Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Wrath of the Seas

The seas have begun to broil with chaos and vengeance since the Trident of Poseidon was destroyed. With the Turners being hunted by nightmarish sea creatures, their only chance for survival rests in the hands of Captain Jack Sparrow who is being chased by the undead crew of Angelica Teach.

List items

  • With Barbossa gone, Jack inherits Barbossa's title as Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, his holdings are threatened by the gods of the sea as well as the zombie crew of Angelica Teach. Jack's only chance of survival is to aid the Turners.

  • Davy Jones has been resurrected by Poseidon, God of the Seas because a new ferryman for the dead must be chosen. Poseidon has decreed that Henry Turner must be sacrificed in order to atone for his transgression against the seas.

  • Like her father, Angelica practices the dark arts of voodoo. Angelica has zombified those closest to Jack Sparrow as well as those who have hated him even in death. Angelica and her band of zombies will scour every port until Jack Sparrow is found.

  • Will Turner and his son Henry must find a way to prevent Poseidon from exacting his revenge on the Turners. Will and Henry must steal Jack's compass in order to locate the broken pieces of Poseidon's trident.

  • Since Elizabeth Swann still holds the title of Pirate King, she and Carina Barbossa must go to Shipwreck Cove and find a method that can prevent Poseidon from exacting his revenge on the Turners.

  • The goddess Calypso has taken possession of her devoted follower Shansa. Calypso/ Shansa knows that her father's wrath will destroy the world. Calypso intends to overthrow her father when the Trident is made whole again by Henry Turner.

  • Gibbs stands by Jack's side as they face the wrath of the seas. Gibbs is later killed by Angelica's zombie crewmen and Angelica reanimates Gibbs as one of her servants.

  • Bootstrap Bill aids his son and grandson in finding the Trident of Poseidon until he is captured by Jones. Poseidon curses Bootstrap by transforming him into a leviathan who act as Jones' bloodhound.

  • Poseidon, the great god of the seas, has been angered by the transgressions of Henry Turner. Henry failed to realize that a balance must be maintained throughout the sea and destroying the trident will only lead to chaos. Poseidon's wrath will only be sated when Henry Turner is condemned to be the next ferryman for those who have died at sea.

  • Barbossa has been zombified by Angelica Teach along with Armando Salazar.

  • Cotton and his parrot have rejoined the crew of the Black Pearl.

  • Pintel has rejoined the crew of the Black Pearl until he is killed by a zombified Barbossa.

  • Ragetti has rejoined the crew of the Black Pearl until he is killed by a zombified Barbossa.

  • Jack the Monkey continues to be thorn in Sparrow's side.