Shazam: Wrath of Black Adam (DCEU Film)

Shazam and Mary Marvel have become Fawcett City's heroes while in the people have Kahndaq hail Black Adam as their savior. Shazam and Mary Marvel are approached by the government to quell the civil war between Kahndaq and Bialya. Shazam and Mary Marvel will have to contend with the wrath of Black Adam.

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  • Billy tries to have a normal life while being Fawcett City's hero. At the same time, Mary and he often quarrel on who will be guardian of the Rock of Eternity while the other acts Fawcett City's hero or heroine. Both Billy and Mary are pulled back into the fray when Kahndaq and Bialya enter a civil war that will tear the country apart.

  • After being spared by his successor, Adam retreats to Kahndaq under the alias Amon Tomaz. Adam frees the people of Kahndaq from their tyrannical ruler and the citizens praise him as their savior and god. Adam marries a local who resembles his deceased wife and regrettably welcomes Simon Stagg into Kahndaq to cure the diseased populace.

  • Orphaned at a young age, Adriana can't remember anything except the carnage that has plagued Kahndaq. Before Adam's arrival, Adriana led a small resistance group to upset the established order. Adam and Adriana joined forces to topple the dictatorship then married soon after. Adam revealed his identity to Adriana but she still loved him.

  • Rex Mason is brought in by his soon to be father in law to excavate Ahk-Ton's tomb. During the excavation, a cave in occurs and Mason falls into a cavern. Rex discovers the Orb of Ra but the rubble from the cave in comes crashing down and ruptures the Orb. The Orb releases Ahk-Ton, Teth-Adam's mortal enemy and it takes possession of Rex.

  • When the wizard bestowed the remainder of his power on Mary, she became a champion of equal standing with Shazam. The only drawback is Mary and Billy must share the responsibility of being the guardian of the Rock of Eternity and being Fawcett City's hero. Mary fears that there is something wrong with the integrity of the Rock of Eternity.

  • Daniel Khalifa is a descendant of Pharaoh Amentep, the first wielder of the Ibis, a powerful staff of unimaginable power. This inexperienced young man will have the weight and responsibility of the Egyptian heavens on his shoulders.

  • Simon Stagg is the CEO of Stagg Enterprises. Stagg Enterprises finances the excavation of Ahk-Ton's tomb. Stagg has Java sabotage the excavation in order to eliminate Rex Mason because he feels Rex isn't good enough for his daughter. Simon Stagg is also Black Adam's minister of health who has been treating the diseased populace.

  • Sapphire is Rex's fiance

  • Sobek is an Egyptian god that Stagg answers to. Sobek thrives on carnage and the civil war between Kahndaq and Bialya will a banquet of epic proportions.

  • Colonel Rumaan Harjavti fled Kahndaq and now commands Bialya's forces. He intends to take back Kahndaq.

  • Java is Simon Stagg's valet and bodyguard. Java has an obsessive infatuation with Sapphire. When Rex appears as Metamorpho, Stagg offers up Java as a sacrifice to Sobek for his failure to kill Mason.

  • Tawny acts as Mary's guide and sidekick.

  • Pharaoh Amentep was the first to wield the Ibis, a staff of unimaginable power.

  • Ahk-Ton is a malevolent priest who murdered Teth-Adam's family. Mamaragan gave Teth-Adam the power of the immortals to defeat Ahk-Ton. Ahk-Ton was then imprisoned within the Orb of Ra so his evil could never escape. Ahk-Ton is free from his imprisonment and takes possession of Rex Mason. Rex Mason must combat Ahk-Ton's evil.