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The Long Halloween (The Batman prequel)

The first year of the Batman

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  • Roman Sionis

  • Julian Gregory Day

  • Harvey Dent's childhood was a violent beginning that would forever scar and shape his future. Harvey's father Christopher was a lawyer for the McKillen Irish Mob. Christopher would constantly turn to drink out of grief for defending and acquitting members of the McKillen Mob. Harvey would often be the victim of his father's alcoholic abuse but Harvey knew that this rage was brought on by his father's regrets for betraying the law. When Harvey applied for a scholarship from the Solomon Wayne College for Law, his father made a childish bet on whether or not Harvey would be accepted. Chris flips his lucky coin and suddenly has a stroke. Christopher Dent dies on route to the hospital and Harvey discovers that his father's lucky coin is two sided. From that moment, Harvey figures luck is what he makes of it. When Harvey becomes ADA under DA Colson, he goes after the McKillens by using what

  • Erin McKillen is a niece of Louisa Falcone. Erin and Bruce knew each other at Roxbury Academy but their paths took different turns after Bruce's parents had died. Erin started taking an interest in the Irish Mob's operations in Gotham and aspired to be the next leader of the McKillen Gang. When Bruce comes back to Gotham, he bumps into Erin when she was conducting a transaction between her and the Maroni crew. Erin becomes a target for ADA Harvey Dent and she tries to deter Harvey's crusade by attacking those closest to him. Erin's first attempt is bombing Dent's home which puts Gilda in the hospital. Gilda Dent in front of Harvey which brings out the worst part of him. Erin is transferred to Blackgate when she is broken out by her mob.

  • Gilda Gold-Dent is a descendant of the reviled Gotham merchant Cyrus Gold. As a child, Gilda's mother would often mutter the morbid rhyme of Solomon Grundy. Gilda

  • Ray Salinger is a deranged child murderer known as the Birthday Boy. The Calendar Man kept Salinger appeased by supplying him with young females in order to relive his fantasy and in exchange Salinger would serve as Julian Day's muscle. When Lt. Gordon arrests Julian Day, Birthday Boy becomes enraged.

  • Bethany Ruperta Thorne is Dr, Thorne's "Rosebud"

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  • July 4th: Matthew Bradford Thorne

  • Jessica Dent has often been regarded as a woman of two minds which earned her name "Duela" Dent.

  • Howard Branden

  • Chief Clancy O'Hara

  • Shannon "Jade" McKillen