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Power of Shazam

A young orphan named Billy Batson will receive the Power of Shazam

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  • Billy Batson was orphaned when his parents were murdered by their colleague Theodore Adams. The custody of Billy was given to his supposed uncle Ebenezer Batson who in fact was Thaddeus Sivana. Billy runs away from his uncle when he learns that Sivana had a hand in the murder of his parents. Billy evades Sivana in an abandoned subway station and meets the wizard Mamaragan. The wizard bestows the power of Shazam on Billy in order to right the wrongs that have been visited upon the Batsons and liberate the people of Khandaq.

  • Theodore Adam accompanied the Batsons during a dig in Egypt which was funded by Sivana Enterprises. Adam failed to realize that he was a pawn in his benefactor's scheme to kill the Batsons. During the expedition, Adam and the Batsons find a scarab jewel in the Tomb of Prince Khufu. The jewel senses its connection with Teth-Adam's descendant and drives him mad with a murderous rage. After murdering the Batsons, Adam's identity is erased and Teth-Adam is reborn. Adam returns to Khandaq as it reaches the brink of war with Bialya. Adam's power saves the people of Khandaq and they proclaim him as their savior. Khandaq becomes embroiled an international incident when a US astronaut is held captive and Adam refuses to extradite him. Billy learns all of this while spying on Sivana. Billy intends to have Sivana and Adam answer for the murder of his parents but the vengeful rage he feels for these monsters could condemn him like it did Adam.

  • Mary Bromfield comes from a wealthy family in Fawcett City but her true lineage stems from the Batsons. The Bromfields and the Batsons were famed socialites in Fawcett City but it was Clarence Batson and Nora Bromfield who conceived Mary. Mary doesn't learn her true origins until she encounters the hero Shazam and Billy Batson.

  • Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is the think tank behind Sivana Enterprises and responsible for several technological as well as medicinal advances. Thaddeus is in fact the brother of Clarence Charles Batson. Thaddeus renounced his connection to the Batsons due to the contempt he had for his own father's adultery with several women during his expeditions. The only thing that Thaddeus ever took from his father was the fascination they shared for the legend of Teth-Adam of Khandaq. As Ebenezer Batson, he adopted his nephew Billy when his parents were murdered. The circumstances that would lead to the murder of the Batsons was orchestrated by Thaddeus who knew about Theodore Adam's connection to Teth-Adam. Thaddeus was counting on Adam losing his mind when he found the fabled scarab jewel that contained the essence of Teth-Adam. Things become complicated for Thaddeus when he learns that his son is being held captive in Khandaq and Black Adam has been appointed as the country's brutal savior.

  • Georgia Sivana is the CEO and public face of Sivana Enterprises. Unlike her father, Georgia is a real people person and sociable with everyone. Thaddeus often calls his daughter Beautia because of her flawless beauty. Georgia never really understood her father's fascination with Khandaq but she agreed to his request when it came to funding the Batsons' expedition. When Georgia learned that her brother survived the chaos from his latest return from deep space, she became determined to have him extradited from Khandaq. At the same time, Georgia becomes infatuated with the hero Shazam when he tries to intimidate her father about his involvement with the Batsons. Georgia will be shocked when she learns Billy is Shazam.

  • Adriana Tomaz is Amon's sister and a resistance fighter who fought for Khandaq's liberation from Bialya. When Black Adam appeared on the battlefront, he was both impressed and enamored by Adriana's tenacity. When the fighting was quelled, Adam gave Adriana's brother a proper burial and bestowed upon her a fragment of his power. With the power of Black Adam, Adriana and her newfound love promise the people of Khandaq to bring prosperity to the nation. Adam regards Adriana as his goddess Isis and she professes his greatness as Osiris, two deities whose love for one another was eternal in Egypt.

  • This creature's real name is unpronounceable but Sinclair Batson regards it as Mr, Mind a voice in his head

  • Thaddeus Sivana Jr. is an astronaut who was given the nickname "Magnificus" for his daring efforts in deep space. Junior's recent return from space nearly cost him his life. Before his shuttle reentered the atmosphere, his crew became violent and deranged. Thaddeus managed to getaway from the chaos by getting into an escape pod. The escape pod crash lands in the war torn desert of Khandaq. Junior is placed under medical watch since

  • Lawrence Steele is a police sargeant for the Fawcett City Police Department. He has been

  • The wizard Mamaragan and his brother Nabu were the guiding forces for the peaceful tranquility of Khandaq while Egypt became a powerful kingdom. Nabu served Prince Khufu, a supposed demigod of Horus, while Mamaragan's warrior Teth-Adam defended both Egypt and Khandaq. Mamaragan's demonic children corrupted Teth-Adam and Khandaq became rival nation to Egypt. Mamaragan had no choice but destroy Teth-Adam's physical form and placed his essence in a jewel scarab in the hopes that his spirit would find peace in his solace. Mamaragan is awakened centuries later when Teth-Adam's descendant finds the jewel and retakes Khandaq. Mamaragan finds a worthy warrior in Billy Batson.

  • Tawny is the bestial familiar of the wizard Mamaragan and serves as Mary's imaginary friend while posing as a charming vagrant who guides Billy during his time in the slums of Fawcett City.

  • General Tuzik is the leading force behind Bialya who intends to subjugate Khandaq under his rule. Tuzik easily repels the resistence led by Adriana Tomaz but his military prowess was no match for the return of Black Adam.

  • Dr. Alix Harrower

  • Nick and Nora Bromfield had tried several times as well as different ways to conceive a child but to no avail. During their latest attempt, Nora secretly has an affair with Billy Batson's father and she convinces Nick that they are finally going to be parents. Nick has never questioned Nora's fidelity until the arrival of Shazam.

  • Nora Bromfield had an affair with Billy Batson's father in order to finally conceive a child. Nora loved her plush life as a socialite and having a child would solidify her marriage. The truth of her infidelity becomes apparent when Shazam and Mary meet each other.

  • Freddy Freeman is Billy's best friend. When Freddy goes to see Billy at a local flop house where he is held up in, he has to constantly evade Sivana's trackers who are searching for the young Batson. Freddy fills Billy in on any new developments in Fawcett City while talking about Freddy's secret crush with the wealthy Mary Bromfield.

  • Darla Dudley is a local prostitute that befriends Billy while he hides from Dr. Sivana. When Billy is bestowed the power of Shazam, he liberates Darla as well as the rest of the girls who escort under their pimp "Uncle" Dudley.

  • Uncle Dudley is a local pimp in Fawcett City. His best money making escort is his "daughter" Darla Dudley. Dudley's escort services comes to an end when the hero Shazam sticks up for Darla because her "father" was angry that she attacked a lucrative but perverse "john".

  • Blaze and her brother Satanus are the demonic children of the wizard Mamaragan and the three faced goddess Hecate. Blaze and her brother are freed when the Rock of Eternity is fractured by Black Adam.

  • Satanus and his sister Blaze are the demonic children of the wizard Mamaragan and the three faced goddess Hecate. Satanus and his sister Blaze are freed when the Rock of Eternity is fractured by Black Adam.

  • Amon Tomaz was a translator at the American embassy in Khandaq until the struggle between Bialya and Khandaq escalated into full scale war. Amon was killed during a firefight between both nations but his sister Adriana was rescued by the appearance of a dark hooded figure.

  • Sinclair Batson is Billy's eldest brother and an astobiologist. Sinclair and Cap. Sivana Jr. return from an exploration in deep space. Sinclair becomes unhinged on the trip back to Earth. Sinclair proclaims that a "Mister Mind" is speaking to him. In truth, Sinclair has been infected by an organism that fled Venus when it became no longer inhabitable. Sinclair's downward spiral into madness is documented and sent back to NASA for review but Dr. Sivana manages to get a copy of the footage and sees potential with the organism.

  • Lance Harrower is Alix Harrower's husband and was an infallible when it comes to the temptation of promiscuous women. Lance was found murdered by asphyxiation but the means of his murder were inconclusive so the police wrote it off as fetish sex gone wrong.