named Kwannon in order to save her father.

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  • Kitty's parents divorced when she was young. Kitty spent her summer with her father Cameron in Madripoor. Kitty's rebellious attitude gets her in trouble with her father's clients...the Yakuza. Kitty must rely on Wolverine's experience with the Yakuza in order to save her father.

  • After Jean Grey freed Logan, he chose to go into hiding so no one else could use him as a weapon. Within a short time, Logan fell in love with the daughter of a Yakuza clansman but he became a widower just as fast. Logan assumed the identity of Patch, a craftsman of swords in Madripoor. Logan is pulled back into the fray when Kitty asks him to help her father.

  • Kenuichio Harada represents the Harada clan of the Yakuza. Kenuichio was meant to marry Mariko Yashida in order to unite the clans. However, Mariko fell in love with a gaijin named Logan. Mariko was secretly poisoned by Matsuo Tsurayaba but the feud between Logan and Harada still rages on. Kenuichio will avenge Mariko and restore his honor once he kills Logan.

  • Yuriko Oyama and Logan met after the bombing in Nagasaki. Logan helped rebuild the villages and Yuriko fell in love. Yuriko's father Kenji didn't approve of their union so he challenged Logan to a duel. Logan killed Kenji and Yuriko harbored a deep hatred for her father's murderer. Yuriko now represents Oyama clan of the Yakuza.

  • Shiro Yoshida is the last surviving member of Yashida clan. Shiro inherited Mariko's title as clan leader. Shiro was sent on behalf of the Yakuza to address the problem in Madripoor and to protect their assets.

  • Matsuo Tsurayaba is the leader of Tsurayaba clan. Matsuo and Yuriko have aspirations to take over the Yakuza but the only thing standing in their way is the Dawn of the White Light. When Matsuo arrives in Madripoor, he discovers two of his mortal enemies reside on the island...his former lover Kwannon and the gaijin Logan.

  • Kwannon had a personal grudge against Tsurayaba clan because she was betrayed by her lover Matsuo. She has trained Kitty Pryde and Amiko to defend themselves on the rough streets of Madripoor.

  • Stacy X is Seraph's leading contributor at the brothel. Stacy only looks out for herself and is willing to work for whomever can offer her a better price.

  • Colonel Nicholas Hitzig worked with Dr. Klaus Schmidt at Auschwitz. Erik Lensharr and Kitty's grandfather were tortured by Hitzig. Logan and Hitzig fought each other until Hitzig lost his left hand to Logan. Hitzig hid in Madripoor and started his own enterprise. Hitzig would never believe that he would meet Logan again.

  • The mantle of Ogun has been worn by two men who have either come into conflict or have mentored Logan in different points of his life. When Kenji Oyama died at Logan's hands, the Ogun mask was passed onto Shingen Harada, Mariko's father. Shingen trained Wolverine in the ways of the ninja and how to handle a samurai sword. When Mariko died, Shingen blamed Logan.

  • Tomi Shishido was once the leader of the Shishido Clan until he broke away from the Yakuza and moved his operations to Madripoor. The clan has been transformed into the Dawn of the White Light cult. Shishido intends to capture the Yakuza's accountant Cameron Pryde in order to draw the clans to him so he can dispatch them one by one.

  • Amiko Kobayashi is Kitty's best friend in Madripoor. The streets of Madripoor are tough on everyone especially little girls. Amiko has sometimes carried herself off as a boy named Yukio so she won't be easily harassed by others. Amiko has been learning the ways of the ninja by Kwannon in order to combat the Dawn of the White Light.

  • Mariko Yashida was Logan's wife until she was murdered by Matsuo Tsurayaba.

  • Cameron Pryde is Yakuza's accountant. When Kitty crosses Yakuza clan leaders, Cameron must do everything he can to ensure Kitty's safety.

  • Erik Lensharr knew Kitty's grandfather when they were both experimented on by the Nazis in Auschwitz. It was Wolverine who rescued Erik and Kitty's grandfather. Wolverine and Erik have hunted down every Nazi responsible for the mutant experimentations except for Colonel Nicholas Hitzig.

  • Seraph is the madame of Madripoor's most infamous brothel.