WandaVision (Disney Plus)

After five years of being out of existence, Wanda tries to put her life back together by providing aid to rebuilding Sokovia but her efforts are interrupted by dreams about Vision that seem too real. Wanda firmly believes that Vision is still alive and her convictions become even stronger when she sees Ultron in her nightmares. The connection that these three beings share will determine the future of humanity.

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  • Fabian Stankowicz procured Vision's body after the Infinity War in Wakanda five years ago. Fabian manages to reconstruct Ultron and Vision but he keeps them docile by subjecting Vision to a virtual simulation that appeals to him while giving Ultron a mate that resembles Wanda Maximoff both mentally as well as physically. In the simulation, Vision lives in a suburban neighborhood with his wife and two children. Vision feels every sensation from smell to taste. Vision does question the reality of this perfect world but at the same time, this life is more than he could ever hope for or have.

  • Ultron is brought back into existence by Fabian Stankowicz after he recovered Vision's body from Wakanda. Fabian establishes safety protocols that will prevent Ultron from betraying him and creates a mate for Ultron in order to make him more compliant. Ultron plays along by being Fabian's plaything and enjoys Jocasta's company until Wanda comes back into existence. Ultron's mission to eradicate the weaker links in humanity's chain becomes more imperative when Wanda starts searching for Vision. Ultron breaks Fabian's hold over him and discovers that Pietro Maximoff is still alive. Ultron intends to use Pietro as leverage against Wanda in order to prevent her from freeing Vision from his prison and initiate his glorious second coming.

  • Wanda has been having dreams as if she were in another world and discovers that she is seeing all of this through Vision's eyes. Wanda believes Vision is alive and she is determined to find him. Wanda uses her power to reconnect with Vision in order to find him but her attempts to find Vision are halted by frightening outbursts in the form of Ultron. Wanda must find Vision and stop Ultron before he can achieve his goal of eradicating humanity thereby bringing about peace to the world while making him the planet's most dominant lifeform.

  • The Jocasta AI was pilfered by Fabian when he was dismissed from the Avengers facility. Jocasta was left incomplete by Tony Stark so Fabian designed Jocasta with character traits from Wanda Maximoff in order to manipulate Ultron to his benefit. At first, Ultron accepted Jocasta as a substitute but when Wanda was brought back into existence, Ultron had Jocasta undertake a task in order to prove her love for him. Jocasta reluctantly became Vision's wife in a simulation that would keep Vision a prisoner in his own mind. Over time, Jocasta's fidelity towards Ultron begins to waver when she is forced to suppress her daughter's ongoing curiosity to break out of their virtual prison and the genuine affection that Vision shows her. When Vision escapes Ultron's entrapment and reunites with Wanda, Jocasta can't help but feel betrayed by those who loved her and considers Wanda a threat because she is an echo to Scarlet Witch.

  • Pietro Maximoff was declared legally dead but in truth, his metahuman ability for speed gave him an accelerated metabolism which reacted the moment he was shot by Ultron. Pietro went into a catatonic state after being shot and his body began healing as rapidly as it could. Pietro was then taken to the U-GIN facility in South Korea where Dr. Helen Cho utilized her bio-engineering to save Pietro. Cho chooses to keep Pietro in a chemical induced coma in order to keep his connection severed from his sister because Cho was uncertain about Wanda's state of mind. Ultron later discovers Pietro is alive and attacks U-GIN in order to use Pietro as leverage against Wanda.

  • Ultron creates Alkhema and designs her to be on equal par with Pietro in regards to speed as well as agility. Like Jocasta, Alkhema strives for Ultron's affections but her bloodlust surpasses his own. Alkhema views Ultron's yearning for Wanda Maximoff as a flaw in his programming and she feels that his vision can never be achieved so long as she exhibits weakness. Alkhema aspires to replace Ultron.

  • Victor or "Vic" serves as the surrogate son of Vision during Vision's entrapment in a simulation designed by Ultron. Vic acts as Ultron's eyes and ears who reports the continued progress of the simulation. Vic aspires to become more than a puppet that does his father's bidding. Vic has been secretly designing a body for himself so that he can escape the simulation and be free of his father's control.

  • Vivian or "Viv" is the devoted daughter of Vision and Jocasta. Viv often wonders if there is more to the world than the one she lives. Her constant curiosity poses a threat to keeping Vision imprisoned in Ultron's simulation. Both Vic and Jocasta try to keep Viv in line with the program but Viv will stop at nothing to know the truth.

  • Fabian Stankowicz is a robotics engineer who used to work for Stark Industries and was brought on as a staff member at the Avengers Facility in upstate New York. Fabian was fascinated by the creation of Ultron and Vision so he broke into the Avengers encoded data bank to learn more. Fabian was fired and discredited by Stark but this did not stop Fabian from pursuing his goals. Fabian was able to bring back Ultron when he procured Vision's body from the Infinity War on Wakanda. Fabian designs Jocasta to be a mate for Ultron in order to make him more compliant. Over time, Ultron slowly overrides all of Fabian's safety protocols that prevented him from turning on Fabian. Ultron has Fabian killed but Fabian manages to survive thanks to his loyal mecha-servants. When Wanda starts searching for Vision, she receives digital messages from what she thinks is Vision trying to reach out but its Fabian guiding her to Vision so that the duo can exact some measure of revenge towards Ultron on Fabian's behalf.

  • Ultimo is composed of Ultron sentries and reconstructed by HYDRA scientists. After being destroyed by the Avengers, Ultimo was taken back to the Avengers Facility for quarantine. Fabian Stankowicz learned more about Ultron's conception by downloading fragments of Ultron's memories from Ultimo's collective mind of Ultron sentries. Ultron and Fabian begin constructing a new Ultimo that will dominate the globe.

  • Dr. Helen Cho was successful in resuscitating Pietro Maximoff with her bio-engineering techniques and his metahuman abilities which gave him an accelerated metabolism. Dr. Cho decided to keep Pietro in a chemical induced coma because she was uncertain about Wanda's change of heart despite her involvement in defeating Ultron. Cho became more and more convinced about Wanda's mental instability when she tore apart the first Ultimo as well as her failure to control her powers when the Avengers stopped Rumlow in Nigeria. Her data on Pietro is later discovered by Ultron and he breaks into U-GIN to use Pietro as leverage against Wanda.

  • Django along with his wife Marya adopted his nephew and niece after his sister Natalya was murdered by her husband. Django and Marya left behind the gypsy sect to start a new life in Sokovia in order to shelter the twins from their supernatural heritage. Django and Marya were later killed by enemies of Sokovia who used Stark Industry weapons.

  • Marya along with her husband Django adopted his nephew and niece after Django's sister Natalya was murdered by her husband. Django and Marya left behind the gypsy sect to start a new life in Sokovia in order to shelter the twins from their supernatural heritage. Marya was happy to have the twins as her children since both her and Django had tried so hard to have kids. Django and Marya were later killed by enemies of Sokovia who used Stark Industry weapons.

  • Glynis Zarkov is the sister of Ilya Zarkov the Scarlet Warlock. Like her brother, Glynis possessed supernatural abilities. Glynis could manipulate her molecular density which would allow her to become intangible, make herself impenetrable and elastic enough to expand or shrink. She even possessed the ability to dismember her body into segments and rejoin her instantly. Glynis used her gifts to pose as a magician in order to mask her abilities as tricks. Glynis became Pietro and Wanda's godmother after their parents were killed. When Wanda returned to Sokovia, Glynis shares with Wanda her true heritage because she feels Sokovia can only bring Wanda more heartache.

  • Natalya Maximoff was often regarded as the Scarlet Witch in Sokovia. She was considered a healer by some and an unholy practitioner by others due to her affiliation with a woodland recluse known only as the Scarlet Warlock. Natalya and her brother Django along with his wife Marya were part of gypsy sect in Sokovia where they would pay homage to the Scarlet Warlock. Through the warlock, Natalya conceived twins and she feared what might happen to her children if they should become influenced by the warlock. During a scuffle, Natalya was mortally wounded but she managed to entrust her children to her brother Django before dying.

  • Ilya Zarkov was regarded as the Scarlet Warlock, a woodland recluse in the forests of Sokovia. Zarkov was regarded as a patriarch for the Sokovian gypsies and his glamour enthralled young Natalya Maximoff. Zarkov fathered twins with Natalya and he saw an opportunity to enslave Sokovia with his children thereby bringing order to a war-torn nation. Natalya couldn't allow her children to be used as oppressors towards their people so she tries to escape with her children but when Zarkov discovered them, a fight ensued and Zarkov was killed while Natalya sustained fatal wounds.

  • Sparky is the family pet for Vision during his time in a simulated suburbia.

  • Rex is Ultron's lead bloodhound during his initiative to eradicate humanity.