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The Batman Part II (Reeves-Verse)

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  • Dr. Simon Hurt was a psychiatrist at Willowood's Home for Children.

  • Wrath of the Court was born Elliot David Caldwell, owner of Caldwell Security Technologies. Elliot's father was a professional thief who moonlighted as a security technician in order to gain access to highly profitable targets. Elliot was pulled into his father's latest scheme to rob a Gotham high rise but Elliot accidentally triggered a silent alarm. During their escape, Elliot's father gets gunned down by rookie cop Jim Gordon while Elliot fled through an air duct. Elliot saw Gordon's badge number through the air vent before being apprehended by a Talon. The Court of Owls tell Elliot that those who steal from them are punished but they offer him a position within their ranks since they were impressed by Elliot's talents in being stealthy. Elliot accepts their offer and vows to one day replace the GCPD with the Court's Talons. With Gotham under martial law, Elliot sees his opportunity to exact his wrath on Gordon and GCPD.

  • Jarvis Pennyworth was the original caretaker of the Wayne Family before his son Alfred came into their employ. Jarvis' time with the Waynes had opened his eyes on how Gotham was ran. It wasn't the political corruption or criminal underworld that ruled the city, they were merely aspects of an elusive society known as the Court of Owls. Jarvis' investigation into the Court drew their attention and when he began to fear for his life, Jarvis called for Alfred to come to Gotham. When Martha Wayne went into labor

  • Before Bruce Wayne was born, Martha was pregnant with Thomas Wayne Jr. but while on route to the hospital, Martha and Jarvis Pennyworth had gotten into a car accident. When Martha awoke, she was told that the accident had caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

  • Lincoln March is the son of Dr. Alan March, a zoologist that some academics have deemed a fanatic when it came to Gotham's indigenous wildlife. Unlike his sister Francine who is drawn to genetics, Lincoln has political aspirations to one day become mayor. When Bella Real's zeal to fix Gotham threatens the Court's push to take back Gotham, they approach Lincoln with the offer to become a key member within their inner circle. Lincoln accepts the offer and he is trained to become a Talon for the Court.

  • Noah Kuttler is a co founder of KTMJ

  • Bethany Thorne is a partner at KTMJ accounting firm where Edward Nashton was employed. Bethany's seat in the firm was made possible at the behest of her father's standing with the Court of Owls. When her father was murdered by mysterious circumstances, Beth's uncle Rupert Thorne took it upon himself to be a father for her.

  • Bradford Thorne was Martha Wayne's obstetrician and a member of the Court of Owls. When Martha was brought in from an accident, Thorne performed an emergency C-Section to save Thomas Wayne Jr. Thorne falsified the baby's survival and told the Waynes that their child didn't survive. Thomas Wayne never fully trusted Bradford after that tragic day and he made it a personal mission to have Bradford's medical license revoked. With Thomas Wayne being a relentless watchdog, Bradford closed his practice and lent his services to the Maroni crime family.

  • Jezebel Jetta was a partner at KTMJ accounting firm where Edward Nashton was employed.

  • Deacon Joseph Blackfire was a part of Dr. Hurt's Black Glove

  • Thomas Wayne and Lucius Fox became surrogate brothers in college. Thomas relied on Lucius to run the day to day operations at Wayne Enterprises while he focused on his medical practice. After Thomas Wayne's death, Lucius wrestled for control of the board at Wayne Enterprises until Bruce Wayne came of age but he was forced out by Celia Kazantkakis. Lucius established his own company FoxTeca but he made an effort to keep himself apprised of how Wayne Enterprises was conducting business. When Bruce came back to Gotham, he met with Lucius to discuss his mission to save the city. Out of respect for Thomas Wayne, Lucius agreed to supply Bruce with any technological advances he needed to take on the criminal underworld in Gotham. Lucius warns Bruce that he needs to become more involved with Wayne Enterprises before he loses his majority holdings in the company. Bruce appoints Lucius as CFO of Wayne Enterprises.

  • Celia Kazantkakis is the self proclaimed Athena, grandmaster to the Court of Owls. Celia and her lover Maxie Zeus shared a passion for Greek Mythology.

  • Prof. Maximillian Zeus was once curator of the Cyrus Pinkney Museum of Natural History in Gotham. His primary study was in Greek Mythology but he suddenly began to suffer a mental breakdown. Maxie was admitted to Arkham Asylum because he believed himself to be the wrathful god of thunder. Edward Nashton was fascinated by Zeus' ramblings about a secret society that placates "his daughter" Athena. Nashton managed to piece together Zeus' rants about the Court of Owls and deduced that they were the source of Gotham's continued misery. Zeus' research into the conception of the Court of Owls caused the Court to act but rather than killing him, the Grandmaster decided to subject Maxie to subliminal messaging which created his delusions of godhood thus his findings about the Court would be discredited by any academic.

  • John and Mary Grayson were the trapeze artists at Haly's Circus. The Flying Graysons were blessed with a talented child named Richard but they knew that could make him a potential target for the Court of Owls who would condition the boy to become one of their Talons. The Graysons did their best to keep Dick's acrobatic prowess a secret by terrifying him with the Talon nursery rhyme but when he reached a point of adolescence, he couldn't keep his skills under wraps. Mr. Haly ultimately made the call that Dick would be a part of the Flying Graysons act despite the reluctance of Dick's parents. During the opening night in Gotham, the Flying Graysons met their tragic end.

  • Mary Lloyd chose to name her son Richard after a boy that she had fallen in love with in Paris. When the boy became an enemy for the Court of Owls, she knew the dark truth behind Haly's Circus. Mary tried to keep her talent as an acrobat to herself but when she met John Grayson, she was overtaken by passion and the need to fly again.

  • Tony Zucco is an up and coming mob enforcer who works for the Penguin. Zucco tried to strong arm Haly's Circus for protection during their stay in Gotham. When the Flying Graysons humiliated Zucco, he vowed to make an example of them. Zucco sabotaged the trapeze wires for the Flying Graysons before the opening night in Gotham. When the Flying Graysons fell to their death and young Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne, the Court set out to dismantle Penguin's operation. Oswald knew his plight from the Court was brought on by Zucco so Tony fled to Bludhaven for protection.

  • Haly's Circus is an internationally known carnival but behind the circus tent, it is a breeding ground for potential candidates to be Talons for the Court of Owls. Dick Grayson was meant to be the Court's latest inductee into the Talon ranks but fate had a different plan for Dick when a mobster Tony Zucco ended the Flying Graysons and Bruce Wayne took young Grayson into his home. The Court will not let this stand.

  • Timothy Mitchell now goes by Tim Drake since his mother Janet remarried Jack Drake, a councilman with Gotham City Hall. Tim attends Roxbury Academy where he befriends Stephanie Brown and is mentored by his new uncle Mortimer Drake, the fencing instructor. Tim and his parents go to a benefit event at Haly's Circus

  • Mortimer Drake is Tim's new uncle and mentor at Roxbury Academy. Mortimer is a fencing instructor who has taught several promising students including Bruce Wayne when he attended Roxbury as a boy. Mortimer has always led a "Cavalier" life and he has been prone to flirt with young attractive female students. When Mortimer dishonors Stephanie Brown, Tim challenges his uncle to a match and defeats Mortimer.