Morbius (Marvel/ Sony Spin Off)

Michael Morbius was on the verge of discovering a cure for a blood pathogen that has been effecting his homeland but his experimentations go awry when he uses the cure on himself and it transforms him into a Living Vampire.

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  • Michael Morbius was born into a Greco-Romanian household. His homeland began to suffer from a pathogen that infects the blood. Morbius devotes his studies to biochemistry in the hopes of finding a cure. When Morbius becomes increasingly impatient with the results of his serum, he tests it out on himself. The serum transforms him into a Living Vampire.

  • Blade the Vampire Hunter has been around for a long time and eradicating all traces of vampirism wherever he goes. Blade's latest target is the vampire Bloodbath. The conflict between the two enemies gets Michael Morbius caught in the middle. In Blade eyes, Morbius maybe reluctant to his predicament but Blade will put an end to Morbius' suffering before the thirst temps Morbius to feed on the innocent.

  • Vic Slaughter is an enforcer for his brother Eric who is a member of the Maggia. When Vic harasses the Belinskis for his cut in their profits for protection, Morbius defends the Belinskis. The fight between Vic and Michael ends when Morbius bites Vic which infects Vic with pseudo vampirism. Vic initially hates his predicament but becomes drunk with his newfound bloodlust. Vic intends to eliminate Morbius and replace his brother within the Maggia.

  • Martine Bancroft is Morbius' college sweetheart and the rock in his life when he becomes a vampire.

  • Hannibal King is a former flame of Martine Bancroft. Martine contacts Hannibal when she becomes concerned by Morbius' change in behavior. Hannibal and Blade bump into one another when Bloodbath attacks both vampire hunters along with Morbius.

  • Special Agent Simon Stroud has been after the Maggia and his only lead are the Slaughter Brothers. When Simon learns that Vic Slaughter was attacked by what the press call a "vampire" and Eric Slaughter puts out a contract on Michael Morbius, Simon becomes disturbed by these surprising developments.

  • Eric Slaughter is a member of the Maggia in New York City while his brother Vic is an enforcer. Eric is constantly hounded by Special Agent Simon Stroud of the FBI. When Vic Slaughter is attacked by Michael Morbius and transformed into a vampire, Eric puts out a contract out on Morbius. Eric's contract gains the attention of the vampiric Bloodbath and the sadistic Dr. Thaddeus Paine.

  • Dr. Thaddeus Paine is a specialist utilized by the Maggia when it comes to augmentation or extraction of information. Eric Slaughter contracts Dr. Paine to find those closest to Michael Morbius and use them to draw out Michael into the open. After encountering both Morbius and Blade, Dr. Paine has become intrigued by their conditions. Paine looks forward to examining the extent of vampirism.

  • Dr. Jacob Weisenthal is a rival biochemist of Michael Morbius. Envious of Morbius' apparent breakthrough with his cure, Weisenthal sabotages Morbius' latest serum to cure the blood pathogen.

  • Mordecai Kovak is the son of Dr. Emil Kovak, a former Soviet hematologist. Mordecai suffered from the same debilitating blood disease that was effecting Morbius' homeland. Kovak was one of Morbius' first patients but Michael's efforts were fruitless. Kovak wasn't ready to die so he allows himself to be turned by a vampire. As Bloodbath, Kovak has come toe to toe with Blade the Vampire Hunter and has been obsessively following Morbius' career. Eventually, Morbius will find himself caught between Blade and Bloodbath.

  • Dr. Curt Connors is Morbius' idol in the field of genetics. Morbius feels that the key to perfecting his serum for curing the blood pathogen in his homeland lies in cross genetics. Connors work in gene splicing gives Morbius insight into what he must do to find a cure.

  • Hans Jorgenson was Morbius' mentor in Eastern Europe who taught Michael everything about biochemistry.

  • Cesar and Rosa Belinski run a mom & pop laundry cleaners in New York. Their building has a second floor which they rent out to Morbius so he can conduct his experiments. Morbius defends the Belinskis from racketeers sent by the Maggia.

  • Rosa and Cesar Belinski run a mom & pop laundry cleaners in New York. Their building has a second floor which they rent out to Morbius so he can conduct his experiments. Morbius defends the Belinskis from racketeers sent by the Maggia.