The Flash Begins

After meeting the legendary Jay Garrick and adopting the Flash moniker as his own, Barry Allen begins his new life as Central City's defender. Barry has been trying to piece together all the evidence from an open shut case that means everything to him. Barry gets his first big clue when a shadow that has watched him from behind the scenes, sheds light on that tragic day when his mother was murdered. ba

List items

  • Barry Allen comes face to face with the brother he thought to be dead. This sibling rivalry will come to a bitter end for both speeders.

  • Malcolm Thawne was originally born Malcolm Allen. Malcolm and Barry were born prematurely on the same night the Thawnes lost their baby boy because an intoxicated Dr. Gilmore caused the baby's death. The Thawnes threatened Dr. Gilmore to make amends or losing his medical license would be the least of his worries. Dr. Gilmore falsified the birth records of the Allen twins and made it so that Malcolm had died. Malcolm's life with the criminal Thawnes was a traumatic one which molded him into a vindictive individual. When he learned the truth about his birth parents, Malcolm sought out his actual mother and father. Nora Allen couldn't accept the truth that Malcolm was her son and she casted him out of her home. In a fit of agony, Malcolm went to the Central City Cemetery and found his supposed grave where the Thawne baby was buried. Suddenly, the ground beneath Malcolm's feet began to crumble and he fell into a cavern. In the cavern, Malcolm is confronted by the ghostly corpse of Ulysses Sutter, the true founder of the Gem Cities. Ulysses bestows upon Malcolm a sapphire stone capable of siphoning one's energy. Malcolm goes on a vengeful frenzy by murdering the Thawnes and Dr. Gilmore who robbed him of a childhood. Malcolm then set his sights on the Allens but his revenge was denied when Nora was murdered and Henry Allen was convicted. Malcolm felt Barry's anguish for the loss of both his parents was enough for now but he kept an eye on his luckier brother.

  • David Hersch is one of the surviving offspring of Vandal Savage. Like most of Vandal's children, David has some form of regenerative capability and ages much slower than most human beings. In a fit of rage, he murdered his wife during a marital quarrel on a stormy night. When David realized what he had done, he attempted to commit suicide by slitting his wrists with the same dagger he used to kill his wife but a lightning bolt struck him. The lightning didn't kill David and when he awoke, he saw a man bathed in coldfire. This figure told David that he will be his dagger and he will murder every soul that is saved by the Flash because the Flash is a blasphemer who abuses the gift of Speed Force. David starts the Cult of the Cold Flame who hunt down people that have been saved by and praise Flash.

  • Detective Augusto Corzaon was an undercover cop and working up the food chain of a new drug trafficking racket in Central City while under the alias of Manuel Lago. Corazon had a personal stake in this case because his younger brother was murdered by a Velocity 9 junkie. Corazon brought his findings to Barry Allen and during a stormy night, a lightning bolt struck the forensics lab. Both Barry and Augusto were bathed in the electrically charged narcotic. Augusto took most of the blast and was left in a coma. When Augusto awakens, he realizes that he can run fast and duplicate himself at will. Augusto decided that his newfound abilities were given to him by a higher source and he was destined to punish those who abused Speed Force. As Godspeed, Augusto showed no mercy to the criminal element because he felt putting the fear of God in criminals would make more of an impact than the Flash's naive approach of apprehending criminals so that they could face the flawed and often corrupt justice system. Godspeed and Flash must put aside their differences in order to stop a supernatural threat that looms over Central City.

  • Iris starts investigating the emergence of the speeders and the rise in ritual murders conducted by a cult in Central City.

  • Daniel Cassidy is Verner Bros. leading star. Daniel's latest movie is called Nebiros: Curse of the Blue Devil. The movie began production at the mining caverns in Keystone City. When Terry Bolatinsky came into contact with Ulysses Sutter, Sutter and Terry used a jolt of power to condemn Daniel to an accursed life which merged his devilish costume with his own flesh. The transformation weakened Daniel and when he awoke, Daniel saw nothing but bloodied corpses around him which included his best friend Marla Bloom and her nephew Eddie. The police arrive and think Daniel is the culprit. Daniel escapes and he swears to those who were slaughtered that he will avenge them.

  • Terrence Bolatinsky is a special effects designer at Verner Bros. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Terry orchestrated his abusive father's death during the filming of Raijin, God of Thunder. Larry Bolatinsky was Daniel Cassidy's rival in the movie industry. They played opposite sides during the filming of Raijin. When filming started for Nebiros in the mining caverns outside of Keystone City, Terry was drawn to a voice who knew what he did to his father. Ulysses Sutter takes possession of Terry's body and gives Terry unimaginable power. As Overload, Terry condemns Daniel Cassidy to an accursed existence and unleashes an ungodly storm that effects the lives of so many.

  • Daphne Dean is Daniel Cassidy's co star on his latest movie. Daphne managed to escape the slaughter that occurred during the shooting of her latest movie. When Daphne gives her statement at Central City PD, she notices a section of the police department in shambles. When the new Flash becomes public, Daphne feels an infatuation for the speeder but things become complicated when her costar Daniel Cassidy comes asking for help. Daphne runs in terror and the Flash comes to her aid. Daphne and Flash share a lustful one night stand together but she ultimately accepts Cassidy's predicament and agrees to help him.

  • Detective James Forrest is Wally's godfather. James has been assigned to the investigation regarding the slaughter during the shooting of Nebiros: Curse of the Blue Devil.

  • Boston Brand was once part of Haly's Circus until a shadowy assailant with a hook shot him in mid air while performing his trapeze act. Vashnu, the Indian fakir at Haly's Circus, made a prayer that Rama Kushna salvage Boston Brand's soul. As for Boston's death, Boston's twin brother Cleveland tried to solve his brother's murder which was considered a cold case to Gotham PD. Cleveland decided to draw out out the assassin by performing Boston's trapeze act in order to unsettle them by making the killer believe they never killed Boston and his death was an act was a publicity stunt made up by circus. Boston witnessed the murder of his brother by the same assassin and he finally got a look at his killer but Rama Kushna denied him the chance to avenge himself or his brother because murder begets more murder. With no other outlet, Boston became his niece's guardian angel. Boston feels something unearthly when he and his niece Lita come to Central City during the filming of Daniel Cassidy's movie.

  • Lita Brand is Daphne Dean's stunt double during the shooting of Daniel Cassidy's new movie.

  • Rama Kushna has sent Boston Brand to learn another lesson about his new lease on the afterlife.

  • Vashnu is an Indian fakir who became a fortune teller at Haly's Circus. Vashnu had a powerful connection to the goddess Rama Kushna. Vashnu was also friends with Boston Brand. When Brand was murdered, Vashnu prayed to Rama Kushna to embrace Boston and give him a new meaning rather than ending up as a vengeful spirit.

  • Ulysses Percival Sutter was the true founder of Central and Keystone City or as they were often regarded as the Gem Cities. Ulysses stood to make a fortune but his envious partner Marshall Fletcher murdered him in a fit of greed. Ulysses swore to Marshall that he and all those who follow in the Fletcher bloodline will be forever cursed with tragedy. Over the years, Sutter's curse carried out its dark promise. The curse's latest victim was Nora Allen who was a descendant of Marshall Fletcher. One of the stones that Ulysses found in the caverns beneath Central City was the Coldfire Sapphire which he gave to Malcolm Thawne. This was perhaps Ulysses' greatest act of cruelty by giving one with Fletcher blood the means to kill another Fletcher descendant. Malcolm remains a deluded but faithful pawn in Sutter's sick game of revenge. When Sutter learns from Malcolm that Barry has become latest Flash, Sutter finds a kindred spirit in Overload who will end the Fletcher bloodline as well as the curse.

  • Patty Spivot is Barry's lab partner in forensics and harbors a secret crush on Barry. Patty also participates at the rehab center in Central City especially those who suffer from Velocity 9. Patty believes that rehabilitation is possible and no one is beyond saving but she feels Clive Yorkin is the exception to her beliefs. Patty's best participant at the rehab center is Wally West. She doesn't condone Wally's reluctance to see his parents who are worried sick about him but she understands his need to atone for his choices.

  • Wally has been hiding out at the rehab center because he feels ashamed for using Velocity 9 and he's not ready to see his parents until he has atoned. Barry Allen and Jay Garrick save Wally from overdosing on Velocity 9 so he owes the Flashes by saving others. Wally has noticed that his exposure to Velocity 9 and the intervention of the two Flashes has made him a speeder like Flash.

  • Clive Yorkin is a Velocity 9 junkie who has been served up as a fall guy for the ritualistic murder case that Forrest has been working on. In prison, Yorkin is approached by Coldfire who performs a ritual that mutates Clive into the very antithesis of the Speed Force. Black Flash will hunt down all speedsters until he is only one standing.

  • The Rathaways have become a part of witness protection program but not Hartley because he faked his death. Hartley has been hiding out with Singh and he knows that he's put Singh in a difficult position. Hartley secretly participates at the rehab center by soothing the junkies' pain with music but Hartley also wants to enhance his craft to one day controlling adults rather than just rodents and children.

  • David Singh realizes that he is harboring a vigilante and he could lose his job but his love for Hartley compels him. David tries to convince Hartley to give up his alternate persona but the gift that Hartley wields is too powerful to give up. David also pleads with Hartley to keep out of sight when he learns about Hartley's efforts to rehabilitate junkies at the rehab center with his music. David feels Hartley is using the junkies to enhance his melodic craft.

  • Captain Darryl Frye is the commanding officer in the Major Crimes Unit of Central City PD and Barry's godfather. Henry Allen believed that his wife Nora and Captain Frye were having an affair which started their marital troubles.

  • Henry Allen and his wife Nora were having marital problem and he became the prime suspect of her murder.

  • Nora Allen was murdered in cold blood and the evidence pointed to Henry Allen as the chief suspect.

  • Eddie Bloomberg is Marla's nephew and Daniel Cassidy's assistant during the filming of his movies. Eddie is killed during the production of Daniel's latest film Nebiros: Curse of the Blue Devil.

  • Marla Bloomberg is the executive producer of Verner Bros. Films. Her lead star is Daniel Cassidy who has brought her studios so much money.