Rise of the Black Panther (MCU Possible Storyline)

With the opening of Wakanda's borders and the return of its king, radical changes have been made to Wakanda's infrastructure which has sparked some resentment among the other tribes. A rebellion within Wakanda has sparked civil war and the rule of the Black Panther may fall.

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  • T'Challa's decisions of opening Wakanda's borders to the rest of the world has been met with talks of rebellion and disdain for the crown. T'Challa and his allies must secure Wakanda before the nation tears itself apart.

  • M'Baku acted as regent of Wakanda in T'Challa's absence during the Infinity War and was reluctant to give kingship back to T'Challa. The fact that M'Baku and T'Challa were half brothers was the only reason M'Baku decided to relinquish his stewardship over Wakanda. With the opening of Wakanda, M'Baku decides that the Jabari Tribe must maintain their post by keeping a watchful eye as things unfold. As rebellion sparks a civil war among the tribes, M'Baku's past feelings about T'Challa's ineffective rule becomes all too clear. M'Baku and his Jabari Tribe will ensure that Wakanda's borders remain close to the outside world and the rule of the Black Panther ends.

  • Shuri was made the minster of science at the Wakandan International Outreach Centre in Oakland. Shuri brought in her friend Taku as minister of information at the centre. When the centre is attacked by T'Shan and Zenzi's rebels, Shuri heads back to Wakanda to put an end to the rebellion and stop Tetu who had devious aspirations to marry into the royal family through Shuri then murder T'Challa in order to become king.

  • Tetu is a member of Merchant Tribe or Hyena Clan. Tetu was present during the coronation challenge of T'Challa but he was disappointed when his grandmother didn't allow him to challenge T'Challa for the right to rule. When Wakanda opened its borders to trade with the outside world, the Hyena Clan wasn't pleased. They never approved of Killmonger's push to weaponize the War Dogs and this latest change was the last straw. Tetu became a pupil of Dr. A'Kurru U’mbaya, a Wakandan biologist who was given the task of cultivating a new strand of the Heart Shaped Herb so that tradition of the Black Panther could live on. Tetu exposed himself to some of the doctor's botanical advances and discovered that he could effect Nature itself. Tetu allies himself with the wayward Zenzi and incites a rebellion.

  • Okoye is the youngest daughter of Dr. A'Kurru U’mbaya. Her eldest sister had no desire to become a part of the king's Dora Milaje and left Wakanda to became a nuclear physicist. Okoye's sister made several requests to King T'Chaka to have Vibranium sent to the United States in order to reinforce the containment of nuclear energy but her requests were denied. Okoye's sister died from exposure to radioactive materials. Okoye loved her sister but viewed her decisions as vain which inevitably led to her tragic end which made her decision clear to join the Dora Milaje. Okoye must stop her father who has become Tetu's monstrous puppet known as Icon.

  • Dr. A'Kurru U’mbaya is a Wakandan biologist who has been tasked by the king to re-cultivate the Heart Shaped Herb so that future kings of Wakanda can wear the mantle of the Black Panther. The doctor's study in botany stems from his grief that he couldn't save his eldest daughter who left Wakanda to become a nuclear physicist but died from exposure to radioactive materials. The doctor's pupil Tetu has been secretly exposing himself to the doctor's botanical advancements in creating a new strand of the Heart Shaped Herb. When the doctor discovered what Tetu was doing, Tetu used his newfound powers to transform the doctor into a wooden golem that both he and Zenzi could manipulate. The doctor's new form became an "icon" of Wakanda's disfavor of the king's radical changes to the nation.

  • Nakia isn't happy with T'Challa's decision to disband the Hatut Zeraze or "War Dogs" in order to establish trust with the rest of the world. Nakia was happier being a spy because she liked the freedom to see the world and not feel confined. She assumes this is T'Challa's way of compelling her to accept his proposal to become queen of Wakanda. Nakia's anger and frustration makes her target for Zenzi who materializes these mixed emotions in Nakia into an alternative personality called Malice. As Malice, Nakia will bring down the Black Panther's hopes of a brighter future and end the king's rule.

  • Zenzi is a Nigandan whose family and village were slaughtered by the late Eric Killmonger. Zenzi managed to escape because she prayed to the war goddess Sekmet for liberation. Sekmet gave Zenzi empathic abilities which would allow her to manipulate the emotions in others. Zenzi turned her captors against each other and she enjoyed watching them mutilate one another. Nakia and her War Dog operatives arrived in Niganda to witness the aftermath of Zenzi's revenge. Sekmet spoke to Zenzi and told her to go to Wakanda so that she could incite a rebellion when the kingdom was at its most vulnerable. Zenzi saw a kindred spirit in Tetu who wore his emotions on the outside and hid nothing from her. Together, they will stop the mining of Vibranium and turn the tribes on one another.

  • Changamire acts as T'Challa's new shaman and advisor after the loss of Zuri. His ideas of destabilizing the Wakandan monarchy and bringing an end to long held traditions has made him unfavorable to the ruling family. T'Challa respects Changamire and accepts his decision to resign his post. Tetu and Zenzi consider Changamire as a patriarch to their decision to incite a rebellion but he doesn't agree with their bloody methods of ending the Wakandan monarchy.

  • Ramonda has always loved her brother Changamire but she never approved of his radical notions to ending the monarchy in Wakanda. Her worst fears to her brother's ideas becomes a reality when a rebellion in Wakanda sparks a civil war among the tribes.

  • Everett Ross takes some time off from the CIA and agrees to be a liaison for King T'Challa in order to make sure the globalization of Wakanda goes smoothly. However, Ross' job becomes complicated when a rebellion in Wakanda makes matters difficult. This skirmish among the tribes can be bad for Wakanda's image on the world stage.

  • T'Shan is W'Kabi's younger brother and he pretends to relent his decision of the Border Tribe siding with Killmonger. T'Challa wants to reestablish trust with those who may still hold a grudge for the decisions he has made so he appoints T'Shan as the Wakandan ambassador at the United Nations. Zenzi visits T'Shan and brings out the worst emotions in T'Shan and manipulates him to discredit Wakanda's image.

  • W'Kabi's shame for his role in aiding Killmonger has left imprisoned for his crimes. During his imprisonment, W'Kabi has learned to feel humility and understand the choices that his cousin T'Challa has made. When civil war breaks out, W'Kabi is freed along with other prisoners of Wakanda. However, W'Kabi tries to redeem himself by aiding the Dora Milaje.

  • Omoro is T'Shan's valet but he is secretly keeping tabs on T'Shan for T'Challa if for any reason, T'Shan intends to setback Wakanda's push onto the world stage.

  • Mandla is M'Baku's second in command and the most brutal of his Jabari warriors. Mandla has sided with Zenzi and Tetu to spark a civil war. Mandla feeds false information to his chief M'Baku in order to drive him to the brink of madness and uncontrollable rage.

  • S'Yan is Taku's father and Shuri's mentor who encouraged her innovative nature to advance Wakanda. S'Yan assisted T'Challa when the prince had to track down a pair of mercenaries who kidnapped Wakandan citizens and took them to Paraguay. After the opening of Wakanda's gates to the world, S'Yan was appointed by Shuri to be the chairman of the Wakanda International Outreach Centre. S'Yan couldn't be more proud of his son and surrogate daughter for their efforts.

  • M'Daka was the original designer of Wakanda's Vibranium powered vehicles. M'Daka later chose to be inducted into the War Dog ranks. He was stationed in San Francisco where he established his position at the Atlas Investment Group under the alias Derek Khanata. After the War Dogs were disbanded, M'Daka was pleased to leave his old life behind but he maintained his cover for the safety of his family. As a representative of Atlas Investments, M'Daka funds the Wakanda International Outreach Centre.

  • Delroy Watkins has become a student at the Wakandan International Outreach Centre. Delroy harbors a deep infatuation for Shuri, minister of science and the king of Wakanda's sister.

  • Taku acts as minister of information at the Wakandan International Outreach Centre. His brightest student is Kwezi Dzana who has embraced his Wakandan roots. Taku is a historian and a tutor for underprivileged youths in Oakland.

  • Kwezi Dzana joined the Wakandan International Outreach Centre at the same time Delroy Watkins did. Kwezi embraced his Wakandan heritage and applied himself to the scientific advancements of Wakanda.

  • Ayo and Aneka team up with their general Okoye to subdue Okoye's father has been transformed into a monster.

  • Aneka and Ayo team up with their general Okoye to subdue Okoye's father has been transformed into a monster.

  • Hodari is the River Tribe Elder and Nakia's father. Hodari has become worried about his daughter's change in character since her post in the War Dogs has been decommissioned.

  • T'Chaka continues to counsel his son in the astral plane of his ancestors.