New Mutants II: Dead Awakening (Possible Sequel)

The New Mutants must contend with a new Hellfire Club who is led by Sunspot's father (Antonio Banderas) but matters become worst when the Black Queen intends to raise the dead and change the face of existence.

List items

  • Roberto DaCosta reconnects with his girlfriend Amara Aquilla who happens to be Dr. Reyes estranged daughter. Both Roberto and Amara were separated when it became apparent that their relationship could pose a global threat since they can manipulate great intensities of heat. Roberto's father welcomes his son to the Hellfire Club.

  • Emmanuel DaCosta has been financing Dr. Reyes research in studying mutants that have trouble controlling their powers. Emmanuel wants his son Roberto to join him in the Hellfire Club and overthrow the Black Queen Selene Gallio who has depraved and morbid aspirations.

  • Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla is the daughter of Senator Lucius Antonio Aquilla in Brazil. Amara's father sent her away to the United States because he feared that the Black Queen Selene Gallio would find her and kill her. Both Magma and Sunspot pose a threat to world as well as Selene's aspirations for a demented new age of existence.

  • Selene is a mutant that has been alive since the Roman Empire. She is able to maintain her immortality by feeding off the life force of others and she can reanimate the dead. Selene's only threat were the People of the Sun, a group of mutants who could harness the intensity of the sun because the heat can break down her necro willpower.

  • Magik has learned that her older brother Mikhail has come back to the Earthly Realm and has joined Selene's inner circle within the Hellfire Club.

  • Mikhail Rasputin is the Black Rook of the Hellfire Club. Mikhail possessed the ability to transmute matter. When his sister Illyana discovered her ability to teleport, she accidentally transported him into Limbo.

  • Danielle's illusions are becoming uncontrollable again but this time it's due to the interference of a telepath named Lady Mastermind.

  • Regan Martinique is a part of Selene's inner circle within the Hellfire Club. Regan has been assigned the task of unhinging Moonstar.

  • Sam Guthire has met his match with maternal uncle Harry Leland who can manipulate gravity fields around him which inhibits Sam's propulsion.

  • Harry Leland was disappointed that his sister abandoned her family lineage and aristocracy when she married a lowly coal miner. Leland wants to test his nephew's mettle and see if Sam is worthy to be inducted into the ranks of the Hellfire Club.

  • Xi'An Coy Manh and her twin brother Tran both possessed the ability to possess another person's body. Tran abused his power for his own ends and Xi'an inevitably had to end his reign of depravity. Karma is welcomed as one of Dr. Reyes' newest patients and her powers will be necessary in the upcoming battle with the undead.

  • Tran Coy Manh is resurrected by Selene Gallio in order torment his sister Karma.

  • Rahne must contend with the corpse of her reanimated father.

  • Reverend Craig Sinclair has been resurrected by Selene Gallio to torment his daughter Wolfsbane.

  • James Proudstar is Danielle's ex boyfriend. James and Danielle met on the reservation but split up after the death of James' older brother John Proudstar. James became angry and violent towards his family for encouraging his older brother in joining the X-Men. Danielle couldn't be around James' negative energy because it would bring out the worst in her mind...the Demon Bear.

  • John Proudstar was a mutant who could manipulate energy and channel it through his buck knives. John's parents encouraged him to join the X-Men but this opportunity would eventually turn fatal. Selene has resurrected John Proudstar in order to torment his brother Warpath.

  • Dr. Cecilia Reyes will be startled by some surprising revelations and become involved in a new plot with her benefactor the Hellfire Club.

  • Tessa Niles aka Sage is Emmanuel's scribe. She counsels Roberto in order to make him a better Black King than his father.