X-Men Origins: Dazzler

In 1974 with the rise of disco and the exposure of mutants, Alison Blaire tries to strike it on her own by becoming the first mutant singing sensation. Little does Alison know that she has a guardian angel from an alternate future looking out for her because a gruesome threat from another world will subject her to a deadly series of games and horror.

List items

  • Alison Blaire comes to New York City to make it big as the first mutant singing sensation. Her life gets turned upside down when she is abducted and taken to Mojoworld.

  • Longshot doesn't remember his past. All he has ever known is the games and the fight for survival. Everything changes when he falls hard for Mojo's newest star liner...Dazzler.

  • Mojo has been the source of intergalactic entertainment for centuries. He's always finding new ways to amaze his audience. Mojo has recruiters throughout the galaxy and he has chosen Dazzler to be his diva. Mojo sees a delicious opportunity when he finds out that Dazzler and Longshot have become lovers.

  • Rita Wayword is the only remaining piece of Longshot's past. Both Longshot and Rita performed stunts for Hollywood until they were abducted by Mojo. Through genetic manipulation, Mojo unlocks Rita's mutant ability and she sprouts four extra arms. Mojo has brainwashed Rita to become his personal bodyguard Spiral. Spiral harbors a deep resentment for Dazzler when she wins Longshot's affections.

  • Shatterstar comes from a future where Mojo has killed his parents and he is a slave to the games. Shatterstar manages to design a time travelling device but it can only work one time. Shatterstar chooses to go to 1974 in order to save his parents and assassinate Mojo.

  • Lila Cheney is Alison's best friend. Alison would do vocals while Lila would be her guitarist. Lila taps into her mutant ability to teleport when Shatterstar fails to rescue his mother from being abducted. Both Shatterstar and Lila teleport to Mojoworld to save Dazzler.

  • Major Domo is Mojo's personal assistant. Domo has aspirations to overthrow Mojo and take the world for himself.

  • Doctor Sax is a blind saxophone player that befriends Dazzler during her rise to become a singing sensation.

  • Johnny Guitar is Dazzler's abusive boyfriend who is always trying to upstage her with his vocals and guitar skills.