The Flash 4: Reborn

A new Flash has taken to the streets of Central and Keystone City. There is a rising escalation of metahumans in both cities as well as a public outcry for order. Wally must rescue his fellow metahumans from persecution and abuse.

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  • With the disappearance of Barry Allen, Wally must step up and be the new Flash while Bart Allen takes up his position as Impulse on the Teen Titans. Wally goes to work for the Keystone City PD as a rookie cop and he is partnered up with Det. Fred Chyre, the ultimate bad ass of the department. Wally must uncover a disturbing plot involving metahuman refugees who have come from all corners of the country to Keystone City and a bounty hunter who is hunting his fellow rogues.

  • Leonard Snart was born into a Jewish home along with his sister Lisa. Their father Lawrence was a kosher butcher and an abusive drunkard. Leonard soon learned that having a cold heart would shield him from the hard truths of life. Leonard's only ray of hope was watching his sister grow beyond their harsh childhood and becoming an Olympic figure skater. When Lisa was murdered, Leonard chased down and killed the man responsible for his sister's death then took the murderer's freezing gun as a trophy. Afterwards, Leonard applied to the position of captain at Keystone City PD. Snart assists Dr. Charles Bell with the apprehending of metahuman refugees for a supposed outreach facility. Snart's metahuman bloodhounds are Topper and Heatwave.

  • Armando Dante Ramone is the brother of Francisco "Cisco" Paco Ramone. Both brothers were part of a gang called Los Lobos in Dakota, Michigan. When a number of gangs and police officers converged on Paris Island, the exchange of gunfire ruptured a containment tanker with Quantum Juice. The aftershock of the explosion mutated several gang members, vagrants, construction workers and officers. As for Armando, he discovered Cisco's body riddled with bullets. Armando's agony caused him to emit a powerful vibratory shock wave. Armando moved to Keystone City to getaway from his guilt but he becomes involved when Captain Snart starts apprehending metahuman refugees.

  • Mick Rory Calhoun has always had an infinity for the warmth of fire because at an early age, he was locked in Lawrence Snart's meat locker and left for dead. It was Leonard and Lisa Snart who saved Mick from dying of hypothermia. When Mick got home and told his family about his terrible ordeal, his mother mocked him while his father beat him for allowing someone to make a fool of him. Mick incinerated his family home with his parents inside and proceeded by trying to kill his tormentor. Mick later became a firefighter in Dakota, Michigan because it was the only profession that could get him close enough to his true love. On Paris Island, Mick was setting up for his latest fiery display until a shootout startled him and caused him to light his accelerant to early. The explosion scarred his body but he gained the ability to discharge large amounts of heat. Mick is captured by Project Cadmus where he is studied. Mick escapes with a suit and gun that can channel heat generated by him.

  • Cyborg accompanies Wally back to Keystone City when he learns from his uncle Tomas Baez that his cousin Lashawna has been spotted in Keystone City. Lashawna has been stealing medical supplies to keep him alive. Tomas fears that his deteriorating condition is driving his daughter to take more desperate measures to secure his health by stealing large sums of money from anyone even if that means from mobsters and drug lords.

  • Lashawna Baez was once a magician's assistant whom he referred to as Alakazam. When Lashawna's father got sick, she started devoting more time to him and less to her job. Lashawna was fired and she became desperate to finds the means to save her father. When Lashawna broke into a clinic for pain killers, she was chased by a security guard all the way to Paris Island. Lashawna, like so many others, was caught between an all out gang war and an explosion that changed many lives. Lashawna woke up after the explosion and noticed debris from a building about to fall on her. Out of terror, Lashawna cries out in despair but then she teleports from Paris Island and back to her room. Lashawna figures with her newfound power she can get what she needs for her father. Her thefts gained the attention of Static whose efforts drove her out of Dakota but she would stop helping father to survive. Lashawna makes her way to Keystone City where she meets Pied Piper and Trickster whose peculiar arsenal allows them to steal from the criminal element. Lashawna becomes a target for Captain Snart.

  • Hartley has lost David to AIDS just as Yorkin had predicted and Hartley has begun to lose his hearing due to anti-HIV drugs. Dr. Sarah Charles developed a cybernetic pair of cochlear implants. The implants gave back Hartley's hearing. Hartley also vouched for his friend Axel when he was maimed by Grodd during a FBI raid. Hartley and Axel target all criminal outfits but their satisfaction differs.

  • After being maimed by Grodd, Axel was given a cybernetic arm and enhancements on his legs by Dr. Sarah Charles. Axel was vouched for by his best friend Hartley when he got enhanced. Axel has since been working with Hartley in robbing from crime syndicates and keeping the spoils. Hartley wants to cripple the crime in both Central and Keystone City but Axel just wants to have fun while making money.

  • Sarah and her sister LeTonya come from Dakota, Michigan where the drug Tar became infamous. Sarah fought to intervene on her sister's behalf to get her off the dependency of Tar. Her only hope is the new hero Static.

  • LeTonya Charles is a Tar addict and a frequent customer of the Candyman. The Tar drug is a topical creme that one spreads across the body and it grants the user super strength as well as invulnerability. The side effects to Tar is it can cause damage to the user's epidermis and burn away muscle density. LeTonya is Sarah and Static's only lead to get close enough to the Candyman.

  • Virgil Ovid Hawkins was constantly bullied by gang members that dealt drugs for the Candyman. Virgil's best friend Paco Ramone gave Virgil a gun and told him where he could find the gang members in order to make them pay. Virgil and the Ramone brothers were present on Paris Island during the Big Bang. Virgil threw away the gun that Paco gave him and tried to runaway from the shootout. The exchange of gunfire ruptured a containment tanker with Quantum Juice. The aftershock of the explosion mutated several gang members, vagrants, construction workers and officers. The explosion knocked Virgil into a transformer and electrocuted him. However, the exposure to the Q-Juice gave Virgil the ability to harness large amounts of electricity. Virgil becomes Dakota's hero Static and learns that Tar is being sold in Keystone City. Virgil goes after the source and teams with Flash.

  • Joseph "Jackie" Monteleone aka the Candyman was an elusive drug lord in Dakota City. When rival gang members and drug lords collided on Paris Island, Monteleone was among the participants. The exchange of gunfire ruptured a containment tanker with Quantum Juice. The aftershock of the explosion mutated several gang members, vagrants, construction workers and officers. The explosion knocked Monteleone toward an ignited asphalt truck. The exposure to the Q-Juice caused Monteleone to mutate into a living mass of fiery tar. Monteleone fought Static on more than one occasion in Dakota and the vigilante dismantled his operation. Monteleone moves his operations to Keystone City and becomes a threat to not only vigilantes but rogue cops.

  • With the disappearance of Iris West, Linda Park has moved up in WKEY Channel 4 News. Her latest story involves metahuman refugees coming to Keystone City and being held captive at a supposed outreach facility. Linda's main lead is a nutritionist who works at the facility.

  • Dr. Christina Jeri McGee is a nutritionist sent by the DEO to aid Dr. Bell at the metahuman outreach facility. She prefers to be called Tina and she met Wally when he came into the facility to see what it was all about. Wally flirts with Tina and they go out on a date.

  • Dr. Charles Murray Bell is a DEO scientist that was originally assigned to Project Cadmus. Dr. Bell has been analyzing the escalation of metahumans in the United States. His first exposure to metahuman mutation began in Dakota where he witnessed the Big Bang. Dr. Bell is then transferred to Keystone City where he establishes an outreach facility for metahumans where he intends to experiment on metahumans and weaponize them for the government. In truth, Dr. Bell is the true architect of the Q-Juice.

  • Director Bones is a true patriot of the American people who wants to protect the society from metahumans like himself that pose a threat because he too was a threat. Bones questions Dr. Bell's motives.

  • Patrick O'Brian has gone by different alias but chief among them are Cameron Stringer and Eel O'Brian. Patrick was born with the gift of being a three jointed contortionist which has allowed him to evade the authorities most of the time. When Patrick got arrested for his latest burglary, his route to jail was interrupted when the arresting officers get a call that there is an all out gang war on Paris Island. Patrick escapes his restraints while the arresting officers engage in the shootout but Patrick doesn't get very far when an explosion knocks him out cold. When Patrick wakes up, he finds himself in a cell with others who were involved at the Big Bang on Paris Island. Patrick becomes nervous when he notices that his cell mates are not being returned to their cells after being interrogated. Patrick's sweaty brow bangs against the bars of his cell and slowly his head slips through the bars. Amazed, Patrick gets the rest of his body through the bars and escapes the confines of jail. Patrick tests out his ability of elasticity and discovers he can shapeshift as well. Patrick's new string of burglaries makes an enemy of Static. Static mockingly refers to Patrick as Rubberband Man. Patrick hated this name and Static's constant interference. Patrick takes his new skill set to Keystone City. Patrick along with other bang babies are being hunted by Captain Snart. Pat has a lustful fling for Topper.

  • Christie Doyle has taken on the identity of Topper, a nickname that Leonard had for his sister Lisa because both of them used to play with a dreidel and Lisa's moves as a skater were often reminiscent of a top. Christie was a competitor against Lisa when they met during the Olympics. Leonard never considered Christie to be a suspect in Lisa's murder because Christie would maintain the facade as a competitive best friend. Christie stole Roscoe Dillon's friction suit which gave her super speed. Christie's boy toy is Patrick O'Brian and she sells Patrick out to Tar Pit when O'Brian steals from him.

  • Joe West becomes an inspector at Internal Affairs. Joe's feelings about his son being the Flash and now a cop has got him more worried about his son's safety. Joe has been looking into Snart's affairs as captain of Keystone City PD.

  • Mary West is proud of her son but she continually worries about the risks he takes. Mary is the first Fire Marshal in Keystone City history. She has been investigating a string of arson attacks that has gone from Dakota, Michigan to Keystone City.

  • Detective Chyre is a 25 year man of the Keystone City PD. Chyre is partnered up with Det. Jared Morillo who comes off as a plucky beat cop but its just a facade to hide his depression about the loss of his family. Chyre turned Morillo's life around by sharing some of his most grueling war stories as a cop of Keystone City. After hearing Chyre's exploits, Morillo's sorrow seems a little less tragic.

  • Morillo lost his wife and children in a car accident but he miraculously survived. Morillo never believed the ideas of a higher power or miracles. There are just those who are lucky and those whose luck have run out. When he transferred to Keystone City, Jared became partners with hard as nails Fred Chyre who turned his life around.

  • Roscoe Dillon was Lisa Snart's coach when she competed in the Olympics. Even though Roscoe was old enough to be her father, Lisa had a lustful infatuation with him. Roscoe maintained Lisa's devotion and her competitive edge by supplying her with small dosages of his personal Velocity 9 stock. Lisa had her gold medal from the Olympics taken away from her because of her dependence on Velocity 9. Lisa fell into depression and Roscoe began a life of crime as a pseudo speeder. Snart caught up with Roscoe after he had murdered Blaine Chilton. It was Roscoe's death that got Internal Affairs to investigate Snart's affairs.

  • Blaine Chilton was a vicious punk who tormented every living thing. During his childhood, Blaine locked poor Mick Rory in Mr. Snart's meat locker and left him for dead. Mick got his revenge by burning Chilton's home down with him in it or so Mick thought. Chilton got away with 3rd degree burns and started working with different outfits. At one point, Blaine aided Dr. Fries in his endeavor to save his wife Nora but Blaine stole some Fries' his cryo tech and left Gotham for Keystone City. Blaine joined J.J. Monteleone, a drug dealer often regarded as the Candyman. After Lisa Snart lost her Olympic gold medal, she fell into a depression and Blaine took advantage of it. Lisa became an addict and Blaine's personal property. When Lisa got pinched on a drug bust, Blaine decided to ice Lisa before she could divulge anything to the cops. Snart used his connections to get his revenge and asked his friend Mick to hide the evidence with a purging fire. The concealment of Blaine's death becomes a matter of interest for the fire department arson investigator Mary West.