The Flash vs Green Lantern (DCEU film)

The next big fight and ultimate team up in the DC Universe...Flash vs Green Lantern. Long ago, the Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lantern of Sector 2814 buried a powerful weapon called the Philosopher Stone. The evil sentience within the stone can transmute elements like turning lead into gold or combine organic material with inorganic. The true power of this stone has never been unleashed until now.

List items

  • Bart Allen and Kyle Rayner will team up to save Keystone City from a gang of metahumans that have the whole city hostage.

  • Kyle Rayner and Bart Allen must recover the Philosopher's Stone from Doctor Alchemy and Blacksmith.

  • Amunet Black is the fiance of Keith Kenyon. Amunet gets close to Kenyon because she and her cohort Dr. Engstom are in search of the fabled Philosopher Stone. All clues lead to somewhere within Kenyon's steel mill. Amunet kills Bivolo after he retrieves the stone and the stone merges Amunet's body with barbwire making her the Blacksmith.

  • Dr. Curtis Engstrom is an archaeologist who has been searching for the fabled Philosopher Stone. The stone itself has a dark sentience that grows stronger with its prolonged use. After hiring Chroma the Rainbow Raider to acquire the stone, Engstrom harnesses the stone's power and becomes the avatar for Albert Alvin Desmond, the stone's creator.

  • Keith Kenyon is the union boss for Steel Mill 242. Kenyon's fiance Amunet Black took interest in Keith because according to legend, the Philosopher's Stone was hidden somewhere within the steel mill. When Borman and Mota's nuclear experiment explodes from across the way, the aftershock causes the stone to mutate Kenyon into a living King Midas.

  • Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond were currently attending Keystone college until the city fell into chaos. Firestorm's rash actions will draw the attention of the Flash and Green Lantern. The heroes must put their differences aside before both Central & Keystone City are lost.

  • Valerie Perez is the estranged daughter of Manfred Mota and Bart's girlfriend.

  • Dr. Neil Borman and Dr. Manfred Mota were nuclear physicists who were trying to replicate Dr. Stein's success with the Firestorm Matrix. Their goal was to bring unlimited renewable energy to Central and Keystone City. Unfortunately, their experiment goes awry and Borman's body becomes the radioactive vessel for Mota's power crazed mind.

  • Professor Martin Stein is brought into Keystone City to help neutralize the situation.

  • Roy Bivolo was a rival artist who hated Kyle Rayner's success and despised him even more when he became the Green Lantern. When Roy learned that Rayner had the ability to harness all six spectrums of the Universe, he took it upon himself to become Rayner's superior. As Chroma the Rainbow Raider, Roy Bivolo becomes a skilled master thief.

  • Detective Fred Chyre has been trying to put Joseph Monteleone behind bars for years but he can't seem to make a case stick because witness or evidence disappears.

  • Joseph Monteleone aka Jackie "The Candyman" is Keystone's most infamous crime lord. Monteleone tries to muscle into the unions starting with Kenyon's steel mill. Kenyon refuses to be intimidated by some low life. Unfortunately, Borman and Mota's accident causes an aftershock that mutates Monteleone into a walking, talking Tar Pit.