Wonder Woman 2 (Upcoming DCEU Film)

Wonder Woman's efforts during World War II come back to haunt her when the Cheetah resurfaces.

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  • During World War II, Diana assisted the Allied Forces when the Axis Powers made their expansion across the world. Diana fought the Cheetah when the Nazis attacked Africa.

  • Barbara Ann Minerva has assumed different alias for decades because her accursed longevity. The Cheetah's maintains immortality so long as the avatar is sated with blood. The Cheetah is a powerful enforcer that serves the will of the First Born who was considered an African deity called Urzkartaga. Dr. Minerva is willing to put the world out of balance in order to reverse her curse.

  • Circe is an Amazon that practiced the dark arts and was banished by Hippolyta because Circe had a prolonged affair with Ares. Circe wants to obtain godhood by allying herself with Urzkartaga aka the First Born but he will only grant her wish if she captures the Cheetah.

  • The First Born's name has been lost through the ages but when he was adopted by Chuma's tribe, he became a glorified deity called Urzkartaga. The First Born's beloved enforcer was the Cheetah. When Dr. Minerva became the new Cheetah, she refused the First Born's advances and imprisoned him in the Antarctic with magic.

  • Hal Jordan bares a striking resemblance to Steve Trevor because his grandmother is Tracy Trevor. Diana is taken back when she meets Hal for the first time when Hal is attacked by Circe's henchman Kung. Hal is in love with Carol Ferris but he can't help but feel a kinship with Diana.

  • When Kung escapes Diana's grasp, Katana offers her services to the Amazon princess in order to exact her revenge on the only other person responsible for her husband's murder.

  • Tetsujiro Yoneda is the grandson of Thomas Morita, a Kamikaze pilot who took part in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Tetsu was brought into the fold by Circe who made him a shape-shifting spy because of Cheetah's continued defiance. Tetsu owes Circe his life because he had a hand in the murder of Katana's husband Maseo Yamashiro.

  • Sebastian Ballesteros is Barbara's latest mark for resources and funding. Sebastian and Barbara have a mutual relationship in illegally acquiring priceless artifacts. Sebastian is also having an affair with Donna Milton, his attorney who in actuality is Circe.

  • Chief Inspector Eduardo Indelicato has been trying to make a case stick on Sebastian Ballesteros and his black market dealings with stolen antiquities. Indelicato becomes involved with Diana when she comes into conflict with the Cheetah and Ballesteros.

  • Sylvie Docker is one of many who have been transformed by the First Born to become a part of his Hyena Army. Sylvie acts the First Born's commander.

  • Chuma, a devoted follower of Urzkartaga, an African deity. Chuma met Dr. Minerva during the Nazis incursion in Africa and he chose to curse her by having Barbara become the Cheetah because the Nazis annihilated his tribe.

  • Carol Ferris has served under General Swanwick but she left the service when she met Hal Jordan and took over her father's responsibilities as CEO of Ferris Airlines. Ferris admires superheroes like Superman but she starts to become jealous of Diana's obscure interest in Hal Jordan who resembles the former Steve Trevor.

  • Tracy Trevor is Steve Trevor's sister. She met Princess Diana when Diana delivered the news about Steve's valiant sacrifice to stop Ares. In the future, Tracy's daughter Jessica Trevor eventually married USAF pilot Martin Jordan and gave birth to Hal Jordan.

  • Abin Sur crash lands on Earth and must find a successor.