The Power of Shazam (DCEU film)

The Rock of Eternity has shattered and the beings that dwelled within it have been released. Billy and Mary's confidence of being Fawcett City's champions is beginning to wane. It is time for a new champion to arise.

List items

  • Billy Batson begins to question whether or not if he is worthy to be Fawcett City's champion. It's getting hard to not cross that red line.

  • Albrecht Krieger is a demigod named Oggar. Oggar feeds off racial bigotry and the fear in all things different. Oggar was at his peak before World War 2 broke out. His plans to conquer to the world were ruined when Alan Armstrong put Oggar into cryogenic stasis. Oggar's vessel was placed in the negative chunk of the Rock of Eternity.

  • Freddy Freeman is crippled during the fight between Shazam and Oggar. Freddy blames Shazam for failing to save his grandfather Jacob and the wizard's involvement with his older brother Christopher. Mary pities Freddy and makes amends by transferring Tawny's essence into Freddy. With the wizard's last ounce of magic, Freddy is empowered & vengeful.

  • Mary feels sympathy for Freddy and feels partly responsible for his plight. Mary transfers Tawny's essence into Freddy in order to give him back the use of his legs but she fails to realize that by empowering Freddy, she has given the edge he needs to avenge his grandfather and tarnish the standards that the wizard stood for.

  • Christopher Freeman was originally chosen by the wizard to be his champion but Christopher was killed before the wizard could approach him. The wizard used the power within the Rock of Eternity to resurrect Freeman but it came at a great cost. The wizard placed the disturbed Freeman boy in the positive chunk of the Rock of Eternity.

  • Tim Drake has been at odds with Ulysses Armstrong, an upstart Aryan who has taken the identity of his catatonic best friend Lonnie Machin.

  • Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong was a prodigy born with military prowess. At a young age, he outsmarted all of his superiors with impressive tactics and strategies. He became the youngest military officer to hold the rank of general. To make things more interesting, Armstrong took on the identity of Anarky in order to stir chaos within the US.

  • Barbara Gordon aka Oracle has been following the movements of the Fourth Reich and gather incriminating evidence against Agent Katarina Armstrong.

  • Katarina Krieger is the daughter of Wolf Krieger. Katarina married Ulysses Armstrong and became Madame Libertine. Her counter intelligence agency has been aiding the Fourth Reich while trying to uncover the identity of their opposition...Oracle.

  • Alan Armstrong aka Spy Smasher was responsible for defeating Krieger and aided the wizard by imprisoning the Iron Cross in the Rock of Eternity.

  • Wolf Krieger is the son of Albrecht Krieger who has preparing for the ascension of the Fourth Reich.

  • Atomo is a doomsday weapon that Wolf Krieger has been crafting for the Fourth Reich.

  • Darla Dudley helps the Shazam family fight off the Fourth Reich.

  • Tawny is mortally wounded by the return of Oggar. Mary transfers Tawny's essence into Freddy thereby allowing him to walk and avenge his grandpa.